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Derby Tacos & Woodford Reserve Sangria! Yes, not totally Kentucky and the Spanish were involved for a brief time in this battle. Ultimately, Mexico conquers and we eat & drink on behalf of it all. Come by today for margaritas and mayhem and the most thrilling 2 minutes in sports! Dj included.
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We love giving away free packs cause you all are awesome! Congratulations to our winners from March, they each win a FREE Bout Betties pack just for connecting with us! If you would like to enter in our monthly drawings, either sign up for our newsletter on our site and/or use #BAbetties when sharing your monthly unboxing pics to social media.

Ladies: get that hat ready!Meadowlands Racetrack East Rutherford NJ

βœ¨πŸŽ‚ My quirky range of vintage inspired Birthday Whimsy cards are now available to buy from the Lily Grey hair salon on Abbey Street, Derby. Owned by the fabulous Scott Wallace, he is sharing his passion for art & supporting local artists by displaying paintings on his Gallery Wall - all available to buy, or you can commission your own piece from your favourite artist! ✨
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Today! At 9.20AM You can listen live when we talk about the recent World Cup and other stuff like why we love derby!
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A big thank you to all that participated in our giveaway over the weekend! Our big winner's are @mcatsheridan @scarendippity @skullyx76 @kacicolby @crashvond & Josh Wilson. No worries if you didn't win, there are still some available February boxes with the cones included. Yay! Visit our site (link in profile) to subscribe to get your box. All February boxes are shipping on the 16th. πŸ“¦

Having a look at @kimliving's derby bag setup. We see a lot of players using rolly luggage to carry their gear. It seems to really work and probably saves a bunch of money instead of getting an actual bag made for derby. How many of you use luggage as your derby bag & what kind do you have? #whatsinyourderbybag β€’ β€’ β€’
My gear, all tucked into bed. I'll tell you what's not in my bag though: my skate tool. I can't decide if I'm blaming the kids or the husband for that one...

#latepost So while we were vending at Champs last year, we were surrounded by a lot of really great derby owned businesses. Throughout the year as we vend at different events, we start seeing the same cool people each time and are lucky enough to form friendships. When we were about to leave Philly, we were lucky enough to get the cutest little handmade beanie by ZipBlok from @thef0ld. It fits my three year old perfectly, and I love that it has a satin lined inside to keep her hair from rubbing and getting bushy. If you haven't already checked out her site, check it out now! It's a great way to get gender free clothing while supporting another small derby owned business. (Her link is in her IG profile).

We're loving @karma_tai's manicure! #rollerderbynails
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That new nail feeling #teamireland #rollerderbyworldcup2018

You guys! We made it a whole month! It has been a blast doing this derby photo challenge with you all. Thank you so much for sharing a look into your derby world, we hope you have had fun! We will go through all the pics to see who was able to make it the whole month, and randomly pic 3 winners to get a free box. Thanks again and keep sharing your pics with us by using #BAbetties, we absolutely love seeing derby through your eyes.

Day 27 of the #derbyphotochallenge: Go to helmet hair (style). Some of you are lucky enough to be able to rock short hair & look cute doing it. You can just throw on a helmet and are good to go.
For those of us with longer hair, we'll either do low pigtails, French braids, a single ponytail or just loose (you all are some brave souls). Which team are you on, controlled braids or loose and free? Pic via @regulatorsderby player & hair artist @a_block_of_sunshine.

Day 20 of the #derbyphotochallenge: Derby meme. Everything about this cracks me up. Shared by @pressleyhussaini in the Derby Memes (main) Facebook group.

The weather needs to make up it's mind this week. Here in GA it started out snowing Wednesday then it all melted and the sun was out later in the afternoon. Today the high is 59Β° but I don't want to leave the house at all. Maybe it's a good day for tea and curling up in a blanket with a book.
β€’ β€’ β€’
@slayboybunny - Drink. Sleep. Skate. Repeat. This is my life motto.

Day 4: Toe stop exercise. Since we're both a big preggers, we're sharing this awesome video by @tenaciously_quirky. That's definitely some toe stop goals right there! ・・・
Just for fun and just becauseπŸ˜‰. I love jumping rope...can you tell?! I hope everyone is having a productive day.

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