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this pic carries an important message. eating disorders can not only rob you of your life in the physical sense meaning that a person who suffers from an eating disorder is at a higher risk of dying due to medical complications because of their eating disorder they also steal your life experiences. you miss out on so much because your day is consumed with counting calories calculating how many calories are in each individual french fry cause theyre all different sizes so they all have a point something or other calorie dif and thats more important to you than this trip to disneyland with your family. youre too busy figuring out how many minutes you'll have to spend on the treadmill how many sit ups or jumping jacks or leg lifts you'll have to do to work off that slice of cake to enjoy your birthday party. you refuse invites to go out with friends because theres most likely gonna be food involved and thats way too stressful. youre too preoccupied panicking and thinking about how to purge the pasta you just had to eat to avoid suspicion to enjoy this fancy dinner out with your grandparents. your evenings are spent bitterly regretting all you ate today instead of being out goofing off having fun with your friends. that boy or girl you like they ask you on a date? youre not gonna enjoy it cause you can bet your ass its gonna include food and you'll be freaking out and calculating in your head the whole time.
eating disorders steal so much of our lives. time that we should have spent enjoying ourselves, making friends, getting drunk, screwing up, loving people, playing with kids, visiting new places: living! and i know it's not a choice. i'm not saying "one day when you're old and grey you'll regret this." i mean truth is you will! but i know its not as easy as deciding "welp no more eating disorder. imma enjoy life now..." having an eating disorder is not a choice. but it is a choice wether you fight it or not. so take it slow. have a bite of that cake. one day it'll be a whole slice. dont walk home in the rain and cold when youre exhausted just to burn some extra calories. take the bus. don't live your life according to a number.

[demi lovato - for the love of a daughter]
“I’m trying so hard to beat you at your own game. I want to wait to read your messages for hours, to see your messages and not reply. I wish I could play along, I thought I had it in me to act like I don’t care. To be honest I didn’t think I would ever care again.
But here I am, you took 6 hours to reply to my message and I am using every ounce of strength to not open and reply to you after only 2 minutes.” - I hate that this is such an uneven playing field (via crashingwaves-burningsouls) // 3:51 p.m

what time is it for you? 🌹

It hurts too

Comment "Small" letter by letter if you relate to this. Depression always starts off small. This post is a direct connection to a majority of what people go through down a path towards depression, sadness, and loneliness. Don't fall down this oth, keep moving forward. Life will always be full of the unexpected, but what matters most is what you make of those situations. Always strive for happiness in life😊 Follow @hooded.depression for more!🌟 Personal Account: @eddieprause


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when i finally do speak i wish i'd never said anything at all and i'm bumped back down to square one.

can't you understand that no matter what you say, it won't help me?

i hate when people try to tell me i'm not fat. they only make it worse.

"i know you have some problems, but i think you can handle them."
please forgive me, i've already given up.

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