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💯Either run from it or run into it and get it over and done with. Sometimes we build things up in our head to be HUGE. Being challenged is such an exciting part of growing. You should never fear the fact you might fail. That's your chance to try again and do it better 🙌🏼 ------------
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i decided low cut tanks are neat and i question why i ever gave them up after high school

Dinner's Family with Union and Passion.
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This is the me 24/7, I'm always gross and sweaty. Take me how I am 😂 or leave. #gymrat #gainspost #gymfreak #nolife #gymlife #dedicationhasnolimitation #TRAINHARDERTHANME #npcbikini #npc #latina #fitnessjourney #gains #fightme #bulkingseason -
I still train twice a day when I can, ONLY bc I eat like a PIG 🐷 especially on the weekend. #dontjudgeme #foodaddict



A Fresh start each week to leave the week previous behind which also means finding your perspective to start your week right. Yes, it is hard to drag yourself out of bed after a very fun/comfortable weekend. But what can you do? You need to live life, smash some goals, so starting life means you need to start your week off right. Stop being lazy and blaming a day of the week. Get shit done. Remember its not a grind if you love what you do. And if you dont love your life...change it. #grow

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Today, while I was walking my aunty's dog, this is what I passed by : "fucking blacks" written over a jazz concert poster.
At first I was mad, I took it for myself. We are in 2017, in France. We do have many influential black figures like athletes, politicians, teachers and many more.
How is it possible in 2017 to write such thing ?
The only conclusion I would have is that it is an isolated yokel unhappy to see his country evolve.
Jerk people still exist !
Aujourd'hui en sortant tranquillement pour promener le chien de ma tante, je tombe sur ca : "sale noir ", écrit de façon incertaine sur l'affiche d'un concert de jazz.
Sur le coup je me dis :"on est en 2017, en France, certes en provinces mais quand même. On a des ministres, des sportifs, des professeurs et bien d'autres noirs.
Et la seule conclusion que je veux tirer de tout ca c'est que ca doit être un pèquenot isolé et non content de voir son pays évoluer
Les cons existent toujours ! -

#cardio #runandwalk Sunday afternoon cardio sessions. Exploring the other side off the trail that I found in my neighborhood. #dedicationhasnolimitation #40plusandfit.

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