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Acroyogging in a special place that I will keep forever in my heart #desertiscalling #desertislove

The Desert is calling...get on the road and go! #letskeepitwild #desertiscalling #πŸ“· @dariankayce

The desert is calling and I must go, .....ok, maybe not the desert, but Walla Walla, Wa is! We are on the road to @loveofjunk Vintage show! It's going to be AWESOME!! .
#averielaneboutique #cactus #desertiscalling #vintageshopping #wallawalla

Planning with the boyz #bigbend #backcountry #desertiscalling

Restocked! Excellent tees and hat from #keepitwild #joycraftdesign #desertiscalling

snowed in thinking about this time last year sleeping outside 65 degree Phoenix nights chain smoking reds bourbon out of the bottle standing up from the bar falling. straight. back. down. 4am heart to heart homie why are there palm prints on the hood of my car pulling cactus spines out of calves hungover at brunch in the nice nice part of town yo how many fucking Lamborghini's are in this parking lot terrifically shameful memory building with @mdfelix #whydoilivewheretheairhurtsmyface #desertiscalling

missing mornings like these #desertiscalling

Backpacked all through the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park last week and stopped at a few iconic places such as this on our way home in the Island in the Sky district. #mesaarch #desertiscalling #cnp #utahgram


#summer2017 has been crazy, I packed up my life in Iowa, and headed to Arizona. Here's to a new state, new job, new home, new haircut, and a new me πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Join us for our next retreat!
July 21st- 23rd! Calling artists, dancers, musicians, and singers! Let your life’s dance include steps, great and small, that give thanks for what you have, preparing you for the joys and gifts to come. The more actions of gratitude we seek and do, the more joy and balance we will find. Come celebrate and practice these steps of life in the dance! This Sacred Dance Workshop provides an opportunity for dance prayer to be experienced by the dancer and non-dancer alike. Come and experience this new dimension of prayer. Three day long retreat, $250 for a single room, $200 for a shared including all your meals and communing with the monks at St. Andrew's Abbey. #creationdance #livingdesert #sacreddance #sacreddancewkshop #sacred #spiritual #spiritualretreat #motherearth #laudato #danzaliturgica #ministersofmovt #dance #sing #prayer #mondaymotivator #desertiscalling #desertretreat #creatorspirit #desertmother

Summer . Favorite place .

Take time to disconnect and focus on the details of your journey. #πŸ“· @somonul #letskeepitwild

Looking forward seeing you all and making new friends tomorrow at Get Outdoor Expo in Flagstaff! ❀️#letskeepitwild

Twilight, the morning after...following my solar return vision quest last week.
Backlit by the big expanse of a sacred New Mexico sky.
I feel there is so much to say, and no way to say it right now...
My writing, my inspiration, my body, is quiet right now.
I'm sitting with it.
It will return.
Things are integrating, rewiring themselves...figuring it all out.

My birthday this month has indeed marked a sure fire rebirth, and like any new beginning, it also marks some completions.

So with the big activating solar energy all around, and some things still finalizing, I'm in a place of stillness, cool to chill, be in the calm, let the integration happen, and allow, the allowing to do its thing.

Restocked! Excellent tees and hat from #keepitwild #joycraftdesign #desertiscalling

Where's ma aperol spritzzz? πŸ˜­βœˆοΈπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ #desertiscalling @etihadairways πŸ₯‚βœ¨

As a photographer, having every piece of gear to guarantee that your able to get the photograph that you want is half the battle when working in the field. While on a 2 week trip in the Utah desert, we found our selves in all weather conditions, high winds with fine grain sand, rain, snow, intense heat and more. There was no other backpack company to choose from then @mountainsmith, here's @mountainsmith ambassador @aj.marino taking in the beautiful landscape of Fantasy Canyon, Utah doing what we can to protect what we love!#tahoemediacollective#fantasycanyonutah#travelphotography#lifestylephotography#moutainsmith#desertiscalling#advebtureiscalling#sonya7rii#apachepine#createwhatyouwant#fighttheninetofive#camerondanielsphotography#protectourparks

Big rocks.Hard earth.
The biggest allies that allow me to feel held, supported, solid.
Leaning back, leaning in.Β 
Letting the land hold me.

Bridging earth + sky.
Thankful for magnificence.
Giving it up in appreciation + massive cosmic love.

Prostrations to warmer land.
Sometimes, when we release our grip on something, suddenly, we find a bit more flexibility, an expanse of open space...indeed, a whiff of freedom.
Hey women babes...This week I'm interviewed on the Be The Real You series...Link in profile, join me and check it out!!

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