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-things only get worse
-im back with the boarders

I really do want it to last forever and do you guys have any pets?

ive been thinking about this a lot lately and all the support i felt the last time i posted this. also for new followers who may not know this yet, this is my story of the night i tried to kill myself. i was literally on the bathroom floor for hours naked, crying, sobbing, screaming, cutting every available piece of skin; drunk and delirious. there was blood everywhere. i was home alone. i didnt want to live. i was rocking back and forth, crying trying to find even one reason to stay alive. i couldn't find one. my mind was screaming at me all the reasons why i deserved to die, why i was worhtless and that i should just fucking end it all NOW! so i did. i swallowed every damn painkiller and pill i found, combined with 3/4 of a bottle of vodka and half a bottle of jack daniels and i sliced open my arteries. i felt no pain. no fear. just calm. my mind had finally shut up. everything was quiet. then i heard my dog whine. then she started going crazy at the door howling and scratching and jumping trying to get in. and hearing that the thought of leaving her broke my heart. she would never understand where i went and why i wont ever come back. so i managed to somehow pull myself up, puke out all the shit in my stomach, mostly stop the bleeding and let her in. i fell asleep/passed out with her in my arms. i was out for 26 hours. when i woke up the bathroom looked like a crime scene from american psycho. blood everywhere. i was lying in a puddle of blood and vomit. my dog had peed in the corner too. but she was still beside me and licking my face. she was trying to clean all the blood of me and comfort me. and i can't explain it even today, but it's like something shifted inside me and i knew that id pull through this. that i may keep on self harming but that i wouldn't try to kill myself again. and i haven't. and i'm glad that i didn't succeed. my dog saved my life. she's my guardian angel! and so are all of you now. this is all the names from a post a few months ago where i asked you to give me your name to write on my arm. it meant so much to me to have so much support and all y'all's love is in my heart and it's guiding me through everyday. thank you!

Everyone's in Europe doing this and I'm just here like ☃️😫 #depressing #helpme #takemetothehotcountries


On vacation and going thru no bookshelf organization withdrawal--so this is my attempt to organize the makeshift bookshelf I have here... #depressing #rainbow #pridemonth #beautyandthebeast #tbr #ihavereadsomuch #flanneryoconnor #follybeach #vacation

I am scared to get close to people because as soon as I do they leave.

#tired #leave #leaving #sad #depressing #depressed #cutting #bulimia #anorexia #hurt

this is so true..it's not important enough until you try to commit suicide; then it gets real and they try to help. but way too late....
#depression #depressed #depressing #suicide #selfharm #sad #anxiety #thoughts #alone #emotional #tired #numb #scars #fear #whyamihere #ihatemylife #ihatemyself #whyamiliving #suicidal

Being broken is not beautiful
Its not liberating to put on your glasses just because you don't like what you see
Its not romantic to convince yourself to get out of bed every morning
Its not effortless when tears come out more steadily than your breathe
Its not strong to survive without something you once loved
Its not living but survival on a mattress made of broken glass and not willing to leave it
Its not strength but weakness staring back at you everytime you look into the mirror
Its sleeping in a plastic bag and complaining why you can't breathe
Its seeking therapy in blowing dandelion seeds while being asthmatic
Its reminding yourself that the coming days are going to be worse but there's no other way
Its waiting for someone to turn on the switch when its the cord that has been cut
Its spreading thorns on your doormat and holding up a help sign from the window
Its not safe when your tears are the only thing that make your body feel warm
It is not numbing but painful when your head feels so heavy after all the crying that you can't fall sleep
Its when all your tears dry up and choking on your breath seems like the only option
Its checking the waters and realizing they don't care more than you thought
Its believing that staying broken isn't beautiful but healing is
It's realizing you have to be whole again not for anyone else but yourself
Its looking at yourself red nose, blue under eyes and bracing that it will change.

By @ofbrownhuesanddarkeyes for the series "Broken"

There is no such thing as a person only driven by physical intimacy.
Only those who were burned by love and can now only touch the surface of a soul, frightened to dive into it.
#relationships #love #sex #depression #depressing #writing #writer #poet #poem #poetry #heartbroken #heartache #heartbreak #friendswithbenefits

hell teacher
source: retro-anime-collective on tumblr

All boys are important fuck this post .
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