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Due to snow, the Denali Park Road is closed at Park Headquarters (Mile 3). Although, that didn't stop visitors from going out into the park and walking the road to enjoy the scenery! (NPS Photos/Emily Mesner) #FindYourDenali #Denali100

In the words of Robert Frost: "You can't get too much winter in the winter." ❄️ ☃️ #Alaska #WinterIsHere #WinterWonderland #snow #Denali100

Happy 100th birthday, @denalinps. A beautiful park and imposing mountain. #Denali100 #FindYourPark

Biologists Cole Rankin and Emily Williams catch song birds near Hogan Creek with mist nets. Once caught, they collect geolocators put on in 2016 and conduct measurements to better understand migration patterns of these birds in Denali National Park and Preserve. (NPS Photos/Emily Mesner) #Denali100 #Birding #FindYourDenali

laboring like a moose today
#laborday #moose #denali100

#DidYouKnow snowshoe hares get their name from very large hind feet that are lined with stiff hairs that form a snowshoe, supporting their weight on the surface of the snow?
These cute critters blend in well with their surroundings because of their seasonal variation in fur color, from brown in summer to almost pure white in winter. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2xnLfQY.
#Denali100 #Alaska @alaskanps @nationalparkservice

These road lottery winners really won the lottery! Here they are on Sable Pass safely enjoying watching bears eat along the hillside. (NPS Photos/Emily Mesner) #Denali100 #FindYourPark

Fall cart training means that winter is just around the corner and our sled dogs couldn't be more excited! During this time of year, kennels staff are hard at work getting them in shape for their upcoming wilderness adventures. The dogs begin their training by doing runs like this one at Riley Creek Campground. Their mileage is slowly increased and their progress is closely monitored by their full time kennels staff. Not only are they preparing for another Alaskan winter, they are getting back into the swing of doing what they love best! (NPS Photos/Emily Mesner) #Denali100 #FindYourPark #DenaliKennels

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! Riley Creek #InstaMeet is this Saturday, September 9 at 7:00pm. Meet at the Riley Creek Mercantile to meet new people, take photos and hang out with @Denalinps and #Denali100 photographers. Tag a friend you want to bring! See you on Saturday!


The braided stream systems (many channels in one river bed) are a common feature of rivers formed from glacial melt. This braiding is a result of the high sediment load carried by glacial rivers. The amount of sediment that can be transported by the streams varies with water volume and speed. When water velocity slows or levels drop, sediment is deposited, causing channels to change and divert.

@denalinps #FindYourPark #WheresBuddyBisonBeen #BuddyBison #BuddyBisonAdventures #OurBuddyBison #BuddyBisonsofInstagram #BuddyBisonAlaskaExpedition #denali100 #denalinationalpark #denalinps #denalinps100 #usinterior #AlaskaNPS #NaturalAlaska

Fireweed is loved and hated by the people in Alaska. They love the color, but once it completely blooms, it is a major indicator that Winter is on its way!

Fireweed, as known as Epilobium angustifolium, is a beautiful and huge pink flower that is known by a lot as the indicator that winter or the first snow is only six weeks away. Typically grown in high climates, Fireweed can grow up to 8 feet tall.
@denalinps #FindYourPark #WheresBuddyBisonBeen #BuddyBison #BuddyBisonAdventures #OurBuddyBison #BuddyBisonsofInstagram #BuddyBisonAlaskaExpedition #denali100 #denalinationalpark #denalinps #denalinps100 #usinterior #AlaskaNPS #NaturalAlaska

Now that we are in Denali, it is important to respect the proper distance when observing wildlife. The safe distance from a bear is 300 yards away. Making noise is a good way to let the bears know that you are in the area. NEVER RUN FROM A BEAR! If you start running, their preditor instinct will take over and they will chase you down.

The safe distance for observing moose and wolves is 25 yards.

@denalinps #WheresBuddyBisonBeen #BuddyBison #BuddyBisonAdventures #OurBuddyBison #BuddyBisonsofInstagram #BuddyBisonAlaskaExpedition #denali100 #denalinationalpark #denalinps #denalinps100 #usinterior #AlaskaNPS #NaturalAlaska

One of the wolves from the nearby 🐺 den was walking fearlessly on the roads of Denali and the beautiful fall colors at the background made it a perfect photo from the iPhone #denali #denali100 #denalinps #travelalaska #denalinationalpark #alaskanps #alaska #nps #nationalpark #nationalparkservice #wolf #blackwolf #wildlife #wildlifephotography #travelbug #travelusa #tbt #wanderlust #travelmore #exploretheworld #exploretheplanet

Going through old pictures and found this shot of Denali with a rare lenticular cloud! I can never get enough of this place!

