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*another temporary post* another average post sorry guys still on vaca ✌️

What do you guys do when you're really stressed? How do you cope?

Song: Symphany - Zeds Dead x Charlotte OC

What's up party people? It's me, your little perpetually flawed, super neurodivergent friend Ashley. Just checking in to tell you where I'm at in my head and in life these days.
I'm assuming that the majority of people that follow me aren't going to read this, it's just a law of averages thing. Plus, laziness. Double tapping and swiping to the next pic is so much easier than reading. Reading requires actual thought processing and shit. Plus, it's me—so you know shit is probably going to get dark or awkward. I'm raw and uncut these days, it happens.
Tomorrow, I will have 3 months sober. One more sunset and one more sunrise and I will have been clean and sober for exactly 90 days. It's a huge landmark, but one I will wait to celebrate. One day at a time, right kids?
I met with my sponsor this afternoon. We met for coffee at my happy place, i.e. Whole Foods. Today, I officially moved into the "maintenance" phase of the 12-Step program. Technically, I've been working the last three steps since day one, but now I'm officially on (what I'm calling) the teneleventwelve step. I don't really need to say anything more about this because, if you get it you get it. And if you don't, that's okay too.
As far as the whole abnormal brain thing goes, I'm doing ok. Brain meds seem to be working well. Also taking a lot of vitamins. Addicted to coffee and Diet Coke. But that's okay because caffeine has a paradoxical effect of my brain. My meds are notorious for weight gain, so I have an irrational, yet rational fear of getting fat. Body dysmorphia is very high these days.
To be honest, I'm not really sure what to do with this Instagram account anymore. Should I rebrand it and potentially lose a large portion of my followership? Or do I keep it focused on beer, gracefully bow out, and let contributors take it over?
Can I keep your attention if I shift my whole focus to food, coffee and lifestyle photography? Are you only here for the beer? Or will you stick by me through this major life transition? Can I continue to keep it raw and real? I guess, what I'm really asking, is can you like Ashley for Ashley? Without the beer? Without the wench? Your opinion matters! —A

I’ve dreamed a lot. I’m tired now from dreaming but not tired of dreaming. No one tires of dreaming, because to dream is to forget, and forgetting does not weigh on us, it is a dreamless sleep throughout which we remain awake. In dreams I have achieved everything.

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How to Make Turmeric Lemonade

There are many different ways you can make turmeric lemonade, but we have chosen the most effective and easiest way.

Recipe: 4 servings
4 cups of cold water
2 Tbsp of freshly grated or powdered turmeric
4 Tbsp 100% maple syrup, honey or *stevia if you are avoiding sugar
1 lemon or lime
Juice from 1 blood orange (optional)
Tiny pinch of black pepper (Always Mix Curcumin With *Black Pepper)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Stir it and serve it with slices of lemon.
Uses – It contains natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral properties. – It is a strong immunity booster that will improve absorption of essential nutrients – Juices are used in many detoxes as nutrients to absorb and reduce calories

It can be consumed on a daily basis and it goes well with any type of food.
Source: healthyinformative.net *Black pepper helps turmeric break down metabolically in the gut and liver. *Avoid the processed stevia
Consult your doctor before taking turmeric if you are on medications.
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I always found it odd, how we demonize the act of penetration, yet everything else is just... part of life? By the time my rape happened, I was already convinced that my purpose in life was to please men. I had been degraded so many times, I felt like a walking sex doll. You can tear someone apart just as easily with your unwanted names, undressing stare, perverted hands, penetrating tongue... And for those times, I was actually conscious, so the scenes replay over and over in my mind... This post is not for sympathy, but to share my story, and let my words be there for whoever may need them 🌹


With good nutrition you generally feel healthier, clearer and more motivated!
If you feel sluggish, unmotivated and tired think about your diet and are there any changes you can make?? #motivation #diet #healthy #happiness #healthyeating #newmum #mumlife #cleaneating #depression #anxiety #fightpostpartumdepression #love

Day 158 of 30 for #30forstrongminds , in support of those dealing with mental health issues (e.g., #anxiety , #depression , #bipolar , etc.). This one hits close to home for me, as some of the people in my life deal with varying challenges to get through their day. Helping to raise #awareness is one way to show that I'm looking out for you. #letscheckonafriend

Take time to let those people in your life who deal with any mental illness know that they are loved and appreciated. It could make all the difference in their day, and help give them the courage to work through their challenges. If you, or a loved one, may need help, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 800-273-8255.

If you are seeing this post, know that you are a awesome and amazing person. And yes, you matter to me.

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Repost! I'm also going to take part in this with my partner and we will post our arms tomorrow! I love you all even those of you I don't know (yet)
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if being stressed wasn't enough i had to get sick too thank u body

I'm so at ease with this sort of dreary day.
The fog sits heavy on the tree tops.
The snow and rain mix together in a melancholy cocktail,
Stiff and on the rocks.

And I'm drunk.
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I know so many people in this community, a lot I don't even like. It's also just a popular thing, calling you're boyfriend "daddy" is all the rage. We've all thought it: this is pedophilia. But I've spent a lot of time talking to the people and looking into it to see what is going on in these people's minds and this is what I came up with:
It's almost strictly about age regression. Nearly all the people who are "little" are reverting back to a childlike state as a form of coping. Turns out almost everyone does this to a degree one way or another. Little's just do it to a greater extent and look for a partner (in this case a daddy) who just looks out for them while they're in this vulnerable state. Turns out women look for qualities in their in their partners that they'd find in their fathers so it makes sense to want a care giving role like a father to take care of you while you're regressing. However if they wanted to think about their actual fathers I'm sure they'd just be with them. I think "daddy" is just a name to fit the role of a father-LIKE figure, a care giving figure no different than people calling their girlfriends "baby." You take care of your partner and protect them so you call them baby. No one is thinking about having sex with babies. It's just the feeling. Same thing with "daddy," it's just the boyfriend equivalent of "baby." The childlike behavior is appealing because it's happy and innocent and that person is putting all their trust in them and it makes people feel good. This childlike behavior is not attractive in children. It's ONLY attractive in adults because the fact that they're consenting to being in your care and choosing to be vulnerable around you is what makes it so appealing. Obviously children cannot consent or choose so they're out of the question. The sexual part is completely dependent on the people.

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