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do you believe in soulmates?🥀

i wasn’t afraid of you losing interest or of the other girls or of the games we played. i didn’t sweep them under the rug; i swept you out from over it. i thought i could force you to feel something when i was falling over on the kitchen floor again and when i couldn’t bear to open my mouth and we sat in silence for a month again and it didn’t matter that you were empty because i knew when you saw me shaking, you’d tend to me like a bruise.
i wasn’t afraid of you not loving me because you already didn't and okay, maybe you did at one time or for one moment or in your own way, but if you really loved me in the way i deserved to be loved, you would have never treated me in this way.
it never really mattered though because i was so happy, i couldn’t see straight, and really what i was the most afraid of wasn’t you not loving me; it was me never finding someone else who i could love this much, who creates this whirlwind within me, this love that radiates through my whole body. you made my heart shake and my knuckles soft and even though i don’t miss you anymore, i still miss the feelings you gave me.
why did you have to go? i hope you’re doing well without me and finding real pleasure and not fucking other girls over, but i know in your emptiness, you don’t know anything different and it just makes me sad to know i wasted so much of my heart on somebody who couldn’t fill the hole back in and now i wonder if this is how emptiness is made to begin with.

if not you, then who?

[lady gaga - the cure]
what time is it for you? ✨ / follow me (@overtrying) for more song lyrics ☁️. —🥀: Letters to the people I have loved
1. We can look back and laugh at it all now. I knew it would never last, but I am grateful to have had what we had for so long.
2. You were the one. I still believe that. I think I always will. No one will ever make me feel the way I felt when I was in love with you. I will never feel the pain I felt when I lost you again, either. You killed me, and I still stayed around to watch the aftermath.
3. I never meant to fall for you. Maybe it was god punishing me for using you to get over him. Maybe that’s why it hurt so much when you kissed her.
4. You never loved me; I knew that. I still gave you everything anyway. The day I gave myself up to you I came home and cried more than I’ve ever cried in my life. I still went back for more. I cut open my skin with your words and I let you take everything I had and destroy it. If self destruction was a person I think he’d look like you. There still hasn’t been one night since where I’ve slept without seeing you whenever I close my eyes. You were the last; I’ll make sure of that.

Do you love yourself?
"Thank you for loving me when I wasn’t very loveable. Thank you for accepting me, even though the world I grew up in was different from yours. Thank you for guarding my heart, sometimes without me knowing and even in the darkest of times.Thank you for giving me a chance because I know I wasn’t your ideal girl in the beginning and thank you for giving me second chances when I messed up and failed you. Thank you for protecting me and making me feel safe, when my experiences with guys my age have been anything but that. Thank you for taking on the baggage the world has loaded me with but slowly helping me get rid of it. Thank you for just being there, to hold me and show me the light when all I saw was pitch black. Thank you for saving me."

have you gotten your first kiss yet? - @ripfairy - “tell me you didn’t mean it
when your lips collided
with a neck that wasn’t mine.
tell me it tasted like death,
like tombstones driving us apart,
like ghosts coming out of their graves.
tell me you had to stop once
because you felt too bad -
tell me how that made you feel
like less of a man,
so you kept trying through the guilt,
through the tears, through the shame.
tell me it didn’t feel like artwork,
the way you threw yourself on
my body like brush strokes.
tell me it was rushed,
you were drunk, it didn’t feel right;
with us, it was more than just sex.
tell me i was the only one you didn’t use
as a quick fix to get what you wanted.
tell me i’m different -
tell me i’m the best you’ve ever had.
then leave. get out.
don’t make me say it again.”
goodbye. (via achingchest)

are you confident?

Shiet, I lowkey relate😔

a loss sometimes makes the outcome better. the most hopeful i have been in a while. 🥀

this scene is so cute.

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Let me write for your artist ,TV show or anything at all....dont be shy ask what I can do for you.

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Look 👀 #Deep

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Little brother. We know not what to pray for as we are, therefore it is the perfect prayer that bypasses our mind & all of its scars, pain, & confusion for the spirit itself makes an interception for us. @brk_johnny 🙏🏾#growth #Trust #Brother #Life #Love #Faith #Hope #vibes #spiritual #vision #deep #power #spiritualgrowth #guidance #live #Amen


Let me write for your artist ,TV show or anything at all....dont be shy ask what I can do for you.

new... Share this . I would for you.
#me #music #passion #art #deep #PR #sponsorship #rapper #artist #veteran #money #popular #atlanta #aandr #love #music #powerful #famous #hiphop #today #dream #producer #rich #celebrity #studio #radio #host #amazing #entertainer #la #tbt
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