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CD #78

HIM - Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights / Poison Girl (Unknown Release Date)

Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights ℗ 2001
1.Salt In Our Wounds
2.Heartache Every Moment
3.Lose You Tonight
4.In Joy And Sorrow
6.Close To The Flame
7.You Are The One
8.Please Don't Let It Go
10.In Love And Lonely
11.Don't Close Your Heart
12.Love You Like I Do

Poison Girl ℗ 2000
13.Poison Girl
14.Right Here In My Arms
15.It's All Tears
16.Poison Girl

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Seeing as how I have a lot of cool HIM followers, I thought I would start finding out where my collection is. Here is my favourite ones: the vinyls. These vinyls were mainly bought at a time in the early 2000s when no one had a record player, I had no money but I somehow managed to keep them all. In my HIM collection, these are just my main vinyls, I have I think about 15 copies of Razorblade alone on cassette, CD etc. Shortly after the first four albums, it became harder to detect fakes in the HIM catalogue, for example, if you have a Screamworks vinyl, it’s a fake. A combination of that and HIM not releasing many vinyls, THEN taking the absolute piss with all the different coloured versions of that 4 album reissue a few years back, then white/blue/green/black versions of TOT stopped my collection for a while. Also, it became impossible to buy the vinyl singles in Aberdeen for years so I gave up.
Highlights for me are the rare ALSN Box set, the bright pink RR from Hot Topic and Ville’s first solo single numbered vinyl imported from Finland.
Doesn’t he look so nice blown up on a 12 inch?? Might show my singles and albums one day, I think I have somewhere between 100-200.
I would have liked the open-facing Razorblade from Finland with the pretty picture of them in the middle, but I could never get it 😭

Maybe it's a strange question, but are you happy in your country? Where are you from actually?😊
And where do you want to live?
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It was a hard week. So now a little bit more Ville than on previous days🖤
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