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some .970 black timascus twist for a few upcoming projects

Quasar and cognito 😁👋🏻 #deftbydesign #lmsprototyping

Looking for a drink after @maisonetobjet? Best drinks in town are @sweetlibertymia. #deftbydesign #fearlesslycreative #expertlycrafted Photo by: @kris_tamburello

Just got my anodized XXL Titanium with ice blue trits. #deftbydesign #tritium #tritiumlantern #EDC #pocketdump

mini two tone brass bomb with a green vial and slotted stabilization fins, $old


Updated shots of the spiked mace, 5 more spikes and a split ring connector and it's done!

Another .223 in flamed titanium and polished stainless going out soon to @olanui808 I just got everything on my new lathe dialed in so i'll be moving on the bullet orders and getting those out

flamed up the mokume hilt and blackened the body, need to etch the superconductor top spike and finish up the brass spikes for the body

mini two tone brass bomb with a green vial and slotted stabilization fins, $old

this one kinda looks like a bumble bee 🐝 it needs a stinger though 🤔

a groovy blackened brass lantern

1" 3 color mokume for ring stock, .500" high filament @coppercloudsc superconductor for bullets, beads, bombs and more!

brass tipped superconductor .223 projectile 😜

Just pulled the trigger today on moving up to a larger lathe, My Taig micro lathe served me well despite its limitations, but finally was able to get enough saved to upgrade and purchase some needed tooling. Can't wait for this to arrive. Gotta pay to play right?

order up for @clarkherniman , .223 in etched 3 color mokume with a black timascus tip, purple anodized split ring connector and a purple vial

one of my prized possessions, a 9mm bullet LED flashlight in torched titanium, brass and copper made for me by @divided_head - A lot goes into these little things, don't know another maker making anything like it. Highly recommend hitting up @divided_head about getting one of your own

some flamed ti 5.56/.223's

first .30-06 Springfield in blackened brass and 3 color random pattern mokume with a red vial all done and on its way to @purefilth77 , hope you like it man!

.30-06 in the works, will have a mokume tip

calling all rick and morty fans! I challenged my friend @divided_head to make Rick's portal gun and wow did he deliver or what? I couldn't be more impressed! The attention to detail on this piece is amazing! I believe he's considering making this available for anyone interested, follow him and stay tuned!

Live live live!! Auction for bat #2 is up, dubbed Black Sheep this collaboration between myself and @the_artkuteck is up for grabs over at @the_artkuteck 's page, pop over there if you'd like to bid!

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