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shaving cream mixing vid! 🔵🔵🔵

No pumpkin spice up in this bitch only Seinfeld reruns and spirit dust.

I've been waiting for weeks for these! Follow @thewittywhiner he was on Sesame Street as Oscar but it's apparently not as cute when a naked human lives in a trash can and fights with passersby


I live for things like small town carnivals. My anxiety almost robbed me of tonight, and my insecurities almost turned the bright memories dark after we got home. Not today. Today I win. When my brain fell under attack and I felt myself spiraling I was able to stop it all and turn it around. Because I've trained for this. I know my brain. I know my struggles. And I work every day to win the fight. Tonight was a beautiful victory and I'm nothing but grateful. #mentalillness #depression #anxiety

Noel Edmonds opens up about how he attempted suicide.

#news #mentalhealth #noeledmonds #depression #family #money #itvnews

I’ll be the one ☝️ if you want me to ✨
Singer 👨‍🎤: @shawnmendes 👋🏼
- song: say something 😍
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(Photography is by me)
QOTP: Single or nah
AOTP: Single (i couldn't think of a question)
Tags: #Depression #lovelock #lock #darkness #dark #edgy #overlays

"Normality is a paved road; It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow" -Vincent Van Gogh #depression #depressed #tumblr #alone #anxiety #lonely #lost

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