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My 5 minute interview in the CEO Middle East Magazine September 17 issue! Me in my own words! #ceo #desertgroup

When leadership drive companies commitments .. they are bound to achieve sustainable success #desertgroup a role model
#Repost @desertgroup
What are your plans for diversity and inclusion? @desertgroup CEO @michael.mascarenhas implores organisations to seriously consider giving back to society! 🌿 @enable.uae

DO NOT MISS OUT on the amazing event by @enable.uae which will be happening tomorrow, 18th Feb at @dubaigardencentre where young adults with special needs will be selling home products made by themselves and interacting with clients directly ❤️❤️❤️
Be inspired by their smiles, stories and the fact that they are doing something independently to financially support themselves 💚✨
From 10 Am to 8 Pm, please do not miss out!!! .
#Enable #DesertGroup #TheVegetarianSoul #UniquelyAbled

The truth is that team work is at the heart of great achievement - Enhancing Lives Is Our Passion! ✨ #tuesdaytruth #keytosuccess

When you try to escape but you will have no choice but show me some love because I like you .... this lovely camel followed me and insisted that I touch her #desertgroup#photography#unexpectedbeauty#sunset#milkyway#

You know I love a succulent but these are extra special... They've been planted and arranged by a bunch of lovely people who happen to be disabled as part of the Enable initiative run by @dubaigardencentre. These beauties and many more home decor accessories will be showcased next Saturday at the Enable Fair at the Dubai Garden Centre. All the makers will be selling their own products. Such a wonderful initiative and refreshing idea. Thanks @dubaigardencentre and @enable.uae for the preview... #uniquelyabled #desertgroup #dubaigardencentre

#thursdaytip: "Own them with no shame!"
As good as real, faux plants at @dubaigardencentre
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The truth is that team work is at the heart of great achievement - Enhancing Lives Is Our Passion! ✨ #tuesdaytruth #keytosuccess

A perfect succulent arrangement for your work desk! Visit House of Flowers today!

We were proud to present our work on the Al Wedyan project to a VVIP audience today in Riyadh.

#DesertGroup #desertINK #Landscape #Architecture #Presentation#Saudi #KSA

From cute to classy, we have it all!
Call Plantscapes on 055 105 4801 for your #planters requirement! We have it all!

#Throwback to the #gardenparty at Dubai Garden Centre! Where kids enjoyed a walk in the nature, got extremely excited when they fed the fish and were on the top of the world when they solved the mystery and won the scavenger hunt!

For the kids to enjoy each bit of nature it is sheer difficult, but here's something Dubai Garden Centre would like to ask every mamma-pappa, "How are you introducing your kids to enjoy the goodness of nature? Do you go spotting fruits on the trees? Or may be watch how the fishes swim?" Tell us how do you as a parent make the difference? How do you groom them about nature?
It is time we think and groom our children so they learn and appreciate the #smallthings in life!

Samurai papyrus is an evergreen, flowering, herbaceous, perennial, grass like bog plant. Grows to 2m tall with 60cm spread, intially fast growing to 1.5m tall. Does well in both full sun or shade providing sufficient moisture. Prefers high humidity. Does best in partial light shade and close to water.

Landscape uses: Provides an oriental and tropical effect through its strong vertical form. Often used as an accent, silhouette, or background plant, in planters, containers or pots. Looks good besides or in the margin of water features, lakes, streams and pools. Being tolerant of urban atmospheric pollution it may be planted in industrial estates, along heavily trafficked roads and in parking lots. Suitable for indoor use too.
Available at Wahat Al Sahraa! Call 055 666 0681/ 052 902 9284 for further inquiry!

"Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow."
- @coldplay
That's our #mondaymood what about you?💛

Do you wish to add a pinch of craziness to your interiors?
Do you wish to add life to the mundane setting of your living room?
Then its time you drop by Dubai Garden Centre! Add these retro furniture and create a look that is absolutely unique for the era!

Hole 17 looking over the lake towards hole 18 at the Dubai Hills Golf Course. This stunning golf course is being built and maintained by @desertgroup 🌿

Classy and elegant!

That's an impression you would like to have when your guests walk in your homes! Call Plantscapes on 055 105 4801 for more details!

Wrightia antidysenterica is an evergreen, cold, deciduous, flowering, perennial shrub with erect, twiggy branches and many short, lateral branchlers. Usually grows 1/2-2m tall with a 1.5-2.5m spread. Fast growing. Lifespan of 35 to 60 years.
Landscape uses: provides a great tropical effect through its lush foliage and year round flowers. Used as a specimen, hedge, background plant, in containers, for topiary, on patios, in courtyard, moon gardens, coastal gardens and pool areas. A bonsai plant. Attracts bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Available at @wahatalsahraa ! Call 055 666 0681/ 052 902 9284 for further inquiry!🌿

How does it feel when you've picked plants carefully and made it a point that they receive sufficient sunlight and water but they do not seem healthy after weeks? Won't you feel unhappy and upset? Well, don't you worry! @dubaigardencentre offers to you affordable and complete nutrient solutions for your plants by Desert Energy - The expert of plant care! We value your love for your #greens. Shop now at @dubaigardencentre 🌿

Manilkara Zapota is an evergreen, flowering, erect, perennial tree. Distinctly pyramidal when young, developing a dense and rounded or sometimes open canopy with age and becomes somewhat irregular in shape. Usually grows in 5 to 8m tall with a 4m spread at about 20 years and up to 15m tall with a 10m spread and 25cm diameter trunk after 45 years. Lifespan of at least 150 years.
Landscape uses: planted for its fruit. this plant also works well as a tall screen, hedge, specimen, shade, street, avenue, or background tree. The tree makes an excellent formally shaped specimen and looks good in parks and garden, in large containers and pots. Attracts bees and fruit bats.
Available at Wahat Al Sahraa! Call 055 666 0681/ 052 902 9284 for further inquiry!

Grills and smokes, up for the weekend!
Spice up your cooking skills with our Jamie Oliver BBQ range!
Shop now at : Dubai Garden Centre! 🍱

A pack of royals can make your gardens royal effortlessly! Call Plantscapes to explore the wide variety of pots they have for you!🍀😍

Hand tied bouquet workshop with a pinch of @titanic.movie 😍🛳 Oh!! these ladies were a delight to have at @houseofflowersae ! Have you been for our workshops yet? If not, you surely should! 🌸 Stay tuned for more updates. 😍

Tabebuia pentaphylla a fast-growing semi-deciduous tree. It has glossy green leaves and displays clusters of showy pink flowers trumpet shaped, about 6 cm long, the 5 lobes with a frilly edge and 4 stamens at the base of the tube. Flowers produced in profusion more than once a year. They grow rapidly in deep rich soil and flower when quite young

Landscape use: Used for its floral display. Planted as a pioneer plant, specimen, street tree. Used for ornamental purposes and the wood is well known for firewood purposes. Does equally well on reclamation sites, patios and small gardens.

Available at Wahat Al Sahraa! Call 055 666 0681/ 052 902 9284 for further inquiry!

My 5 minute interview in the CEO Middle East Magazine September 17 issue! Me in my own words! #ceo #desertgroup

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