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Do you ever feel overwhelmed with how much you have to do? Or rushed and pressed for time? Ever feel like you’re never going to fit it all in? We all know how busy life can get. And the level of stress you feel (or don’t feel) around time is sometimes just a matter of perspective.

About a year ago, I had an appointment with my natural chiropractor. I was rushing from one thing to another and she could feel my frantic energy. There was just too much to do! .

She asked me to stop, take a couple deep breaths and say this mantra: “There is enough time for everything”. When I said this to myself, and paused for a moment, my entire energy shifted. I went from feeling rushed and stressed to feeling more at peace and ease. I was actually really surprised by the unexpected shift! .

Of course, I didn’t actually have more time (or anything less to do) but my mind and body felt relieved that I would have enough time for all that needed to happen. So, now whenever I’m feeling rushed or pressured and feel like I don’t have enough time, I just say this mantra to myself. .

Try it and see how it works for you! #enoughtimeforeverything #perspectiveshift #mantra #overwhelmed #toobusy #stressedout #itsallgonnabeok #deepbreaths

Craving some healing practice?
Restorative Yoga classes are slow and relaxing.
Restorative Yoga includes both practice of postures and breathing techniques. It is perfect for beginners or students who seek mental or physical healing through practice.
The practice will assist in: building a sensitive, delicate relationship with the body by tunning into its requirements for each posture; balancing active practice or stressful lifestyle; recovering the body and bringing peace to the heart.
If this is your vibe tonight join us at 07:45 PM
📷Yogi @lucie_wanderlust_lu saluting to the sun 🙏

💕"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” -Zen proverb 💕
Just a reminder to take the time to focus on your breathing 💕To meditate in the park ✨do yoga✨smile✨get an acupuncture treatment... a personal favorite along with ✨Gua Sha✨taking 20 seconds to clear your mind, and reset your thought process✨But most of all, take the time to breathe through stressful situations. It's silly that it seems like such a task to me, but I legitimately need to make notes and post them around the office, around my home, and set reminders in my phone every morning to take a second to breathe and gather myself. This became a necessity for me when I started breaking out in stress hives over the summer from all of the excitement that was, and is continuing to come our way! Through these techniques, I have completely rid myself of the constant specialist appointments and urgent care visits from my head-to-toe hive outbreaks. I am so happy that I have discovered a more peaceful life style. Things that would have enraged me in the past seem to be rolling off of me these days. It feels nice to grow and expand your horizons 🌱 give it a go! "What's stopping you?! That's right! NOTHING!" -Buddha Teas 💕


Still not breathing ... sorry to my neighbors for the %! language for 3 hours #deepbreaths #yogabreathing #patsnation #tombrady #dannyamendola #gronk #bb #goat #newenglandpatriots #patsgirl #afc #notdoneyet #superbowlbound #blessed 🙏🏻❤️🏈💙🙏🏻 @patriots

Feeling this quote from Dorothy Parker today. This weekend was a haul. Full of adulting and sloshing around in sleet. Feeling a lot of emotional labor. Sometimes you just need to get away a bit, and recharge the old brain. These are most of my coping mechanisms... I need to reach out a little better. I don’t take myself too seriously, and could do far worse than Ms. Parker.

#dorothyparker #quotes #writing #writersofinstagram #typewriter #deepbreaths #gimmesunshine

Good food choices are good investments. 🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇

Training my next uber/Lyft driver. 😁😮#deepbreaths #doingyogaincar

Work has been insanely stressful for a few weeks now, and on top of it I’ve been battling a chest infection. Still easing back into running, but trying to remember today that life is too short to not have some fun every now and then. #worklifebalance #sundayrunday #isitmexicoyet #deepbreaths #unlessyouhaveachestinfection #thenmaybesomeshallowbreaths

We are adding in a little something to our morning routine this year.. yoga and mindfulness. It worries me that the "rush, rush, rush" to get out the door contributes to the anxious feeling Miss E has when she gets to school so we are going to do a little yoga or mindfulness before we leave the house as well as having our routine charts so the expectations are clear and we can all be calmer. Today we have #CosmicKidsYoga mindful #zenden for Nerves - perfect for back to school jitters. #calmkids #kidsyoga #mindfulness #backtoschool #deepbreaths #eviemay #mumlife #happymind

