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I at first was ashamed to be on meds for my aniexty and then my depression as I thought people would treat me differently for being on them but I’m so glad to be on em now as they are helping me so much feel like myself a little bit more don’t be ashamed to be on meds for your mental health if people do they haven’t walked in a mile in your life keep strong and amazing love you guys x #meantalhealth #menatalhealthawareness #mentalhealrhwarrior #meantalhealthisnotajoke #antidepressants #antidepressantssavelives #aniexty #aniextysucks #aniextyrelief #aniextyawareness #aniextydisorder #aniextymeds #depressionmeds #meh #me #peace #life #youngsumbanddepressed

Why can’t I just be fucking normal? Why can’t I just had been born a normal boy. #depression #suicidal #depressionmeds #ftm

We go through seasons, just like the earth. ☘For the past 8 weeks my standard of self-care changed dramatically. I've got 3 babies and I had two jobs and now, by divine luck, I own my own business.😘 It has been a LOT on my shoulders, and now that seasons are shifting again, I feel like I can practice much more deliberate self-care. I was embarrassed about putting down the "self-care" ball to juggle everything else, 🤹‍♂️ but I didn't set it down completely, I would kick it around here and there with the random yoga class or daily salad, but it wasn't just where I wanted to be. Well, this morning it was 25 degrees and I went for a sunrise run with dorky socks and all. I took a nice long shower after. This is a new day, a new chapter, heck- a #newbalance.💪❤

She asked me if we could have a #picknickinthesnow . I asked her "where we could find some grass", and she realized that it was last week where she had seen grass on our yard, but we have gotten a #snowstorm since. So, we started planning. It has to involve #snacks And outdoor. We came up with a walk and carry the #backpack full of #stuffies and snacks.
But first I wanted to be in a meeting. And then she found out that I left the #birdcage Open and we'd have to get Jack and Sunny back in. That was fun but my meeting #triumphs The day today. Why?
BECAUSE my friends doctor just took her off her #depressionmeds . Yes, #guthealth Does that to us. It did to her. #depressionsucks
So, We had just left the house, and the snack came out. 😂 this girl has me cracking.
We #talkedandtalked . We #walkedandtalked . We loved being just us and no boys even tho last night she cried and missed her dad and brother.
#buildingrelationships #motherdaughter #winterfun🌸 #bonds

i’ve felt like a zombie all day. my dr upped my mg of the mood stabilizer i take & it’s only made me feel foggy & exhausted all day.
this is what happened last time we tried to increase the dosage, so i don’t think i’ll try another day of it. i’m tired enough on a normal basis. 😑

When I'm checking in with a friend that has had some tough #detoxtime . She is such a #trooper and understands the importance of a #healthygut .
In fact she researched so much about her #depression and why she felt the way she felt. She called her doctors office, the pharmacy to make sure she has the exact same meds as last time and nothing has changed.
You know what her #betterhalf suggested?
Just for one day, try to lower your prescription. Just to see if she would see a difference the next day. Well, wouldn't you know that she was overdosing because her #supplements worked!!! 😳 like they actually made #suchadifference that her gut is now able to produce some of the #serotonin itself and the dosage of prescription was too high.
Now since then, she had to lower it AGAIN! Just about a week after the first time. This girl, @krinx83 will be off of her #depressionmeds very soon. #depressionsucks and is no fun. But at some points meds save a life for now but damage the body in the long run. She is one blessed girl to be able to #lowerprescription .
I'm so very excited for you and this summer girl!
#depressionkills #hope #symptoms #itsnotadisease #itsasymptom #guthealthmatters #microbiome #gutbrainconnection #itsabouttheroot

I want goats...lots of goats! Repost from @goatyoga using @RepostRegramApp - Daily farm walks are a must for the goats that started it all!! Wait for the end...oh Romeo. ❤️🐐🙌🏻#goathappyhour #goattherapy #goatyoga #goatsmakemehappy #happydistractions #depressionmeds #nostresstoday #goatsofinstagram

There is one thing that I haven’t lost interest in but I don’t have a boy to tell me I’m pretty so it doesn’t matter?? #depression #depressionmeds

Real talk for a second...I used to have such bad anxiety that it would sometimes be debilitating. I didn’t understand where it stemmed from or why I couldn’t get past it. I was on depression medication for awhile to try and calm myself down but I hated how they made me feel so they didn’t last very long. I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me and I started to hate who I was because of the way I reacted when anxiety would hit me. A few short months ago I felt hopeless and felt like I would never be freed from the anxiety that held me down but today I can say that I have experienced that freedom and I am never going back to how I was. I looked healthy on the outside but on the inside I was far from it. It’s such a joy to be able to share my story and my experience with others who are going through the same thing because there IS hope and there is a way out of that anxiety.

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Been a magical week. Blue Moon Sweat Lodge Ceremony #courage #humble at the experience of a rebirth. Cosmic shamanic gathering of deep vulnerability, sharing with soul brother and sisters. I’m feeling supported and embraced by masters, guides, Creator and brothers and sisters that are holding space for me as I embark on day #4 meds free. Withdrawal symptoms are brutal - at times the dizziness and nausea are so heavy I want to cry with debilitation. Blessed for my hubby’s support today, peppermint oil, frankincense and lavender to support this transition to holistic self care. Hold me in your heart with love and compassion dear ones. 🙏🏻 #blessed #sweatlodgeceremony #depressionmeds #effexorwithdrawal #antidepressantsdetox #holistichealing #spiritualjourneycontinues

#Cymbalta update: This med literally saved my life two years ago, but the brain zaps have gotten worse and worse. First there were none (whereas with Effexor they were ongoing) and now if I don’t take it exactly on time, I’m totally fucked. Sometimes it just happens randomly. It’s working, but not well enough for me to deal with this. Also I’m almost out and I don’t have a doctor rn, lol. I know things work differently for everyone, but plz comment or hit me up in the DMs if you’re taking something for depression/MDD that you totally love with minimal side effects. NO MED SHAMING AND NO HIPPIE BULLSHIT PLZ THX!

Up your game! Life is a challenge and knowledge is power.

This is my medication! 💯👍🏽🥑💪🏽👟💗 #depressionmeds #depression #mentalhealth #ketolife #keto #cardio #fitness #fit #exercise #gym #gymmotivation

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