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Got up above treeline today. Nothing like a little #freshair to hit the restart button. #deepmagic #getoutside

I'm still bathing in the warmth that filled our souls at the Deep Magic retreat this year. Such love, gratitude, and sisterhood was found, and we're nearly full already for next year, welcoming in new sisters. <3
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Blue eyes 💙 tagga en vän med magiska ögon #soul #deepmagic #eyes

“One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” - Chronicles of Narnia

My time has come, thank you my Father for this time to engage the imaginative and reasonable.
#cslewis #oxforduniversity #followyourdreams #writeyourstory #deepmagic

Found this picture of a magical young woman. Can you see the deep magic. All around. @floralainegrubb #deepmagic #gardenlife #sweetheart

Yosemite isn't considered a premier fishing destination. But we cast anyway. Because through loops and drifts we are somehow connected even deeper into the magic. On some days, that's enough.

River healing #deepmagic


Suzy Parker for Toni’s “Deep Magic” facial cleanser, ca. 1956. // Makeup of the 1950s consisted generally of red lipstick and black winged eyeliner. The cosmetics industry boomed in the postwar era as women were excited be able to use a wide array of products again. Products were often advertised in fashion magazines, emphasizing the familiar faces of celebrities and fashion models alike. Suzy Parker was a particularly famous fashion mannequin of the time, seen in advertisements as well as fashion covers and editorials in magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. #suzyparker #1950s #toni #deepmagic #skincare #cosmetics #fashionmodel #fashionhistory #historyoffashion

Today is a special day, and also a sad day. Many know this day in history as the anniversary of the day JFK was shot and killed. America mourned, as did much of the world that knew of this special man. But in the quiet of his home in Headington (oxford, england), on this very same day and year, 54 years ago, C.S. Lewis passed away. There was no fanfare at his passing, but his legacy is great. Children knew how special he was through his beautiful books, The Chronicles of Narnia. Adults also shared joy in these books. How many of us have opened a wardrobe and desperately hoped we could walk through the mothball-scented coats and find the snow falling by a lamppost? This magic captured so many of our hearts! But Lewis was, and still is, known for his apologetic works, as well. He wrote amazing books like The Great Divorce (my favorite!), Til We Have Faces, Miracles, even a science fiction trilogy (That Hideous Strength will forever be my favorite of the three!), and so many more! In the midst of a great war, where religion was being cursed by a great Nazi empire, the BBC invited C.S. Lewis to speak on the radio, to bring comfort to those languishing in the horrors of war. These talks were put into print form and became the book we now know as Mere Christianity. Lewis had a way of describing the most difficult of concepts in a way that all of us could understand. I feel like God gave him an understanding of life and faith that very few receive. Fun fact...Did you know he was also on the cover of Time Magazine in 1947? He wasn’t unnoticed in his lifetime! His legacy reaches beyond anything we can comprehend, I think. And he happens to be one of my literary and scholarly heroes. He is a man that I can’t wait to meet when I leave this world. I feel that a meeting with Jack (Lewis's nickname) and Corrie tenBoom will be just perfect for me when I arrive at those pearly gates. So today a toast to you, Jack. We miss you and cherish the work you left behind. I know you are enjoying the Deep Magic for eternity. (this is a photo @wesmullins captured of me leaving a note at Lewis's grave last year...I kind of love it)

“One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” - Chronicles of Narnia

My time has come, thank you my Father for this time to engage the imaginative and reasonable.
#cslewis #oxforduniversity #followyourdreams #writeyourstory #deepmagic

Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power. | René Descartes #today #descartes #tree_magic #ginkgogreens #ginkgogreenworld #instagood #inspiration #green #deepmagic

先週からマゴチ、ヒラメ、キビレと最強なマナティー90アカキン✨‼️✨ #浜名湖

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