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This might be a little too deep for some of your feeble minds to understand but... fuck working/doing things you're not passionate about. Fuck the people who don't support and talk down on your dreams/ambitions. That shit is sorry my dudes. The world and life is too short, too beautiful to be living someone else's schedule, being a mental slave, and trying to make others money when there's more than enough for everyone to prosper. Don't mold yourself around society's expectations because you'll mold yourself into something your were never meant to be. Be organic and surround yourself around what you love. Commitment and Passion are the catalyst to manifesting your true desires into reality 🌊

Stop living to please others. Stop begging people to let you be a part of their lives. Stop tryna be something ur not & start to instead love & accept yourself for who you are so you can start to attract people who genuinely love you for being YOU. You can't please everyone so don't even try. Not everyone is going to like you & that's OK! Be you. You are amazing 💎

🔹 Who would you want to explore Isle of Skye with?

Have a great week, guys!

Isle of Skye, Scotland, U.K. 🇬🇧 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🔹📸 Video credit: thank you @manueldietrichphotography for your awesome video! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ✔️ If you want to be featured too, don't forget to follow @hikingtheglobe and fill out the application in our bio! Cheers!

Tänään ohjelmassa oli kandin kirjoittelua, pianon soittoa ja leipomista.
Päivitin äsken blogiin uutta stooria otsikolla Pyjamabileet. Jos kiinnostaa, käy kurkkaan #deepshit #linkinbio👉💻

I'm working on a new song right now, I know its a bit melancholic nevertheless...I like it #songwriting #sadsongs #deepshit ps: I know i have to improve my gitalele skills :D

Nyt ku meemei ei tuu vähä aikaa, kaivoin teil vähäse deeppei illustraatioit netist #illustraatiot #deepshit #elite_meemit



#deepshit 👍🏻

I rarely open up a little more, sometimes it happens due to alcohol, sometimes due to a situation which causes a flashback in my mind and destroys the wall of security I have built up around last year’s pain. When this happens, I become very vulnerable. I had a though time last year and as I am scrolling through the pictures, it is hard for me to believe how I could have possibly survived this. I’ve been cruel to myself. (1/3)

#flowers #london #soho #england #deepshit #thoughts #darklight #vscogermany #vscobalkan #vscocam #vscobulgaria #travel


"Want to stand like a man but your legs they are shaking
Thought you knew what to do but your Power was taken
Taken by a force and you wish it was fake, damn
But as real as it gets, it makes you break man
tried not to love, NO, this wasn’t working out"

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