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Aos 30 anos de carreira, o grupo estadunidense Deicide, representante do death metal, vem a Fortaleza pela primeira vez em agosto próximo e se apresenta no dia 11, no Let’s Go Bar. O grupo vem ao Brasil com a turnê do disco In The Minds of Evil, lançado em 2013 e, além da cidade alencarina, eles passam por Porto Alegre, no dia 10, e São Paulo, no dia 12. Ingressos custam de R$ 100 a R$ 260 e estão sendo vendidos nas lojas lojas Kangaço Rock Street, Clikks Eyewear e pelo site Ingressando. Via @blogentrelinhas (Foto: Divulgação)
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Ol' Glen can still bark out the blasphemy, let me tell ya! | #deicide #deadbydawn

#mayvinylchallenge day 12: most important album of a favourite genre.
Well, death and black metal are my two ride or dies so here are the two that had the biggest impact on me.
I first heard deicide's S/T in my freshman year of high school when I bought the CD at a pawn shop for five bucks just based on the artwork alone. At this point, I was just discovering death metal and was jamming staples of the genre such as death, cannibal corpse and the first morbid angel album. I remember first hearing this and being absolutely floored by the opening riff of Lunatic of God's creation and the overall sonic punch in the face it was. And then I heard glen benton's vocals, which at the time was legitimately the most evil sounding thing I had ever heard. By the time I got to the second track's infamous "Damned to hell..." segment, I was absolutely fucking mortified and shelved it and didn't play it for days until finally I went back to it and the desensitization began. No album has or ever will hit me like that ever again. Best DM album.
Next up, is Grand Belials Key's Judeobeast Assassination. Like the album earlier, I can profess my love for this all day long but I'll keep it brief. Never have I heard a record so perfectly laid out, track by track, note by note. Especially the tracks "Fecal Parturition", "The Shitagogue" and "Doves of War" (The Shitagogue being literally the greatest black metal song that I have ever heard). I also respect not just this album but this whole band for not being like every other "fuck god, hail satan blah blah" kind of band and being absolutely relentless on attacking all religions with intelligent and completely uncompromised lyrics. Also it was the first time that I found myself separating the artist from the art. Of course I don't agree with the bands politics but who gives a flying fuck what the band members PERSONALLY think, I won't loose sleep over it and if you do then you should reevaluate what genre of music you're listening to. Also, one final note, Gelal's performance on this is unparalleled. Has any riff this man ever wrote have not been flawless, like seriously?? (holy mary, MOTHER OF ZOG)
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Coming soon - 'Adapt or Die - 30 Shades of Noise' The definitive Earache book covering 30 years of music and stories from those that were there. Here's Steve Asheim from Deicide in 2005 with an Impala sales award for 'Scars of the Crucifix' #earacherecords #adaptordie #deicide #deathmetal #scarsofthecrucifix

Peita que a @franhespanhol me deu ❤️❤️❤️ (tô fazendo a tua hahaha) #Deicide #DeathMetal


Aquele chocolate blasfêmico 🤘🤘🤘
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You know what's up my favorite death metal band aka nothin to fuck with . #deicide #metalheads #metalhead #deathmetal #metal #extrememusic

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Harga @ 50 rb
SMS / wa 083857376999

An old, baggy as shit shirt today, because I am clearly a lunatic of God's creation. #Deicide - #Legion.
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Angelcorpse wolf pentagram patches on eBay now link in bio #ravenclothing #Angelcorpse #deicide #immolation #cannibalcorpse #blasphemy

Las entradas para el Paraguay Alternativo V están a la venta solo a través de @reduts_py. No se olviden! #deicide @suffocationofficial @acceptworldwide están llegando!!!

Mesmo redimensionado ao formato das redes sociais, figurou bem como cartaz fisico junto ao Deicide. #deicideband #deicide #eduk #ilustration

Out in the garage, getting started on my project with some easy listening....
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