The nod to #RobertBaratheon's #warhammer in last night's #gameofthrones got me feelin some kind of way 😍🔨 #thetruesteel #theusurper #demonofthetrident
Artist Unknown: But check out #Rhaegar's armor though 🔥🔥

Battle of the Trident 🔱 An extremely bloody and chaotic battle in which we see an enraged and massive Robert Baratheon🦌plumbing through a crowd heading towards Rhaegar Targaryan🐲 in his black armor⚫️. This incredible scene is also a very tragic one since this is the battle in which Rhaegar is killed by Robert. The battle took place at the 🔺Ruby Ford🔺, a crossing that gained its name for the rubies in Rhaegar's chestplate that were shattered and lost after Robert plunged his hammer into Rhaegar's armor. #rhaegartargaryen #robertbaratheon #dragonprince #demonofthetrident #rubyford #gameofthrones Let me know in the comments if you spot anything interesting. ⚔️This image is awesome to look at ⚔️

King robert baratheon #baratheon #stormlord #stormsend #waroftheusurper #robertsrebellion #gameofthrones #got #hbo #demonofthetrident
Robert was once a renowned warrior with a good battlefield voice. In his youth he was described as very tall (Ned Stark estimates his height at six feet and six inches, with his brothers slightly shorter), broad shouldered and muscled like a maiden's fantasy. He kept himself clean shaven. This started to change after winning the crown. Robert became overweight from excessive feasting and drinking. In the nine years since Greyjoy's Rebellion, he gained at least eight stone in weight.Robert grew a beard to hide his multiple chins.[Robert is an avid hunter[who replaced the Targaryen dragon skulls in the throne room with hunting tapestries.[Although the royal armory has numerous weapons, Tywin Lannister states the only blade used by Robert is a hunting knife he received from Lord Jon Arryn as a boy.] In his younger days Robert wielded a spiked iron warhammer crafted by Donal Noye and a great antlered helmet with his armor

Robert was the first son of Lady Cassana and Lord Steffon Baratheon, head of House Baratheon and lord of the Stormlands. He was born and raised in the Baratheon family seat of Storm's End. He was a scant year older than his brother Stannis. Many years later a third Baratheon brother was born, Renly. When they were still young, Robert and Stannis watched as their parents died in a shipwreck within sight of Storm's End, making Robert the Lord of Storm's End. Lord Robert went to foster with Lord Jon Arryn at the Eyrie in the Vale of Arryn, along with Eddard Stark of Winterfell. They soon became fast friends and Jon Arryn, who had no sons of his own, came to treat them as his own family.
Robert fell in love with Eddard's sister Lyanna,who was promised to him by her father, Lord Rickard Stark.At the time Robert already had a bastard daughter, Mya Stone, which led to Lyanna commenting that Robert would never keep to one bed. Some time after this event Lyanna was apparently kidnapped and taken by Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. The kidnapping set in motion a chain of events that lead to Robert's Rebellion. #housebaratheon #ouristhefury #thestormlands #stormsend #housebaratheonofkingslanding #kingRobertbaratheonfirstofhisname #asoiaf #asongoficeandfire #gameofthronesfamily #got #gameofthrones #theusurper #demonofthetrident #thewhoremongerking

Robert Baratheon was the King of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the First King of House Baratheon of King's Landing. Robert was crowned king after winning the Rebellion which was named after him and taking the crown from Aerys II Targaryen, his first cousin once removed. Robert fought the war to keep the hand of Lyanna Stark, with the aid of her brother, his close friend, Eddard Stark. Due to Lyanna's death, however, Robert married Cersei Lannister to ensure political stability. Robert has three children with Cersei: Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. But in Reality They were Sired by her brother Ser Jaime Lannister.While Robert is off on one of his hunts, Eddard discovers that Robert's children are Cersei's bastards born of incest with her brother, Jaime.Acting first, Cersei has Robert's squire, her cousin Lancel Lannister, give Robert a very strong wine, three times as potent as normal, which causes him to become very drunk. When the hunting party finally tracks down a large boar in the kingswood, Robert is so inebriated that he misses his mark and is charged down and mortally gored.A large man, though not particularly intelligent, Robert was once a renowned warrior with a good battlefield voice.In his youth he was described as tall, broad shouldered and muscled like a maiden's fantasy. He kept himself clean shaven. However, after winning the crown he became overweight from excessive feasting and drinking, eventually gaining over eight stone in weight and growing a beard to hide his multiple chins.He is known for his charm, outgoing and gregarious personality and remarkable ability to turn enemies into friends.Robert's lusts became the subject of ribald drinking songs throughout the realm. According to Eddard Stark, Robert would promise a woman the world in the night and forget everything, including her, in the morning. #robertbaratheon #housebaratheonofkingslanding #kingrobert #ouristhefury #kingslanding #theusurper #demonofthetrident #thewhoremongerking #got #gameofthronesfamily #gameofthrones

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