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Something about this cute little house in Sag Harbor charms me every time I walk or cycle past it. 🏡😍 The navy blue clapboard, the flickering gas lanterns, the abundance of verdant ferns, the hint of a comfortable and cozy interior beyond the windows...I could go on! 💙 It's unassuming and not trying too hard, and I like that. A lot! 💯 #MakeYouSmileStyle

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Design by: Alessio Romano - Verde Profilo - Greenside Collection - Sinkhole Table
Sinkhole, like deep natural cavities created by the movement of the earth’s crust, it opens a new dimension of greenery within the area. This table and magazine rack evokes tropical scenery, caves and unspoiled landscapes, with a square meter of natural moss, establishing new sensory experiences.
Materials: structure in powder coated sheed. Tempered glass, lined with non-removable MOSS.
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Via @insiderscience: This eco-friendly road is made of 100% recycled material. #plasticroad #insiderdesign

These stairs by @magnolia are super inspiring!
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Less than 72 hours left on their Kickstarter campaign!
The Ki ecobe by G.D Kim is one of those eye-opening products that you experience once in a few years. The footwear design comes as separate modules that can not just be interchanged for up to 10,000 different styles, but even worn separately for functionality. Rugged when you want it, bare-basic when you need it, and comfortable when you demand it, the Ki ecobe manages to pull off something no one in the shoe industry has dreamed of achieving… Complete, well-articulated modularity that has a strong purpose. Born from a need to make a show that challenges the unsafe sweatshop practices of having people and children work with toxic chemicals, the Ki ecobe doesn’t use a single drop of glue. Rather than presenting itself as a challenge, the absence of glue actually makes the Ki ecobe a vastly better shoe than most.
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high class camouflage #hideandseek #whereisarienne | new artwork by @ariennelepretre #newatblueprint

You know we usually aren't DIYers, but we're really excited about our latest webisode on creating this shiplap look! We used @officialmetrie's Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap and it turned out great! See the full webisode! #SMmakelifebeautiful #MyMetrieComplete http://liketk.it/2sahq #liketkit @liketoknow.it


Con un website propio tú decides cómo será, qué contendrá, cómo se llamará, qué diseño tendrá... ¡Y más! Todo lo decides tú, además, entrarás a un público más grande. ¿Te interesa la idea? ¡Contáctanos!
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Love the detail in this mirror and the light and dark contrast for a small space such as a powder room. #urbanbarn #designideas #powderroom #powderroomdesign #passionfordecorating #white #navy

With this recently remodeled property it's a struggle to decide whether you should enjoy the cozy living spaces inside or the serene ocean and hillside views from the large deck. The multi-level contemporary home not only features a gas fireplace in the living room and new engineered bamboo flooring but also has private access to Mal Paso Canyon trail. So whether you stay inside or outside, this new home does not disappoint.

Swipe to the left to see some more pictures of this stunning property. To see all the pictures of this Fix and Flip visit www.lantzmanlending.com/recently-funded/

Loving the combination of wooden looks at this cafe!

We kinda like working together!

More #pink for you by way of the cutest #ballerina birthday party from @susanneashbyphotography and @tulipsandtoadstools with our new #blossomlinen table runners 💕How old do you have to be before you stop having ballerina theme parties? We vote never! #nevergrowup l#latavolalinen #latavola2017 #transformyourtable

Another one of these totally unnecessary, but hugely adorable doors-next-to-the-driveway, that are so common in Rosemary Beach. #itsallaboutthedetails #doorsofrosemarybeach

No. 278, you need an urn of cascading flowers under your house number, but I love you anyway. #doorsofrosemarybeach

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