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Punishment is always optional. Discipline is not.

Enrolments for The New Cavalier Reading Society open tomorrow!

The Society’s waiting list gets offers of membership 12 hours before the rest of the world, but if there are places left when Sunday comes, you could soon be on your path to luxuriating in 10 weeks of discussing mankind’s most profound answers to mankind’s most profound questions—with a novelist as your tutor.

The second-most frequent question I get asked after What IS The New Cavalier Reading Society, is… How am I qualified to be a tutor?
Well… watch the video above to find out!

Everything I’ve seen or done on my travels and in my work has confirmed me in my belief that every life is richer in proportion to the intensity with which it seeks after beauty and intelligence.
As your tutor in The New Cavalier Reading Society I’m going to pass on my knowledge and my enthusiasm and set you on that search for beauty and intelligence as we journey in noble wonder through 3000 years of history, art, culture, & philosophy.

For 2 months you’ll read the best that has ever written, said, or done amidst hours of exuberantly live discussion with a dozen other culturally-minded Cavaliers.
And for the first time ever I’ll be giving private 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

Enrolment for The New Cavalier Reading Society Spring Semester opens tomorrow.
Places are VERY limited, so watch this space for the announcement of remaining places!

#stonesofvenicetour #letsrenaissancetherenaissance

On Instagram LIVE, in approximately 60 minutes’ time, a very rare thing is going to happen…

A group of people interested in nothing other than exploring and discussing 3000 years of history, philosophy, literature, and art—are going to convene.
And, with a novelist as their tutor, those people are going to explore and discuss those 3000 years of history, philosophy, literature, and art.

Print your Commonplace Book Sample Pages, bring them with you to IG live, along with your opinions, your beliefs, your wider reading, your conclusions—and I’m going to lead you through a discussion of all the cultural exuberance that 10 weeks of The New Cavalier Reading Society contains!

Our weekly tutorials are the second pillar upon which the brilliance of The Reading Society rests, and in an hour’s time I’m going to give you your first full glimpse of that brilliance.

Instagram LIVE in an hour.
Midday London time, 11pm Melbourne, 8am EST.

I shall see you there, with bells on!

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How many hours of work warrant one hour in this pool?

Trick question.
No amount of hours. One must always be working. It is the scythe of time.

Nevertheless, before I went insane I had to sneak out, and sneak in, for one brief sun-soaked dip.

In other news!
Your New Cavalier Reading Society sample pages should have begun arriving in your inboxes—with, of course, a typo in the subject line. There’s always one, isn’t there?

Download your pages, print them out, love them as much as I do, and as much as the present Reading Society does, and bring them with all your attendant questions to the trial tutorials this weekend!

Starting in about 36 hours from now, I’m going to run trial tutorials via Instagram LIVE over the weekend to show you just what measure of exuberant brilliance is contained within the confines, and behind the heavy and ornate closed doors, of The New Cavalier Reading Society!
Now to fire the illiterate peasant who sent out an email with a typo in the subject line…


Just the U.S. Army has more employees. Walmart is getting a big competitor with Amazon which may causes a decrease of the number in the future.
Do you know anyone who works at Walmart? .

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Come and visit us at our pop up shop in the pretty market town of #Clitheroe from 9am tomorrow! See you there. 💛🛍✨

The second pillar upon which the brilliance of The New Cavalier Reading Society rests is its tutorials.

At the end of each of our 10 weeks we come together as a Society in live face-to-face tutorials and I lead us through a discussion of what we’ve been reading.

After all have contributed their opinions, their beliefs, their wider readings, their conclusions—I then send everyone away with hours and hours of wider cultural exploring to do—the first stop for which is usually our private Members’ Library.

And This weekend I’m going to give you a glimpse into the brilliance of one of our tutorials!
Sign up to the Reading Society’s waiting list, and I’ll send you 15 sample pages from The Commonplace Book.

Then, over the weekend, I’ll be holding trial tutorials via Instagram LIVE.

Head to 👉🏻joshvahvmphreys.com to sign up to the waiting list now and those 15 sample pages shall arrive in your inbox very shortly.

Then this weekend, bring all the questions, queries, disputes, outrages, anecdotes, additions, and reading that you might have—and I and the tutorial shall delightfully discuss them until they are satisfactorily resolved!

While elevating your intellect and exalting your mind, The New Cavalier Reading Society is going to show you what culture was like before the professors squeezed the life out of it.

Enrolment for our Spring Semester opens this Sunday.

Hit the link in my bio to sign up to the waiting list and you’ll get your free sample pages, & I hope to see you all in our trial tutorials this weekend!

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