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Masha'Allah! Alhamdulillah! SubhanAllah!
8 months ago I was blessed with the most beautiful baby boy anyone could ask for! You have changed my life forever in all ways possible - some changes I embrace with love, others with difficulty. But I couldn't have asked for a better companion on my journey of Motherhood. ..
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Hace unos días me contactó una mamá, y estaba muy preocupada porque su bebé toma biberón de noche y no puede cepillar sus dientes después de la toma de leche ya que el bebé se queda dormido.

Bueno mamis, éste es un tema muy importante y debemos estar informadas.

Conocen lo que se llama caries rampante o caries del biberón? En este POST les voy a dejar mis conocimientos como odontólogo. Espero que sea de su agrado.

Link en mi perfil.

Kicking off the last week of phase 2
What the what????
Where has the time gone😱

Cannot even believe I will be 2/3 through this program
And CANNOT believe how much I have grown 💪

The time is going to pass no matter what we do
So we can choose

Go through or grow through 🤔
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I brush my baby’s teeth using the finger toothbrush and very little toothpaste (smear size of the fluoridated paste) and I wipe with a cloth afterwards to minimise swallowing. They might not like it today but they’ll put on a big smile tomorrow 😁

#pediatricdentistry #smilesforlife #dentistmommy #preventivevisitsarefunvisits
#dubaimoms #mydubai #dubai

Tú hijo se chupa el dedo? Ana Paula también ☹. Es un hábito Normal pero que no debemos pasar por alto. Conoces las consecuencias que esté hábito ocasiona?

Cómo mamá y ortodoncista les he dejado en mi BLOG, un post sobre la succión digital. Link en mi perfil.

Espero que sea de su agrado. Dejen sus comentarios💕

Dr. Reeh’s son got his FIRST TOOTH! Our BVDA family is so proud! #dentistmommy #bryancollegestation #bvdafamily

Happy Sunday!

Usually I wake up early in the morning for mommy time and to work on my blog. This morning I felt like sleeping in and I am regreting it now.
I'm trying to finish writing and my son keeps asking me to read what he wrote on the paper, help with his blocks or get his cars. Then right when I get my oldest settled and I'm ready to write ... the little one wakes up from his nap.

I guess I am not going to finishing writing today. 😁

I must say my oldest has been super helpful and tried to take care of me when I had a bad headache this week. So, I am not annoyed by the interuptions.
I hope you are having an awesome weekend.
I know I will be sitting in front of the tv checking out commercials and who will be the super bowl champion this year.

What team are you supporting? I must say I think I would be pretty happy if the Eagles won. 😄

With lots of love,
Dr Toni

Mommy dentist 👩🏼‍⚕️😂😘😘 good job kuya red . #dentistmommy

Brushing your toddler’s teeth can be a struggle! But don’t give up and don’t let them win over.. you can lay them down (on your lap if you want) and brush!
Brush 2x a day and make sure you clean all the surfaces. Nothing to eat or drink after the night time brushing.
Don’t let the crying stop you, you’re only brushing! 😊

#pediatricdentistry #smilesforlife #dentistmommy #preventivevisitsarefunvisits #kidsteeth #babyteeth #mydubai #dubai

Mother of all mothers 💪💪learnt dentistry from my mother too 🤣🤣 #loosetooth #toothfairy #dentist #dentistmommy #daughter #valeriechu #tricks .. I yanked it lol

Ser mamá odontólogo y ortodoncista no es tarea fácil jejejeje, tendemos a estar demasiado pendiente de la higiene bucal de nuestros bebés, por eso quiero compartir con ustedes un poco de mis conocimientos.

Toda mamá quiere que su hijo tenga los dientes perfectos, 0 caries etc. Pero para eso debemos trabajar en crear el hábito del cepillado dental desde temprana edad.

A que edad debemos iniciar el cepillado? Bueno mientras más temprano empecemos
con la higiene bucal en nuestros bebés, mejor, 
ya que durante los primeros meses de vida, 
el bebé se encuentra en una fase oral pasiva, 
en la cual disfruta del masaje y 
manipulación de su boca.

Podemos iniciar con un cepillo para dientes y encias de silicona, una gasa húmeda, la punta de un pañito limpio humedecido en agua durante los primeros meses.