Looooook frandsss I’m doing it!!! 🤗💗 My boyfriend loves his flow toys esp his poi. 😁💫 I watch him in amazement all the time. 👀

I’ve once said out loud
🗣 “I would never be coordinated enough for poi. “ and stayed far away.
We live in s bit of a small, upstairs apartment and it can get pretty chilly outside. ❄️ Sooo Next thing you know.
Spur of the moment,
I’m dropping doe on some new badass poi. 😂🤑 Thanks @floweveryday for the constant encouragement and one on one lessons babe. 😘🙏 Your patience is admirable. I see improvements everyday!
What Flow toy would you wish to tackle next?

been feeling so couped up since we came home from sunny Mexico...it was so nice to get outside today and listen to the waves kiss the shore

Still in the process of healing right pec & shoulder injuries from July of last year... 😩 this #extendedpuppypose used to be so ease-ful for me I could almost fall asleep (I realize it would look unusual, but man it was comfy haha 😂). Now I have to approach it slowly and gently as if I go into it quickly it feels like my pec muscle is about to rip off its attachment near my shoulder - causing a ripple effect of discomfort (read "pain") in that entire region. Not to mention the fear of re-injury. .
With the benefit of hindsight...Injuries have offered me the greatest lessons in the process of accepting this body; How it needs to be treated, how it thrives, what works and what doesn't.
It's a balancing act that is constantly evolving but steadily guiding me down a path of sustainable activity from which I derive joy - rather than pushing myself through a sweaty grind ( I'm not judging - grinding can makes other bodies thrive, just not mine unfortunately!). .
These injuries, which have been numerous, have also been repeated opportunities for me to embrace qualities that I need more practice in (obviously haha!!)... like patience, grace, self-love, and adaptability.
Every body is unique. And even the same body needs different things at different times. I really love listening to my body, even when I've upset it a bit. Every message has such an abundance of info to share with us, if we simply pause to listen. 🙏
.#gracefullystrongyogis3 #itsallyoga #practiceandalliscoming #shoulderopener #yogaeveryday #practicenotperfection #meditation #namaste #igyogamovement #igyogacommunity #igyogafamily #bendbreathebe #justbreathe #yogaoffthemat #bethelight #findyourcenter #lifeisbeautiful #yoga #itsallyoga #igyogi #follybeach #follybeachsc #lowcountry #charlestonsc #beachwinter #middlepath #nowmaste #deepbreaths

I took this picture this weekend, in the Pocono Mountains, where we went away with friends. Judging by this view I should’ve been able to relax, take deep breaths, and enjoyed myself.... nope! I stressed myself to oblivion. I sat there and overwhelmed my thoughts with negative ones, worried about family members, stressed over my to do list, tried figuring out how to help those that need it in my life, and mostly feeling guilty. I felt guilty! Why? Because we were away, we had the ability to run away. We had the ability to go to the supermarket and buy food. We had the ability to pay our bills and not be in the negative. We had the ability to put a payment down on our next Disney trip. The guilt ate me away this weekend and it sucked! Driving home I was looking at this picture and I realize that I need to let it go. I need to throw it all in the stream and send it away. We work hard for what we have the ability to do. It’s just so hard to enjoy it sometimes. #guilty #sorry #overwhelmed #anxious #anxiousmommy #depression #depressed #teacherlife #workstress #stressed #stress #poconos #mountains #mountainhouse #deepbreaths #momlife #struggling #thestruggleisreal #letitgo

#crystalgridinspo by @helandekraft
A deep breath filled with healing and love!! 💫 #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalgrid #deepbreaths #healing

Get a handle on #anxiety in #2018 by using #simple #copingskills . Start small ... I’m thankful for my feet, my arms, my abilities, my friends, my family. #begrateful #deepbreaths #colormebeyoutiful

Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide. #Siigghhhh #Longsighhhh #DeepBreaths

Sundays are so good for the soul! Time spent with Jesus, and doing some meal planning, and taking notes/studying for an exam...
Sometimes you just need time to yourself to refresh. 🙌

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