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Occasionally, I have pockets of rage that surface. But I always have pockets of fat no matter what. #deepthoughts (tap for sound)

• Reality: I've been enjoying my weekend in Seoul eating everything I wanted (corn dogs, ice cream, fried chicken, candies, burgers) and, as many Mondays, I'm bloated 🤷🏻‍♀️ OF COURSE I am, seen that yesterday I probably ate ~6000kcal (easily, should I go for a 10K challenge?🤔😂) which is basically 3x my daily intake, and EVERYTHING I ate was junk. No veggie, no healthy treats, just.. a junk overload. I felt kinda sorry for myself last night as I felt like I wasn't able to control myself, but the truth is that I was totally conscious of the amounts I was eating, and I was enjoying it. I was around with friends and for once I just stopped freaking out about diet and what I should/souldn't eat. So, here we go in a full baby food mode 🤰🏻 but if I just flex & pose I'm not preggo anymore 🤔 the fact is that a) I'm just bloated and probably gained not even a pound of fat; b) in 1/2 days the baby goes; c) sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself.
It's hard not to be so hard on yourself after -too many- treats, but when you work hard 365 days/ year, what's a single day of no rules? Aaand I must thank my boyfriend who basically told me this last night when I was feeling sorry for myself and was afraid I got into a sort of binging circle.
Well I'm back at the gym tomorrow and I feel kinda strong. Maybe I was just needing some unhealthy food 😉 listen to your body peeps ❤️ •

. English translation below .
لا تنسى ان تعش في حاضرك..
لا ان تبقى مشتتاً في مراحل زمنية مختلفة..
ف تتشتت ايامك!!
و يهتز حاضرك !!
ف حتى وضوحه يبات ضباباً.
تصبحون على خير.. 🌷
مع حبي،
Dont forget to live your present..🌟
Dont be lost.. confused.. disturbed.. for your past and future.. You will end up disturbing the current beauty that exists in your life.. You may end up losing the clarity of your present time no matter how clear it is.. Live your present. .
#Goodnight 🌷..
With love,
Zainab Al-Eqabi

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention ❤️ #bekind
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A sweaty gym-rat in the morning; bra-less, shoe-less, mop-haired hippie in the afternoon.
Give me a gun and a knife and I'm a huntress, or I can don the lipstick and heels and glamourpuss with the best of them.
I'm a tomboy, a lady, and I'll happily rub shoulders with anyone and everyone as long as I can avoid the banal.

For as long as I can remember I've struggled with my "actual" identity. I've felt like I needed to find "the" perfect location in the world to put down roots, I needed to discover "the" career path that I would follow.

A very special person recently questioned this and asked why I couldn't just embrace everything, every part of me, who I am, where I love to be....that really resonated with me and for the first time in my life I don't feel the pressure to "be" someone, somewhere, some job that's permanent. Just be in the here and now and enjoy what is.
Why can't I have it all?! #deepthoughts #whathappensafteradayofreflection #couldyoubebotheredreading
#lifeisakaleidoscopeofcolour #blissedout #kohtao #thailand #freedom

This is my own... I was tagged by the wonderful and talented @radiance212313 via @poetessbecca and @belezaangel for Ambrosail Atmosphere.
@aseawords, @breath_words_ and @fallspoetry for Black moon rising.
This is my piece although late I hope you enjoy.
Tagging a few but open to all to join and carry on tags. 🤗❤💙💚💛💜🖤🤗
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Heute beginnt das 2. chemische Propädeutikum für die Ersti-Studenten in Göttingen.
Ich bin schon gespannt auf meine Gruppe :)
Einstiegsthema ist wieder Atombau&Periodensystem!

#thoughts #philosophy #science #themoreyouknow #questions #ask #discussion #arguments #deepthoughts #ideas #Germany #society #university #chemistry #biology #physics #nature #psychology #history

Every decision you make isn’t always going to be appreciated by everybody... Every decision you make isn’t necessarily going to be the right one and you will potentially lose people because of it... -
From the age of 15 I have made choices and decisions that have moved me away from the people I love in a quest to be successful in life. It’s not always easy making those decisions but equally I don’t want to live a life of regrets wondering what if further down the line. -
If you have the right people around you then no matter what you will have the love and support required to succeed and I hope deep down that those I do have understand what I am trying to achieve and will continue to support me. Life has a funny way of working out so who knows what will happen but here’s to the next chapter ❤️ #lonewolf #deepthoughts #sad #happy #scared #excited #america #stlouis #business #family #friendships #relationships #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #s2faction #neversettle #1stphormworldwide #fitfam #fitpro #personaltrainer #onlinecoach #inspire #motivate #workhard #believe #beyou

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