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Before the haboob took the W and all our jumps fell over 🌴👀 #desertprobs

When your horse is leading you into a cactus... #whattodo #trailride #nomadicnurse #desertprobs

🌵 This transition to the desert has been tough on my skin. It’s been dry, dry, dry! This #2 hydrating mask has come to the rescue. 💦
Right now if you purchase this mask, you can choose a free travel size #2 hydrating face oil.
Trust me, your skin will thank you! 💕
#cleanswap #hydrating #desertprobs

True story. I lost my purse chapstick, so I had to grab a nightstand chapstick to replace it. Then I left it in my car. So now that's a car chapstick, except those all melt. And I still don't have a purse chapstick. #chapstickstruggles

Tumbleweed blocking the road. #nevada #carsoncity #desertprobs

#raining #downpour #thestorm #sohappy #desertprobs #arizona #arizonalife #lighting #thunder #itsbeautiful

Branch manager?? More like twig manager 🤣🌵
#desertprobs #branchmanager

Pls excuse my chapped lips & messy hair. 🌵 #DesertProbs

When the post finally arrives in Sharjah... day made thanks to my lovely @lauzje #2monthslater #desertprobs .
#missthesegirls #modelbaby #friendshipgoals #firstchristmascard #christmas #christening #love #daymade

Christmas Radio✔
Cozy Christmas Candle✔
Plaid Blanket✔
Sweater knit slippers✔

Winter in the desert: it's more of a mindset than a season... But I can work with it!😜
#spoiledpup #blanketthief #ilovechristmas #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear #desertprobs

Week 16 Recap:
This week I visited a healthcare center for prospective treatment with one of their dermatologists. I must say I was over all pleased with the level of care that I experienced. It is a good feeling to know although far away from my comfort zone, I have access to quality care when needed (the MPH in me).
My work life can only be described as "chaotic". My colleagues are very warm and generous women. I thank God for always placing me where support is always provided when needed. Every Sunday (remember first day of the work week for me) our class schedules change so we literally walk into the work place not knowing what the week will bring. We are at schedule number 8 for the year.. last year's record was 12... dun dun duuun.. This week started with tiramisu for breakfast lol. It was my one of my co-workers way of giving us some comfort before the madness as we know it began. We all had to dig in and taste the goodness before assembly. I think she was on to something as I forgot about stress of the work environment for a spilt second lol.
Work isn't all bad...Something sweet a student made for me... it's the little things that count and doesn't go unnoticed. If only all the girls were this sweet.
Started using QV cream and body wash by Ego as I've been suffering from dry skin (random dry patches). I must say I've felt a difference already in the overall condition of my skin.. I'm hoping that this product can become apart of my daily routine.. will keep you posted. #desertprobs
Lastly, I have finally booked my accomodations for my first international trip since arriving here in the UAE. I am super excited to be travelling to the country of OMAN in 3 weeks. Oman is a GCC nation which stands for Gulf Cooperation Council (I'll educate more in the coming weeks) and whiles residing in the middle east a short term goal of mine is to step foot in each one! This goal will play directly into my long-term goal of 40 countries before the age of 40.
So continue to follow me as I navigate on this adventure of a lifetime.
@skyescompass #40before40 #liveadventurelearn #skyescompass #followme #travelinggirl #travelblog

Ok! So now that it’s clear that I need to start thinking of Christmas gifts... I need some ideas! Seriously, I stood in the aisles at #Target armed with the 25% off coupon and froze like a deer in headlights! ❓What are you buying your kiddos this year? 🌲🌲🌲•dress by @paperwingsinternational
•snowflakes by photoshop 😂 #desertprobs

Can't wait for scarf and sweater season😍😍😍😍😍 Love this combo.
Come on Arizona, stop playing with our emotionsssss😫😫😂😂 #97degreesinoctober #desertprobs

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