I've eaten so much food today 😩

Yes im still alive. Took a break from social media. Anywho, heres a roselia from Rulers of the Heaven.
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Battle Series 6; E19 β€œThe Tail Story πŸΏβ€
This #ParameterBattle features powerful PokΓ©mon that sport amazing tails! Keep an eye out to vote πŸ—³ Much love homies, thanks for your participation 😊

My lovely little water boys

Good morning everyone! Who's ready for some Foosball?!

Here's for my buddies @luebjj26 and @trainedtogo_jg. Saw these and instantly thought of yall πŸ–€ mini surprise lol

Can all you guys do me a favor? Please stop tagging me in vape stuff cuz you kids are making me broke 😭 I really need to save for future events coming up and yall are realllllly making this hard for me πŸ˜… love yall tho πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™

I think I really like these theme decks πŸ–€

Today has been a good day πŸ’™

Can't wait to get this graded! Thank you @ando_porygon! You made momma vape super happy πŸ’™

Rayquaza enjoying the Canadian weather πŸ‰β„οΈ shoutout to @bulba_king for selling me this beauty πŸ‘

Now I need the Spiral Force box πŸ‘Œ#thunderknuckle

Mail day was on πŸ”₯ today! A ridiculously huge shoutout to Bonnie aka @bodangers for prepping and submitting cards for my personal collection to psa! All 10 except the legendary collection flareon which didn’t surprise me to much, but still super happy with every single one. Bonnie you don’t get enough credit for all the work, time and energy it takes for submissions, so I really appreciate everything you do! Single posts to come for each card to showcase and now I can’t wait for my next sub! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ”₯β€οΈπŸ¦ŠπŸ’Ž #pokemon #psa #gemmint #gemmint10 #mint #pokemonskyridge #pokemonpromo #fullarttrainer #fullarttrainers #gorgeous #bae #baegoals #pokemonultraprism #cynthia #lillie #skyla #fareon #leafeon #somuchholo #somuchhologoodness #reverseholo #pokemondelta #deltaspecies #skyridge #pristine #pokemonlegendarycollection #legendary #datholotho

If you know me, you know I have extreme anxiety and have waves of being manic depressive. When it comes to buying there's always that fear of being scammed off ebay, having to return something, waiting on getting money back if it's not what you ordered. And then it comes to IG when you meet new people and they have items you want but terrified of them taking your money and then it's a huge shit storm. Well luckily enough @pokefeens made an awesome website that has the best selection, prices and customer service. It's like worry free and it's awesome. When the website came out I was so excited I didn't even take my anxiety medicine for like a week. It was in a weird way weight off my shoulders. If you haven't checked out the website yet, you're laaaame. And also, that flareon is for you @luebjj26 😘

This is nice. #platinum

Thank you @human_machamp for this awesome giveaway win from your bday πŸ–€ super sweet of you πŸ€—

I like this one a lot πŸ–€ #blackandwhite

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