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New #definingme tag from @burpees2wine thanks Goddess... 👈🏽 swipe please

You ever converse with someone and feel like their supposed to be in your life? That's how I felt the first time meeting @rashidahl. Such a inspiration, beautiful spirit, one of the best hair stylist hands down 🙌🏽, so humble, I can go on... I had the opportunity to network with amazing woman yesterday at her #definingme event. It was one to remember. Love you girl 💜 (but I hate this picture 😖)

The last week has consisted of separating a rib, getting the flu, and then topping it off with a broken pinky toe. However red lipstick seems to make everything all better and today I feel good as new! Happy Friday lovers #definingme #purplehair #TGIF #friyay #selfiegame

RuN the day .. Dont Let The Day Run U ..!!
#Adidas #Puma #loveforbrand #definingme #BeAMan 💖✌

I am one of those introspective, serious, analytical people that seem bitchy and aloof. Those labels I've battled my entire life. They aren't me. #life #definingme #breakdownthewalls

Great weather for a great run! Thank you Statesville, NC! #merrychristmas runninggirl #fitlife #healthylife #definingme

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #fivehearts #definingme #minne2011 Älskade Repan, Clara, Dino och Recett #swbsåklart

Super cool #neda symbol henna tattoo by Leah from @facefiesta #edaw2017 #nedawareness #EDCare #definingme


Transparency- the one thing I promised upon opening this IG account so, when I'm having a shitty day I'm not going to lie about it. I don't know why, but the last week I have been struggling hard with body image. One thing I do know is I have NOT let it ruin me - yeah I have felt shitty the last week, but I continue to push through and tell myself something positive everyday!
This morning when I stepped on that scale after 5 days, I told myself Tonya whatever that number is it does NOT matter! I'd be lying if I told you as soon as that number popped up I wasn't discouraged. So, what did I do to change that?! - I put on my clothes for work and guess what ?? They fit, just like they did 5 days ago!
- I ate breakfast, because my body deserves and needs the nourishment!
- I listened to a damn good podcast on my way to work, which brought some added mental support. - I said out loud - You are beautiful, you are enough, and damnit Tonya that reflection in the mirror does NOT define you!

The scale can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Whatever it is to you, don't let it make or break your day! I know obviously first hand that is a hell of a lot easier said than done! F*ck the number! Love yourself- every inch - every scar - every tiger stripe - every damn pound! You are you and that in itself is beautiful! 💖

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