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palo alto

qotd: what's the drinking age where you live? 🌻🌿

“and now it’s mid afternoon and the sun is at brightest, and I want to baptize myself in the warmth, I want to enjoy the day, I want to say that today is good and I am good and there is nothing I cannot do 
but there is this weight sitting on my chest, crushing my unaligned ribs, taking the air out of lungs, making breathing impossible, making thinking that I am something good impossible- I am plagued by this thought I am something rotten, some kind of parasite, and I keep attacking myself, draining out the life. now I’m staring at the sun wishing I wasnt so fucking jealous of the way it’s so bright. and now I’m making everything mean something again. I wish I could just let things be what they are.”
source: laceerainspoetry.tumblr.com

can you fall for someone you've never met? discuss in the comments 💌 @infrequentlyok // 1. You’ll stay in bed all day and all night for the first two weeks, because going outside seems so pointless now since the only light you needed was the one he brought into your life, and now it’s just dark. 2. You’ll try to refrain from texting him, but you are so eager to know if he has forgotten about you yet, so you do, and you ask him how he is doing and he’ll ask you how you’re doing and you’ll say you’re doing great, but when he asks if you mean it you won’t be able to stop yourself from spilling out the truth about how much you want him to hold you again. 3. You’ll flirt with other boys and have meaningless kisses in hopes that they’ll help you forget how much you long for his lips to connect with yours in perfect sync. 4. You’ll see him on the streets talking to another girl, and you’ll throw up because you cannot stand the fact that it’s over and he has moved on and you haven’t. 5. You run home, and desperately try to find the polaroids your friend had taken of the two of you when he still felt the same way, and you’ll rip them apart, you’ll burn them and then let the ashes be carried away by the wind. 6. You’ll rush into the nearest liquor store and buy the cheapest bottle of vodka, and you’ll swallow it so rapidly that you won’t even feel it burning your throat anymore, you just feel so numb, you wish you could feel that at least. 7. You’ll delete phone conversations. You’ll throw away the calendar because it reminds you of the days you’ve spent without him. You’ll change your sheets because they still smell like the time he slept on them. You’ll take the dog for a walk. You’ll take the garbage out. You’ll do your homework. You’ll have ten hours of sleep. You’ll stand up. You’ll walk with your head up high. You’ll see him. And you won’t feel anything anymore.” 8. You’ll heal.

favourite planet? 🌏

"fall in love with the girl who overthinks, because she has a huge heart. 
Her apologies are always genuine. Every time sorry leaves her mouth, she means it. And she will try hard to make it up to you. She’s not the type to make excuses. She admits when she’s wrong and takes action to prevent it from happening again in the future.
She is a giver and she would hate herself for hurting you. She only wants to bring you smiles and happiness and laughter. Nothing less.
Fall in love with the girl who overthinks, because she will have the most captivating, stimulating conversations with you. She will analyze a scene from a book or a television show for hours. She will make the deepest observations about anything and everything. She will constantly surprise you by how intelligent she is.
Fall in love with the girl who overthinks, because she takes charge. She doesn’t sit around and wait for someone else to help her. She has an intricate, creative mind and puts it to use.
Fall in love with the girl who overthinks, because she will always look out for you. She picks up on the smallest details, which means she’ll always be there for you — even when you don’t realize you need the help, even when you don’t ask for it. 
Fall in love with the girl who overthinks, because she will consider your feelings and act accordingly. She never makes a decision without really thinking it through, and if you’re dating her, that means she’ll make sure it’s the best decision for the both of you. She won’t act selfish.
Fall in love with the girl who overthinks, because she pays attention to every little thing. That means she has observed your best traits and your worst traits. So if she is with you, she must really love you. She must have decided the good outweighs the bad.
She must be serious about spending forever alongside you."
via: @hollyyrio

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"Bila tackle awek Cara drama pukul 7 petang be like.."
Jom Tag kawan korang yang guna cara ni untuk tackle awek.
@hadi_fayyadh Penulis Best Seller 'SEMUSIM DI BARZAKH & KETIKA AZAZIL BERPUTUS ASA.. Dan buku terbaru yg bertajuk SEMUSIM DI MAHSYAR.. Haa.. Kami pun jual buku tu.. Berminat boleh follow @teegabuku dan wasap terus di 012 901 2004
Ilmu Tambahan.
1) Cara Islam Bila mana kita suka pada seseorang terus pergi dekat ibu ayah dia dan sampaikan hasrat kita. Moga2 Dengan cara itu kita akan mendapat keredhaan Allah.
2) Jangan sesekali kita menghampiri zina kerana perbuatan itu adalah perbuatan keji dan dimurkai Allah azza wajal.
3) Di yaumul Mahsyar nanti Sekiranya kita tidak taat pada apa yang diperintahkan oleh Allah maka pastinya kita akan mendapat azab yang pedih. Tetapi sekiranya kita menjaga Allah dengan mentaati Allah sudah pastinya, Allah menjaga kita dari dunia hingga ke alam kubur dan seterysnya di yaumul mahsyar dan akhirnya dihadiahkan syurga.
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In Sya Allah
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Have you ever went to a school dance ?🌸

i don't trust nobody.🥀


so deep 😂😂
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All that remains from the kings of the past is merely a name and a tale. But the rich and successful are those who take boatloads of good deeds to their Creator! __________________________
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Repost from @jennybellhair using @RepostRegramApp - B U R N T T O F F E E - Stacy’s hair was all dry and bleached out from the summer. She had old highlights and banding at the root from base changes over time. Did a simple colour melt of @joico Lumishine 5NvR/4NG into 7NC for some beautiful fall tones. See my story for the #beforeandafter .
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❤️❤️❤️ My work! Grand opening #fratellibarri 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 many many good customers to you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #Dj #djalexhart #alex #hart #moscow #russia #music #weekend #house #downtempo #deep #indie #sound #congratulation #grand #opening #neopoliscasa #neopolis #casa

*É HOJE 😎*
*Special Vintage Culture, neste sábado, 23 de setembro, na Ícone Club 💥🚀*
Atrações confirmadas:
Dj Natus Vince
Dj Toniolli
Dj Campolina
Dj Doka *Ingressos antecipados na academia América no valor de R$ 20,00*

Informação e camarotes: (95) 99128-3310/ 98119-9370
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