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Get down girl, go ahead, fall down #rollerdisco #derbytalk

#DerbyTalk la vida d un jinete puede cambiar en un segundo...gracias a Dios aqui ambos salieron sin lesiones.

Horsin' around with the boys #derbytalk

Join us dorks tomorrow evening 7:30pm for our Derby Talk Free Seminar.
We will be talking about how to do a season decompression to ensure that you can get the most out of next season.

Link in the bio
#derbytalk #talkderbytome #rollerderby #freeseminar #dorks

Talk derby to me πŸ‘’πŸŽ
#kentuckyderby #canterbury #derbytalk #saturday #horseracing #canterburypark

We all need a little reminding sometime.πŸ˜„ πŸ“Έ: @triceritopless
Thanks for the constant reminder @bout_betties πŸ’πŸ½ #floridarollerderby #deadlyrivalrollerderby


We talked about how to wash your gear last week. Now we are talking about how to dry it. Click the link in our bio for our latest blog post or go to BoutBetties.comΒ and click "blog". #BAbetties #rollerderby #howtorollerderby #rollerderbygear

We all need a little reminding sometime.πŸ˜„ πŸ“Έ: @triceritopless
Thanks for the constant reminder @bout_betties πŸ’πŸ½ #floridarollerderby #deadlyrivalrollerderby

A Roller Derby board game? Say what!!! Visit the White Night Furies IG page for more details. #rollerderby #boardgames #holidayseasoniscoming #gimmedat

A big thank you to all who participated in Thankful Thursday. The winner of our NSO appreciation is Shelby. Congratulations, we can tell you really deserve it!

Them Friday feels y'all. πŸŽ‰πŸš€πŸŒˆ This pic & caption by @detmaplemoose is the BEST! Did we mention we love Fridays?! Lol
You go Glen Coco!!! #practice #jeerleaders #boutbetties #glencoco @bout_betties

Today @annemariesoucy is our #WCW! 🎀 #derbyannouncer πŸ“·: @neilgunner

Freaking hilarious, but oh so true! @amyroundhouse129
"Let's do 27 more! -said no one ever." Loving this sweet tank I got in my @bout_betties box! #boutbetties #badassbetties #babetties #rollerderby #rollerskating #27in5

It's been a while since we've shared some hair inspo. We think these colors are perfect together, they really give her look some excitement.
A big part of the #derbylifestyle (for some) revolves around the hair. This is seen in everyday life and dyeing it to match how you feel that month, for some it's the daily struggle to find hairstyles that work with your helmet so you don't get tired & end up cut it short only to regret it later.
We've been wanting to start recording Youtube videos about different helmet hairstyles that you can try and product reviews for like dyes and dry shampoo, that sort of thing. First we want to see if there's interest in it cause it can be time consuming to record and edit videos, but we have a deep love for all things beauty & derby and want to bring you updated and relevant content each week. We want to share what we learn but also learn from you in the form of submitted videos. Yay or nay to derby beauty videos?! Tell us below!πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Image via @hairinspo0

These snapback hats are the best, cause they work with most everyone's heads. Such an easy and pretty way to cover up that #derbyhairdontcare!
Looking fab @wyldkat93! #derbyfashion ・・・ Ready for day 2 of @rockallegiance. I'm a pretty goth unicorn! @bout_betties thanks for the cool #swag

We had so much fun last night at the scrimmage we (the @soulcitysirens) hosted. There were some amazing players that came out, from @peachstaterollerderby
@carolinawreckingballs @regulatorsderby @magiccitymisfits @greenvilleatombombs
Thanks to everyone who helped run the show and to those that participated!

We love seeing how you all use your stickers in your everyday lives. @1800flamedame shows us how she jazzed up her planner with stickers we've sent in the past, and we're digging it hard! 😍
Out with the old, in with the new! I'm jammin' on my NEW @shopbando agenda. There's a lot I wanna do before 2017 wraps up (it's August already?!?!) and this here planner is gonna help me get shit done! πŸ’©πŸ’₯

So glad we got to meet her in person! We adore our subscribers! πŸ“·: @skarreb
Picked up my @bout_betties lanyard so much better than the free on ❀️it and the #babetties ladies are so great.

Rawr! All the kittehs 🐱 Happy Caturday! @bout_betties @alejectcha @nohoderby

We loved spotting our exclusive #BettieDoesVegas RollerCon sticker on @derbydiamondcuts' gear bag! 😍😍 Grab one before we have to pack everything up tomorrow!

I got to catch the Double Dutch for Derby Footwork class with @scarbiedoll. I so wanted to jump in but my weaker leg wouldn't be too happy, but it was fun to watch though! If you missed this class, be sure to check out the Twerk-xercise class she's teaching on Saturday.

This hair color is amazing! It's so rich and vibrant. I think it's time for a touch up for me. When I see hair like this, I get the color itch and want to change my hair color up, and I think now is the perfect time. Who has this gorgeous color in their hair right now?! πŸ™‹ @hairbykaseyoh
βš”Hair color @pulpriothair aquatic+area 51πŸ‘½

The joy in this picture is just so freaking adorable! πŸ“·: @laurenmarieee123
Tonight at scrimmage I asked my best friend to be my derby wife. This girl got me through some of the worst points last season, not only in derby but in life. We built a bond over sex jokes, a mutual hate for endurance, and being each other's cheerleaders.
Hurl, I love you. I forgot half the things I wanted to say to you because of all the feels and ugly crying happened. This season, we're going to bridge that gap. There is no team A & B skaters. There's friends doing what we love together and having each other's backs on & off the track. All the mushy feels & ugly crying. I love you babe. 🐚🐿️
Thankyou #andrewkeyesderbyphotography for capturing this incredible moment πŸ’‹

We had to share @lmcconn's excitement over last month's box. We had so much fun putting it together for you all, as we always do. It's such a blast to partner with cool companies from all over to bring you derby awesomeness every month. We cannot wait for you to see this month's! 😎 ・・・
Love my June box! @bout_betties is amazing.

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