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Yaaaaaaaay!! I'm excited to be in Montgomery, AL with my baby sister @ms.monroe_mia! Yes!! I have a younger sibling!! She's having a baby girl today and I can't wait to see it all go down! I was honored that she'd ask me to be in the delivery room!! Y'all give her your love and prayers!!! 💞 #sisters #baby #love #deliveryroom #boobooandbreastmilk 😂

She may not have taken the path I wanted for her and we may fight like crazy over that but I still love her so here is a #wcw post for my little #sister that is currently being a trooper in the #deliveryroom and in labour for over 24 hours 🙈. I'd always want only the best for you though u may not know it just yet. Good luck and see you on the flip side of mummyhood. #somanyfeels 😭

Final bumpie shot 🤰🏼went for normal checkup today but to our surprise baby wants to choose his own early birthday. Today is the day. Lord Jesus keep me and baby safe and may we have a smooth operation. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #cesarean #emergencycsection #labourward #deliveryroom

Yes, I deliver! #OBnurse #DeliveryRoom

It's going to be a loooong night #deliveryroom 🏥

@dr.berna.hp - Doğum sancısı çektiğiniz ortamın ve yanınızdaki kişilerin doğumun seyrini değiştirebileceğini biliyor muydunuz? Bunun nedeni de bir önceki paylaşımımda bahsettiğim ve videoda dövmesini gördüğünüz oksitosin🤔 Oksitosin doğum sancılarını başlatır, kuvvetlendirir ve bebeğinizin doğmasını sağlar. Ancak bu hormonun salgılanabilmesi için bazı şartlar gerekir. Doğum yaptığınız ortamın loş ışıklı olması, gürültüsüz ve sakin bir ortam, çok soğuk veya sıcak olmayan ortalama bir oda ısısı... Bunlar oksitosin salgılanmasını ve doğumun ilerlemesini sağlar. Aynı zamanda anne adayının o ortamda kendini rahat hissetmesini sağlayacak bir kişi de şarttır. Bu kişi ağrılar sırasında onu rahatlatacak ve sakinleştirecek bir yakını, annesi veya eşi olabilir. Doğum sırasında bu ortamı bozacak veya anne adayını korkuya sevkedecek kişilerin ortamdan uzaklaştırılması gerekmektedir. Bir de en önemlisi anne adayının doktoruna ve ekibine güvenmesi gerekir... Sevgili anne adayları kısaca size tavsiyem şu: Doğum için hastaneye giderken yanınızda sadece çantanız ve sizi anlayabilecek bir kişi olsun. Gerisini doktorunuz ve ekibi halledecektir❤️❤️❤️#deliveryroom #oxytocin #oksitosin#doğumhane #doğumekibi


I will never forget this day! It was my first #vbac and third baby.
The medical staff didn’t think I was in my #birthingtime when I showed up. I was in the triage room when my water broke. They checked me and I was dilated to a 5. I immediately started to feel pushy. I remember smiling as they were running to take me in the #deliveryroom. I was like “I told you so” 😝. My baby was born 30 minutes after showing up and 15 minutes after my water broke. This was my first #hypnobabies experience, and it was AMAZING!
I always recommend moms to take a #hypnobabiesclass in preparation for their #births. It made a huge difference for me.
I have since become an #hypnobabiesinstructor and love sharing this amazing method with expectant moms.
I have classes starting next month! I’d love for you to join us!

#utah #wasatchmountains #naturalbirth #doula #hypnosisforchildbirth #hypnobirth #newbornbaby #childbirtheducation #childbirthclass #childbirth #northernutah

Another #WIN for the #ScentsyGo! A friend recently took hers in the #deliveryroom and said the calming scents she chose helped her stay relaxed through #labor!
You've got to get yourself one of these! Or you can just join my team and earn it for #FREE! Message me for details!! #makingscentswithkkreations11 #notjustwaxandwarmers #lovemyjob #scentsyforthewin

His name is Colin. 💙
His little name was a secret, and boy was it killing all of us to know what it was!! Like any good, new momma would, they had a plan. An adorable hat to proudly display his name to the family. What a sweet secret to keep and a moment of announcement to remember. 👶🏻
Oh Colin, we couldn’t be more glad you’re here, or love your name any more! 🌿👪

Preowned and available pairs: ✔️ Riverside College scrub suit ✔️ ICU/ Delivery Room/ Operating Room scrub suits ✔️ ward staff uniform

Let’s bring out the best of Masskara Festival 2017, come and visit our yard sale on October 22, 2017 at Mayfair Plaza.
It’s only for a day, make sure not to miss the chance. 😘

Its time is now raven is going be born
#metaldad #kasier #deliveryroom #birth #raven #tuesday

Exactly one week ago today you came into this world, and I finally got to hold you in my arms for the first time. I cannot even begin to explain the emotions that overwhelmed me in this moment, but they say a picture speaks a thousand words. It's been a long and difficult journey to get you here, little one, and nothing could have prepared me for the love I could feel for such a tiny human being, or the intense new love and pride I would feel for your father when I see him with you 🖤 #purehappiness #rawemotion #emotional #welcometotheworld #rainbowbaby #family #motherandbaby #mybaby #finallyamother #unconditionallove #fatherandson #skintoskin #deliveryroom #preciousmoments #1weekold #newborn #baby #cuddleswithmama @laurie.nicholls

The Physician’s Pledge 2017

I WILL GIVE to my teachers, colleagues, and students the respect and gratitude that is their due

I WILL ATTEND TO my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard





#R1life #obstetrics #deliveryroom #keepgoing

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