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mep part😊

@boel._ had to do it first ✋🙄
#vxllsq #lucksqd #denialRc3

Ive been working on this edit for about a week now 😂 I finally finished it omg. I put in so much work into this. ❤️DT: To the Hentai Fam and all my lovely peeps Love you all!❤️

OK collab with @frex.ink

If this gets 200 likes ill remake this amv for you guys:)

I made this 4 weeks ago and was told it didn't fit so I didn't want to post because of it. But since I'm getting lazy on editing... #denialrc3 @agvthy @shlumping

baby gorillas.mp3 | rare audio thanks to @jeffryisdead #SAGAXANS #denialrc3 @lonehaart @agvthy @denial.axy

Oldie from when I was kiru ---------------

loli waifu


Finally summer break
Android edit

G h o u l

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