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Lov u ma daughter, Princess #Deenah, u make me happy always....

Minggu orientasi dah nk hbis yeayyy 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 #degreelife #tasiah #deenah 💞

I guess lauren took that photo~
Happy 4th of july

Когда ролл действительно охуенный #мак #deenah #ролл

รีวิวส่งของ ผ้าคลุมสำเร็จ #SarifahBrand🎀


The hope for a love, concentrated and true. #hope #love #feelings #heartbroken #deenah

Similarity: amongst all things, we all had similar issues and even for those that couldn’t say a word throughout the event aside introduction (me inclusive) we were nodding our heads (not like agamma but like yeah! I can relate or I’ve been there). It was clear that we had lots in common, faced the same problems perhaps with slight difference (which is expected). But you could hear someone say; "I’m going through that same phase now". Understanding: the point I want to make here was actually from the second phase of the event which I would go into at a later date. The lecturer stated that women had *empathy which was the highest stage of compassion* this is the ability for a woman to see another womans child crying and be moved by it (if you don’t get moved, it’s not enough reason to become a man o!), to be affected by the emotions of those around us. This wasn’t part of the rules but you could tell that we all understood where the other person was coming from, this could also be related to our being judgemental and also a way of curbing it.

Struggles: the struggle is real. The struggle for your soul (Jihadul-nafs, which is the greatest form of jihad in the course of Allaah) is a never ending battle and It was evident that no one was alone in this battle, and also confirmation that satan would not rest until our final breath. Everyone had phases which they passed through, strengthening their faith afterwards (a test from our Rabb) and was more like an expo for those of us who hadn’t gone through that (not expecting it to come the same way though), coming out of it in one piece brought them closer to our Creator and gave hope to those that were still in the process that all is well.

Growing: we are all growing in the deen, in our various lifes, in our jobs and in our marriages, no one has arrived and no one knows it all. There are a lot of things we tend to loose sight of and it might be meeting someone or interacting with them that sets your thinking into perspective. Knowledge is so wide and knowing that and humbling yourself would enable you grow healthily.#issevent #story #writer #message #sistersevent #storyteller #deenah
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Cut from the same cloth
By Deenah

In the pursuit of knowledge (don’t take it from me), I was invited for a programme/lecture/event, sisters only sha… I love those, not that I believe in the girl power and all, but love to hangout with my sisters, they make good company. I never really got to state my reasons for deciding to attend although we were asked, I’d like to blame it on time or the fact that I was still trying to adjust to my environment, but I went so I could hear from my sisters lips amongst other things like rewards, meeting new people (can’t get tired of that) and did I mention free food?
Yeah! fooood.
The event was an interactive one, not the sit down and get lectured kind, there was a give and take and we were required to chip in one or two things. There were ground rules and even though I can’t remember all that was discussed (I have selective amnesia), there are some points I’d like to point out.

Judging: this was one of the rules that I liked very much, we tend to judge with our eyes first. I say this because when you see someone not dressed properly (according to your definition) it bothers you, not out of love for the person most times, not that I know the reason (it varies I think) but that becomes a yardstick in which we decide that whatever the person says or does next fits the description we have in our head, it states how we also respond or react to that person. We give no benefit of doubt to the person although I’d say its not done intentionally but it can very well be curbed.

Towards the end of the event judging others didn’t get a 100% and didn’t get a 0% either, this goes a long way to show that it can be curbed, we made a mental note not to judge although we weren’t perfect but we tried and that’s all we need, that effort.

#sisterhood #respect #writer #storyteller #stories #event #deenah

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Thankful to Allaah.
Thankful to you as well.
#deenah #thankful

Allaahumma igfirli dhunuba wa-liwalidayya warahamhum kama rabayyanni swagiyraa.#dua #dad #jannah #nur #Rahmah #deenah #qabr #barzakh #pray

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