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You cant tell if its because I've sat in something moist and unsavoury, or ON something moist and unsavoury. You'll never know. Never let them see your pain. Or pleasure. Remain taciturn at all times. Keep them guessing. To the point when even you, yourself, have absolutely no idea what on earth you're talking about... 🤔#imbackonthepainkillers #delirious #instagay #tattoo

Before we knew it, shopping turned into macaroning. #oneofeachplease #bestie #delirious

It's going down tonight. If you weren't able to purchase tickets, Delirious will be back in April. Follow @punchlinephilly for updates. For those with tickets, thank you and see you tonight! #delirious #comedy #blackthoughtpresents

This is what happens when we've had no sleep 👀🙈 #delirious #shoutouttomyex

@barbaraguillaume and I can't believe we have to literally take another flight for 5 hours after coming off of a 13 hour flight. #delirious #jetlag #ijustwantashower #beautyandthebeastpresstour

My "awake since 4am need sugar to function" Calvin Klein Dior Gummy Bear collection ad.
#delirious #lovemonday


Chilled night in watching Eddie Murphy tonight 👌🏼 #raw #delirious #cheerstimehop

Everyone can agree that the human body can be breath taking. We can admire the sexuality gestures it can create, it's all in the eye of the beholder. For me it sometimes slips my mind that words are more powerful. Words that leave your mouth, words that become ink on paper, ink on skin, words that hurt or create happiness will forever stay in your soul. Your body will age, the beauty will fade, but the way words make you feel will only get stronger as they carve deeper into your soul...words I live by "Amor Vincit Omnia" ... Love conquers all... #delirious #nightowl #poems #kinda #stupid #hopelessromantic #humanform #tattoo #girlswithtattoos #loveconquersall #sideboob #wtf #fuckit #words #nerd ♡♡♡

The start of a great night 😂👌🏽 #eddiemurphy #standup #comedy #raw #delirious

#Bright spot. Dark nights. High topped, I walk by. Come with me specifically I'm all-time. GML rhymes with effort for emphasis. Same sentiment, I'm made o #checkermint . Switch lanes til y'ready, dig? If it's heavy lift friendship's benefits. Habitual line blur-er. Whatever I get away with I'll take further & elevate. Sent away then let 'im stay. One helluva brain in development, eh? Nod if you can tell what I'm sayin. Or not if you can't. Beyond a chance outside a boxed-in encampment. The obv'yus champion. Impossibly candid. I don't stop believin'. Antics. Seminoles across the campus. Fam, you already got ingredients - you just gotta see 'em... #famu #lyrics #rhyme #fearless #message #irritant #clever #delirious #practice #yoga #habits #known #force #crafted #go #forward #active

What 16 hours of work looks like. Lol Savages when it comes to ice cream cake. #happyfriday #longday #delirious #beermakeverythingbetter 😴🙀🍻 @eboy1992 @sergiop239 @blapdaddy @zamochy

When I was younger, I was ‘forced’ to do this holiday swimming program in the ocean, as part of a life saving course. So for years I kept coming back each year dreading doing it - having to walk out on the windy jetty, watching as the waves kept building up and crashing against the jetty stairs in the distance. For years I was always afraid of this, afraid of the dangers associated with going in the ocean - jellyfish, sharks, stingrays (and yes it was completely rational! They were all there 😳😢) But what got me through it? What made me be able to swim in these waters, what made me be able to jump into these waves and swim? This song did. As trivial as it might seem in the short term, I always sang the line “Every little thing’s gonna be alright” over and over to get me through it. I knew that even if it was scary and it made me doubt a lot, I was going to be okay. I wasn’t alone. I had Him and He had me. And the relationship that we can have with God is just like me being able to jump into the water - He is with us, He will protect us, He loves us and He is with us, even when we’re afraid. Whether its jumping into the crashing waves or its health battles or anxiety or stress, He is with us and we don’t have to be afraid. “When it’s all falling down on you. You’re crying out but you’re breaking in two. When it’s all crashing down on you. When there’s nothing you can do. There is someone who can carry you.” Even if we’re afraid, doubtful of the unknown, anxious for the future, stressed about work, worried about family, or struggling in relationships, every little thing is gonna be alright, for He is with us and we can overcome fear with Him. #worshipblogger #blog #worshipblog #blogger #delirious #everylittlething #worldservice #martinsmith #fitablog #foundintheaftermath

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