Nothing sets the mood for reading The Genius of Dogs like two puppies snuggled up on your lap and four more puppies and a dog cozied up around you. It's been a while since I've dealt with puppies, and I'm trying to relearn everything. Anyone have any suggestions on dog behavior/training books?

Savouring my puppy time. 🐶😍♥️❤️ 😭photo credit @andrewcrepp

Monday Funday 🐶

Ready to tackle this week! Wheee 🐶💕

My little flower child fur baby #shelterdog #denverpup #pomeranian

This is what a typical day looks like around here these days. You can probably find Matt or I buried under at least one puppy, but with their mob mentality it's usually at least three. A lot of people have asked how are we handling this? Am I crazy? I post a lot about stress and then I took on the responsibility of six puppies. Do I have no sense or self preservation at all?

The kind of crazy thing about all of the chaos these little guys bring is it also brings me a ton of focus and a weird state of serenity. It's making me look at my day and life differently in a way that I think will stay with me once they've been adopted.

Do you wake up and find yourself rushing around the house trying to get to work as quickly as possible? While that wasnt me, morning also wasn't a time for rest. Every morning since they've come, I try to spend 5 minutes cuddling each of them before I head out. While I do it, I read the news, check email, practice a language. (I tried meditating, but with as calming as holding a puppy can be, they are not very conducive to the stillness you try to find during meditating). Instead of getting to work already frazzled, I feel calm and focused.

I'm not the best with staying on track at work these days since I'm not very interested in what I'm working on, but now every time I find myself distracted, I jump back to attention, remembering the sooner I finish, the sooner I get to have moments like the one here.

As I sat studying on the bed this evening with a puppy sleeping in my lap, all of the time and craziness (and cleaning up 💩) definitely felt worth it. I don't think on my entire vacation I felt that calm.

Also update, turns out they mixed up the litters so we actually have these guys until next Saturday.

who needs an eye mask when you have a tail? #cutedog #chimix #rescuedog #denverpup #rayisbae 😴🐶 ps-dad, shut off the light and stop taking pictures

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