Humans of Denali | Alaskan. Daughter & Grand Daughter. @nolsedu Adventurer. Climber. @cubuffs Buffalo. Skier. @alaskamountaineeringschool Guide. Wife to Tucker. Mother to Skye. @talkeetnaair Pilot. Badass! THE DENALI RAVEN. Leighann in her element. 🏔🛩
Just watch @renan_ozturk @freddiewilkinson @camp4collective piece titled YETI Denali's Raven. That should explain it all.

I will always remember when I asked her for alternative climbing objectives in the Alaska Range (Ruth and Little Switzerland). She replied enthusiastically, "Well, @alexhonnold and company are in the Ruth (go watch @thenorthface Life Coach)! I can always drop you off there. [She listed a handful of personal favorite objectives in the Ruth] Each objective she listed off I had to woefully reply that it was above my partner and I's pay grade. It was then I realized that she was no slouch.
My next adventure with Leighann was on the Kahiltna. She was on the glacier to pick up some rambunctious skiers 😂(pictured). She needed to reorient her Beaver on the crowded runway. And so, she quickly got down to business by getting real personal with the snow and started kicking the tail ski. She's definitely not afraid of applying some elbow grease 💪. Maybe you can fly my partner and I to the Lacuna next summer.

#alaska #alaskarange #climbalaska #denalinps #denali100 #denalimountaineering #nps100 #goatworthy #chaseyourgoat #lifeexperiencedeposit #liveclimbrepeat

Due to snow, the Denali Park Road is closed at Park Headquarters (Mile 3). Although, that didn't stop visitors from going out into the park and walking the road to enjoy the scenery! (NPS Photos/Emily Mesner) #FindYourDenali #Denali100

We love mamas who hike, especially the ones who are brave enough for new adventures. •
#Repost @unlikelyhikers (@get_repost) @dexstrong ・・・
"This trip was full of ‘first times’ for me”, says Eileen Jones (EJ), of Charlotte, North Carolina. Before her trip to Denali, EJ had never been on a plane, never seen a live bear, never been hiking, never been rafting, and she had never dreamed of coming to Alaska. Why then, might you ask, did this #HumansofDenali brave multiple flights and travel 3500 miles to come all the way to Denali National Park? She came to visit her son, Park Ranger Dexter! “I never would have gotten on a plane if it hadn’t been for my son. I came here for him!” Mom and son are close and talk all the time. When asked what she wanted to do or see during her visit, EJ laughs, “So often I talk to my son and he says, ‘mom, I’m standing on my porch watching this moose, waiting to go and walk to the bathroom’. I wanted to see those moose that always stop my son from going to the bathroom”. During her visit to Denali with good friend, Laura, EJ was lucky enough to not only see those moose, but she also got beautiful, unencumbered views of Denali, and amazing wildlife sightings on and off the bus. One of EJ's most memorable moments was encountering grizzly bears during their off-trail hike. Although she admits to being afraid, EJ had her ranger son to lead them, “I just did whatever Dexter told me. He says we need to cross that river there to be safe, so we did. We got wet, but it was all good, we were all safe.” EJ might not have ever envisioned taking a trip to Alaska, but it’s clear the experience was life changing, “Nothing prepares you for this place…I was like a kid in a candy store - It’s just so beautiful here!” #HumansofDenali #Denali100 #FindYourDenali #EncuentraTuParque #NPS101 #unlikelyhiker #forceofnature *
#olderwiserstronger #bettertrailsandmountains #hikingmama #findyourpark #thriveoutside #nevertoolate

In the words of Robert Frost: "You can't get too much winter in the winter." ❄️ ☃️ #Alaska #WinterIsHere #WinterWonderland #snow #Denali100

Headed back home to Asheville this weekend. Give me a shout if you wanna hang!

So happy you've been putting up with me for a quarter of a century now 😂 happy birthday to my longest friend ❤️🏔 #notlivinginthewhatifs #wowza #longdistancebestfriends #happybirthday #denalinationalpark #denali100 #nps #findyourpark

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