Would you believe that under all these spines lies a fantastic desert vegetable? These are cholla buds. They taste like a mix between artichoke hearts and Brussels sprouts. You harvest them using tongs and burn the spines off before eating. If you want to learn more about how to harvest and cook them, head over to the link in @huntgathercook’s profile. #wildfoodlove #chollabuds #desertfood

Flowers less than the size of a dime #desertspring

And one pale yellow to round out the morning #desertspring #hellobee

Good morning! #desertspring

Wonderful Wednesday vibe...#desertspring

Bouquets are great, but they just don’t hold a candle to wild flowers.
#hiking #cactusflower #desertspring #wildflowers

In our hikes this spring, I keep seeing these beautiful trees blossoming, and inevitably I begin to see a metaphor. They withstand their harsh conditions, blooming out of deep cracks of rock, overcoming shadows, drought, and high temps. But they are resilient; they survive, and every year they erupt in their pink finery, showing the world (or maybe just the sky, or maybe just themselves) that they’re ready for whatever life has waiting for them. #redrockandsunshinereflections #redrockandsunshine #redrockandsunshinehikes

#divine_deserts #desertspring #igersstg #hikeutah #hikestgeorge

Summer is here and so is the heat. Which means everything is drying up and it makes me miss these colors even more. But let me tell you, I am excited for summer to be here!! Brynn has her last day of school this week and I am ready for a bit more freedom away from school drop offs and pickups (and just school schedules in general). We have a few trips planned for this summer and I can’t wait to get away! What are your summer plans?

Spring has definitely arrived in the desert. Love love love all the flowers right now! ❤️

Good morning from some of the crew. #furbabies #desertspring #doorsandwindowsopen

all about the rustic green desert vibes {and the🥗 and the🍷🥂} @vinaigrette_official 🌱West Downtown ABQ is pretty cool 🌿 #lovemyneighborhood

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