Es importante comenzar la higiene bucal con la erupción del primer diente de leche (al rededor de los 6 meses de edad), dos veces al día; en la mañana y en la noche.

La cantidad de pasta dental que debemos aplicar debe ser del tamaño de un grano de arroz. Esto es importante.

En el mercado conseguimos un kit que trae los tres pasos para el cepillado dental. Se los recomiendo. En otro post haré mi recomendaciones de productos con respecto a este tema. Estén pendientes.

No crean que Ana Paula se cepilla sola y es una experta jajajaja.. claro que no, pero si sabe que después del baño hay que cepillarse. Primero la dejo que juegue un rato y después trato de realizar un cepillado express.. jajaja pero ahí vamos. Esa es la realidad de todas las mamás, cierto?

Cuéntanos tu experiencia, tips y consejos, así todas aprendemos un poco más. La teoría es cosa pero aplicarlo con nuestros hijos es otra. Y cada mamá tiene su técnica y trucos! Aprendamos juntas!

Se la mujer que necesitabas cerca, cuando eras una niña! #workingmom #happymoments #dentistmommy

Another one bites the dust . So we will have a visit from our resident tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️ Daisy . And im sure she will make another trip later this week she has another loose one ready to come out . #toothfairyiscomingtonight #dentistmommy #alyssaraye #3_sazzyladiez #mrzmomof3 #thebaezchronicles #mrdadof3 #irishfairydoor

Diet: chicken nuggets, cold cuts, strawberries, puffs, veggie straws. #momproblems #workingmom #dentistmommy #gerberpuffs #fancymealsformychild #mommylifebelike #parents #instamom #momlife #momboss

Visiting mom at work and if that face doesn't tell it all, she was not impressed. This pic preceded an epic meltdown... Going back to work has been tough on this lil lady and let's be real, tough on mama too. I try to remind myself that life is short, this time will pass, and to cherish each sleepless night and child meltdown while I can 💕
#mommyandmeworkday #dentalpark #4monthsold #epicmeltdown #refusingtonap #waaaayovertired #godblessherbabysitter #meanmugging #workingmom #momboss #dentistmommy @wearfigs @babybling #babyflannel bib from @thepuddleduck

Mama na kursie, synuś spaceruje...😍😍😍🍂🍁🐳🌊❤️❤️❤️ #syneczekmamusi #kochamnadzycie#gdansk #jelitkowo #mamadentystka #dentistmommy ☀️☀️☀️

The moment you create another human ,was the moment you chose to spend the rest of your life putting somebody else, before yourself. Saying you love your children isn’t enough the proof of your love resides in your actions ,and in your sacrifice,lies the reward. Perhaps one day they’ll understand all the sacrifices i gladly made out of love for them. #mommyslife #woman #girlpower #feminist #mother #daughter #sister #wife #dentistmommy #mommyblogger

Dear Fall, where are you? With today's high of 88 it sure feels like summer☀️again...this heat is making me wish we were at the beach 🌊...On another note, I have been nominated by the very sweet and beautiful @pharmacy_mommy to share 10 things about myself...so, here it goes😳:
1. I'm originally from Poland 🇵🇱
2. I graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelors degree in Psychology. After that, I went on to dental school (Medical College of Virginia) to become a general dentist🤓👩‍⚕️💉
3. I married the same guy twice😂😂 while still in dental school (civil ceremony and then, a church wedding). Now, we get to celebrate our anniversary twice a year!🥂
4. Ania is a nickname for Anna in Polish
5. I have played the violin 🎻 for 22 years
6. I am a total shopaholic😳 clothes, cosmetics, kids' stuff, home decor, you name it -I buy it🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
7. I love everything Disney! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was on a mission to buy all the Disney princess movies available. Little did I know most of those movies were locked away in the Disney vault, not to be released for another seven years😲however, with the help of Amazon Prime and eBay we are proud owners of all the classic Disney movies on Blue-ray🤗😆
8. I am a HUGE Washington Nationals fan⚾️ (thanks to my husband, of course!)😂😂Let's go Nats!! National League East Champs!! 9. I'm extremely afraid of snakes 🐍 😱
10. My guilty pleasure is dark chocolate 🍫 (I can eat it by the lb.)
I now nominate @mudita_mom and @coloryourhealth to take this fun challenge and share 10 things about yourself 🤗 Looking forward to learning a little bit more about you beautiful mamas! 💞


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