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RAND PAUL BILL, now this is the perfect embodiment of America First attitude which Trump promotes

America First!!!!! how can you want immigrants when we don't even have enough jobs for all Americans. there's homeless people out there. and immigrants depress wages

FACTS, and he actually tweeted this. Love this man!

I didn't do anything to help the economy, i just got the government out of the way. -Reagan

We all know the media is fake news

Private sector ALWAYS produces better results that gov. spending and planning #facts

How we have lost our ways. we trust central big government to plan our lives and solve our problems. This was not the vision for gov. in AMerica

Lol Trump is a strong male leader who ain't takin your sh*t. GO Donald!

CNN takes BIG Ls this week. First they admit they made up a news story about trump, lied about the russia narrative, fired some reporters, threatened a private citizen, have a class action lawsuit against them for how they treat minorities and cover trump 93% of the time negatively according to a Harvard study. South park said would stop the trump jokes as they didn't want to turn into CNN.

How salty can you get? CNN salty. CNN is breaking the law in threatening a private citizen using his right to free speech. THIS IS ILLEGAL AND FASCISTIC!!! and now CNN is getting memed and takin Ls. Link to funny meme collection video in bio and here https://youtu.be/mLGohKW21tI

Late but Happy 4th and god bless this beautiful and greatest country on earth. One nation under god.

From @classicdonald, June 29th is heterosexual pride day. Post a photo showing your support and love for heterosexuals!

Pretty Accurate description. Allen B Wests dad always told him "don't use race as a crutch". that holds true for a lot of the minorities that feel oppressed today. They feel oppression when it's really their self defeating attitude that's in their head holding them back.

The Wall just got 10 feet higher. If you think about it the taller it is the more money it makes from solar panels, and it's eco friendly to please the libtards. BUILD THAT WALL!!!!

The fine wasn't for skewing political searches, but just imagine what that liberal company can do by skewing political searchs, if we know they already skew other types of searches

Why isn't this all over the news? Loretta Lynch is also being investigated for possibly trying to obstruct / influence the hillary email case (see lorettas meeting on the plane with bill Clinton the day before the trial)

Can't lose, Won't lose. Losing isn't even in Donald's vocabulary.

Why i like Trump, he may not know everything about politics but one of his greatest skills is identifying skilled people and getting the best out of them. NO president ever knows everything, or is really even qualified it's all about the people they surround themselves with. A large reason i voted for him. The country is a large business and it should be run as such

In case you needed another example of why the MSM is fake news. This is dangerous and we are in a war. the media has lots of power and we must always persuade people of conservative ideas to fight the MSM

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