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#TBT | "My chain chunky, my wrist all chunky, my pockets all chunky chump your bitch want me haaan" - @50cent

Played a scene in #denofthieves today with an incredible young moviestar #osheajacksonjr . This kid has a beautiful and enthusiastic love of life and people. #straightouttacompton

Got my height from my mum. ;) @myxtv @dilovesyou #sdcc #press #denofthieves

One of the best things about what I do is who I get to do it with. #ILoveTheseGuys
#DenOfThieves #WeLookLikeWeShouldPutAnAlbumOut

Keeping my eyes on the end of the week like...
#DenOfThieves 📷@igrade77

@osheajacksonjr THANK YOU for bringing your great energy everyday! You are so talented and wise beyond your years. It's been great working with you!!
#denofthieves #itsawrap

#DenOfThieves boot camp with the man @50cent.


Fun with my DOT lil sis in Charlotte today! #denofthieves @madelyn_lazar

On my way to #Tremblant accompanied by #StephenAdlyGuirgis #DenOfThieves Doing what you love takes due diligence, dedication. I love telling stories. Especially being apart of a story that can change someone's life the way others have changed mine. Everyday you either choose to grow and learn or simply die. Get the most out life and contribute to the world.
#thursdaymotivation #ActorsLife #storytelling #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #photooftheday #plays #growth #learning #LoveTakesTimeLoveMakesTime #artimitateslife #artist #actor #roadtrip #vacation #grateful 🎭📓

Shouts out to DNA with his #RIPProdigy freestyle tribute and them #Power barz! 💪🏽 Crazy! - @dnagtfoh salute 💯 What y'all think?

#TBT | "My chain chunky, my wrist all chunky, my pockets all chunky chump your bitch want me haaan" - @50cent

#TBT "I die I'll be a martyr respect me like your father!" - @50cent

Check out the single 'Alright 3X' from @k.cirrus straight outta Southside Virginia. Available on all streaming platforms @applemusic @googleplaymusic Hit the link in K Cirrus bio 💯 #sponsored

Occupying the White House has proven lucrative for Donald Trump. He’s been able to charge the Secret Service hundreds of thousands for rental space and golf carts. He’s been able to turn his Washington Hotel into a place where the emoluments clause is put to constant test. But the AP reports that no other cash-in matches the one Trump took on day one.

President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee raised an unprecedented $107 million for a ceremony that officials promised would be “workmanlike,” and the committee pledged to give leftover funds to charity.

The $107 million is a massive amount for even the most lavish inauguration. It’s almost twice what Barack Obama took in for a celebration that was much more widely attended and which included many more events. Trump even cut back on the number of inaugural balls to only two, compared to the ten balls that the Obamas attended in 2009. With twice the money and one fourth the events, all but a handful of the $107 million gifted to Trump for the inauguration should be available for charitable giving.

It’s been eight months. How much has been given out? None. None at all.

Nothing has yet gone to charity.

What is left from the massive fundraising is a mystery, clouded by messy and, at times, budget-busting management of a private fund that requires little public disclosure.

Donald Trump wants attention for giving $1 million to those affected by recent hurricanes—donations that so far haven’t actually happened. But he’s still sitting on a massive heap of cash from January which, despite promises, hasn’t gone to help anyone but Trump. #russiagate #putintrump #putin #russia #phantasmagoria #dumptrump #worstpresidentever #denofthieves #sofuckingcorrupt #artofthesteal

2 free passes for private movie screening of #DenOfThieves this Thursday, Sept. 21...
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