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It has been quite some time here & I have planned to make the most of my last dreg of my stay in Dehradun by clicking the extraordinary in the ordinary, the beautiful in the miss-able, the extravagance of Dehradun’s spectacular natural habitat & climate through my pictures & writings.

To tell you the truth, I was greatly affected by an ‘unlike’ on my instagram handle or a decrease in the number of ‘followers’ on my Instagram pages which allows people to tag me as ‘insecure’, ‘social-media addict’ & other similar disrespectful adjectives after hearing my personal revelation. However, I am grateful to be able to turn the tide & not give a fuck no more because I really, seriously and slowly-but-surely, (with a bit of difficulty) got myself free from the trappings of social media.
By trappings, I mean the constant need to check ‘updates’, the bad habit to scroll up-down pathetically for hours at a stretch without anything concrete coming out of it, the ‘mini-panic attacks’ after noticing a drop in the followers on either of the visual social media platforms & a host of other stupid but really intense bad social media habits that has afflicted more than 3/4th of our human race.

I was a perennially ill patient whose poor phone battery died a number of deaths in less than 7-8 hours thanks to the constant checking of social media without doing anything productive.
Not that I am judging anyone, but I wonder what will happen if we lose our phones for sometime?

A question that has given enough shivers to many like myself but not anymore cos I am slowly cultivating the habit of letting go & social media usage is topping my list currently.
It is safe to say that I have managed to fulfil my agenda to some extent but I have miles to go before I sleep on my bed at night & a promise to keep to not become a slave to social media technology..one day at a time.
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I was out on a walk with my dslr, i saw this lady curiously watching my actions while partially hiding behind that wall. I think she wanted to get clicked. "The peeping soul"

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