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It's week 3 of #effexor. The depression has definitely lifted a lot. I'm still feeling kinda numb, which is what I'm used, to be honest. Anti depressants usually make me feel kind of emotionless. I wish I had gone to my doctor sooner.. I could have saved myself 3 sad and depressing months.. I've even started doing my back stretching exercises again. Slow slow slow progress. If this medication doesn't work.. I'll have to see a psychiatrist. The irky part is that my appetite has waned considerably.. I've been smoking more just to eat.. #antidepressant #anxietydisorder #depressionmeds #depressionmeds it's a 24 hour pill so it stays in my system! I'm on 75 mg

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Depression, anxiety and trauma response still stop me from doing plenty of things. It's easy to feel held in place by illness. I am however, still alive, still able to give love and support to people, still working on myself. It's never too late to start getting help, you're never "too broken". Maybe you're just a little different like me. If all pigs were pork chops we wouldn't have hotdogs. #worldmentalhealthday #depression #anxiety #depressionmeds

Food always makes me feel better. Made pork tenderloin with scalloped potatoes baked beans and cornbread. #dinnerporn #depressionmeds #foodisthebestcomfort

Depression meds. Fluexotine. Started taking them today (I've had them since September 2014) and...ig I'm going to attempt recovery. I'm scared to. But I want to(?) for my bf. This doesn't mean I'm not going to starve sometimes, or maybe relapse into selfharm (I'm trying not to. I promised him I wouldn't.) And...ugh. This is scary but maybe I'll get better this year. And maybe I'll try to lose weight.. The HEALTHY way.
#recovery #startrecovery #depressionmeds #depression #recovery2016 #pathtorecovery #journeytorecovery #forhim #weightloss #happiness #sadness #happyvssad


someone kill me before apush does lmao

I need some advice or opinions or something... I'm not sure... all I know is that I want to hear from people that have previously or are taking currently medication for their mental health.
For those of you that don't know, I have anxiety and depression issues. It seems the anxiety has been more of the issue this year but they both are a day fight no matter how good/okay I am.
In May after a lot of contemplating and discussing with my therapist, i decided it was time to take the step towards medication. The thought is that I won't be on it forever but with how this year has gone, I need something to help stabilize me for now.
The meds I have been taking have been pretty okay and I have friends that have noticed a difference but the reality of it is that they aren't helping fully and have their own side effects that make things like disassociating happen more frequently.
In July I tried adding a second medication and it proved to be the worst idea ever. I lost my mind. They magnified everything and it got to a point where I couldn't even finish a day of work because I wasn't able to function and that was only being on them 5 days total plus another 4 days before i felt them start to leave my system. It was AWFUL and scared me away from wanting to try something new again. So since then after talking with my doctor some more we decided to just keep me on the one for now and see how it goes. I meet with her in 10 days to check in on it all and decide if I stick with what I'm doing or maybe try something added to them again.

I don't know many people that have been through this and I'd like advice from those who have been there. Is this process if trial and error worth it? How long did it take you to figure out what worked and what doesn't? When you found meds that didn't work, was it an awful process?
I'm just trying to decide if being "meh" is the place i should stay or if it's worth it to try for better?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Depression and being depressed are two different things!!!!
Depression is an mental illness and being depressed is a emotion. You can be depressed (sad) cause your pet died or because you didn't get that job. That feeling goes away but being in depression is a HARD place to get out of and it's a tiring constant battle you have with yourself and society and is control with MEDICATION by your psychologist. IT's A DIFFERENCE!! DO YOUR RESEARCH before you utter the words "I'm depressed" or before you compare yourself with ppl who TRULY suffer! It's two DIFFERENT playing fields ppl! Think about that BEFORE you dismiss the suffering feelings!

After my first baby was born, everyone kept asking me, “Isn’t it amazing?” “Don’t you just love being a mom?” As much as I loved my little man, my world felt very dark.

I cried all the time. I zoned out to cope. I felt stuck and hopeless. I felt like a terrible mom. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until my baby was 10 months old.

I remember very clearly driving down the road by my house. It was a warm, sunny day. It was like the world moved into focus. Like I could fill my lungs all the way up with air, if just for a minute. I remember thinking how this must be how people normally feel. It gave me hope but made me sad.

I wish things had turned around that day. They got much worse, actually. I wish I’d been willing to get on medication sooner. I wish I’d shared how I was feeling. I am 100% certain I would have postpartum depression even worse this second time around if I wasn’t on medication.

There is a new post on my blog about what I am doing differently this time. ✨Link in bio

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror. Who do you see? Don't know? Me either. So what do we do? Keep moving. Keep searching. Keep persevering. There are new answers. There are new passions. There are new positives coming. New is coming. It's ok to get lost. Because sometimes we need to get lost in order to be forced to find our true selves. I lost myself in medication. In self sacrifice. In melancholy, and numbed feelings. I lost myself. But it's ok because this journey is bringing me to a new light. I'm finding myself day by day. It's not easy and it's not comfortable. But it's worth the work. I know I'm coming of this, the person I'm meant to be.

Kun alotat uudet masennuslääkkeet ja alotusoireet on ku pala taivasta......ihan kauhee olo 😢pari viikkoo pitäs viel kärsiä ennenku pahimmat menee ohi

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