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this is my new reminder to STAY ALIVE. underneath is the date of the day i tried to kill myself and almost succeeded. this heart is to remind me that i was in a dark place but that i will not go there again. this is my reminder that i am strong enough. this heart will go with me wherever i go!
i ordered this keychain heart from @popandsuki recently. it was part of a campaign by @jaredpadalecki and @nowandgen. i can honestly say that both of these wonderful souls are very much a reason why i am still alive today. without their knowing, they have helped me so much. and i hope that one day i will be able to sincerely thank them for that and to ask them to sign the back of this heart for me. i owe a lot to them!
if you don't know my story behind these scars and want to know keep swiping left.
stay safe loves! 💕

tell me what the hell does anorexic look like? does it look like a rich, teenage girl, primly picking at a small bowl of shredded lettuce with her perfectly manicured nails, wearing her boyfriend's oversized shirt and her cutest panties? does it look like a starving skeleton in a hospital bed with a feeding tube and an IV drip? the answer is yes. yes it can look like that. but it can also look like a teenage guy. it can look like the child of a poor family who struggles to bring food onto the table everyday already. it can look like an adult woman or man. it can look like an overweight person. it can look like an obese person. it can look like an average person. it can look like anyone; your neighbour, your best friend, your teacher. anorexia is not defined by the rib, hip, and collar bones poking through the skin. it is not defined by the weight. but often it is only recognized by it. and by then it might be too late. weight loss is not the disease; it's the symptom. the disorder is how the person feels about themselves. it is not defined by how that person looks. if more people understood this then maybe this very dangerous disorder could be recognized sooner and lives could be saved. do not judge a person and say that they can't have an eating disorder because they're not skinny enough. eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the people suffering from them.


~~ I went on a field trip to a baseball game. Baseball used to be my favorite sport and it actually still kinda is but the stadium gave me so much freaking anxiety I wanted to die. I was hot and I have a sunburn on my nose now. It's going to hurt- it actually already does. Almost all my friends stayed behind but the ones who did go either left me or argued with me probably from all the heat. The bus ride gave me motionsickness and crippling depression- like excuse me, could you please leave? :'D *inserts emo meme here* | sorry I had to | but still I liked it cuz I got out of class but it would have been better at skool. But I'm still glad I went because I wouldn't have had a couple bites of funnel cake if I didn't go lmAO dood I'm sICK. My binding technics need to be improved either by properly binding or just wearing many shirts and passing out in the heat cuz I couldn't breath after a while. OH fucking well- trans guy problems ~~

•suicide prevention hotline open 24/7
• 1-800-273-8255

•ignore these hashtags
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#exactly I hate trying on stuff especially #swimsuits it's so #depressing I will stick with a #tshirt 😂😂😂 #worst time of the year. Lol #notfun #ihatesummer 🙈

i'm no necessity, i'm no luxury, i'm just a worthless, waste of space that nobody needs or wants...
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Dear ***,
We need to stop an ask ourselves what it means to be pure.
Some describe it to be sinless.
But then purity would be unachievable.
Other consider it to be lack of sex.
But as long as sex comes from love and not love come from sex, those who partake should be pure.
Maybe purity is a state of mind, being calm in pressing situations and letting go of hatred.
Then anxieties prevent purity and feelings of dislike prove people to be unclean.
To be pure could be to be truthful.
But what about those who lie to spare others heartbreak?
I believe that purity is when you see yourself and not feel trapped, but to be free.
To love yourself and life.
I'm not yet pure, but I know that purity is something that one must achieve.
It is something that we all deserve.
A girl who is fixing herself
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