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If you came out to 'Defragment' last night then you had a chance to meet and tip the sexy and mysterious #cyberwendy performed by the ever so lovely @dyelindsay catch us tomorrow at 52 Kenmare st from 12-5 come say Hi. #defragment #digitalvsorganic #victorromanstudios #art

I feel so blessed to have been able to watch this man bring his vision to life for you all to enjoy. #defragment #DigitalvOrganic

AMAZING message from Kevin Gerald at our Kingdom Builders Retreat ... "Don't let any part of your blessed life become the villain" ... Embrace the life God has called you to live. #blessed #igettodothis #defragment #givenlifetogivelife

congrats to an incredible friend and artist, @victorromanstudios on another successful show! couldn't be more excited for what's to come your way, you deserve it!
can't wait to add #DEFRAGMENT to the collection

selalu ada proses dibalik hasil yang sukses
#proteksi16 #defragment #kabamafikomumi


☠️ALKALINITY ☠️#fuckcancer #cures #realtalk #physicalfitness #beastwithattitude #mindovermatter #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #consciousness #nutrition #defragment
Only a fool can't see or read in between the lines #suckerfree
The FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization)is making more acidic Foods by design which eventually will reach the bottom of the in breath which is a PH(potential Hydrogen) of ONE(phONE). They are doing this by creating more industry, and toxic pollution such as the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the Gulf of Mexico oil Spill, and the chemtrail spraying occurring daily in the sky. #truthhurts These are just a few examples among the countless numbers that are happening on a daily basis. Heavy traffic and burning of fossil fuels is a mandated necessity in the metonymy structure to ensure that we can "see" and "know" that there is evidence for why everything is becoming more acidic. Cancer is an acidic base disease that attacks the immune system by multiplication of acidic cells in the body. If we didn't see the reasons for these changes taking place would we believe in the reasons for why they are occurring? The occurring events that come from the occurring. There are massive fish and animals die offs for this reason, because even in a matrix computer structure life- forms are accustomed to a certain PH level for their own survival, and this is rapidly changing due to the carbon dioxide and acidification buildup in the environment on both land and sea. It is becoming harder to grow food because the Ph levels in the soil are becoming more acidic, and soon it will become impossible which will lead to the mass levels of starvation, creating anarchy and havoc around the world. #truefacts #truelies #knowledgeispower #sexy #model #beardedkings #beard

What's a web page? #defragment #mrmacintosh

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