“Bitch can't even say I miss you back over the fuckin' text,
Every time you slept over my pad, you over fuckin' slept.
Toni Braxton told me to breathe again, don't hold no fuckin' breath,
Gave your ass directions to my heart, and your ass busted left.
Climbin' up the money tree, the tree without the lover's nest,
'Cause lovebirds are some busy bees
You fuck around, you stung again.
And you didn't leave in your underwear
'Cause he didn't arrive in no underwear
Look baby, even lovers burn to nothin', that be clear...
I can't see the forest from the tree, the water from the sea,
And I was starting to believe, but it's a forest full of dreams,
I’m no longer full of need, and call it what I see,
And when you leave, I hope you know you bring the forest to the leaves...I'm fucking lonely.” #lonely by @ddlovato edited slightly to be a “cleaner” version (obviously not talking about the cuss words) of @liltunechi rap which is gold. Love the song in general. So good. Shot by @boudoirphotographyomaha and makeup and hair done by @beyourbeautifulbymal . Such great people to work with who I’ll miss when I leave Omaha. Definitely recommend them both. #venusphotography #boudoir #demisong

Gala UTC 2017 👱🏻👩🏻

🎤Demi 🌈#demisong so beautiful a girl ,

Oh na na, just be careful
Na na, love ain't simple
Promise me no promises

Everything I need
Is standing in front of me
I know that we will be alright, alright
Through the ups and downs
Baby, I'ma stick around
I promise we will be alright
#obsessed #demisong #lovethesephotos

Cover Skyscraper by Demi Lovato ft @defandy_defan
#demisong #coversong #accoustic

Graciaaaaas 2017 por llenarme de energía y vitalidad en cada una de estas increíbles clases, donde nos divertimos bailamos molestamos y crecemos cada día.
HOY HOY HOY última clase de Gangsta Femme de este increíble año, nos vemos a las 7 pm en @proyectourbandance para cerrar con broche de oro.
Coreografía: @milaprietorodriguez1 .
#Dancer #Morethanthis #AllDays #EveryDay #HipHopDance #lovedance #GangstaFemme #Mila2017 #Graciasssss #unGranAño #DemiSong #AlwaysSmile #WeAreCapitalCity

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