Only one day of school left and then I get 4 days off 🙌

Hope everyone had a good day; goodnight 🤗

// my love 💕

Can people just stop posting negative things about Demi complaining about literally everything? We all know that Demi already gets a lot of hate and the last thing she needs is complaints and hate from her own fans. We also know that she tends to see the negative stuff instead of the positive (idk if she sees the positive, she usually only comments on the negative) so can some lovatics just please stop tagging her in negative posts just so that she'll see them and let her do what she wants to do without complaining for once? Thank you 🤗

(Videocred: @demi_is_my_everything22 )
I love how we get one picture of Demi every now and then to feed off of for a few days so we don't go insane lol

She's so cute ugh 😩

(Videocred: @brilliantdevonne )
Idk what's going on with Demi rn but if she's happy I'm happy 🤗

// no tears left to cry
#ddlovatocontest2018 💘

This video is a MESS but I love it
I promise better posts are coming, it's just been a lot happening this week so I haven't had the time to find good videos :/
ALSO, rip Avicii 🙇‍♂️

"Have a mercy" omg I cracked up lol

Protect her at all costs

It's been over 3 years since I've logged into this account.. & a lot has changed but the one thing that hasn't is my love and compassion towards @ddlovato 🖤 looking back on my previous edits I was so young and I was in so much pain emotionally. I was not in a good place whatsoever. Although I still fight depression daily I have grown so much and have learned how to cope with such heavy feelings. Thank you demi for fighting to take the stigma out of mental illness because you're helping real people like me. I love you. You mean the world to me and I'm glad to be back on here supporting you, stronger than ever👣

Woah thank you guys so much for all the views and likes on my last post!! 💞

Let's just never forget this iconic cover thank you

(Videocred: @demi_sexvato )
Omggg I love her lol
+ I'm going back to school tomorrow and I have swimming during PE first thing in the morning, can't say I'm looking forward to it -.-

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