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Geranium essential oil has a beautiful floral scent 🌹 similar to rose. It promotes clear, healthy skin and hair, helps calm nerves, and decrease stress. 🤗
Skin Lotion - Add 1 drop to a squirt of moisturizer to help balance your skin's oil production. 🙊
Hair - For both dry or oily hair, add 4-5 drops to a regular size bottle of shampoo or conditioner. 💆
Diffuser - 2 - 3 drops in a diffuser for an hour.

When was the last time you said no and didn’t feel guilty? When was the last time you said no at all? Never feel bad for looking after yourself, putting yourself first and saying no.

Brain fog is one of the most common symptoms of someone who is highly stressed and suffering from adrenal fatigue. Certain times of day, especially mid afternoon it is so tough to concentrate and process thoughts. This is when we tend to reach for another coffee or sugary snack as our body is telling us we need to wake up.
It's not easy going through most every day feeling like this. And you do not have to anymore. I've started a free group full of ways to help you decrease brain fog and other stress related symptoms.
Why not join the rest of us and start feeling better today!

A little too much wine with dinner? Sore from working out? Gloomy weather getting to you? We can help!!!

When we find our natural rhythm, aka what our body likes and how it functions best, we can truly optimize our health. New research has discovered that a regular rhythm whether it's regular sleeping & eating times, to balancing hormones (especially in women where we can have 4+ in flux at any given time!), can improve our biological clock and reduce our risk for many conditions. It also takes stress off our body (aka a reduction in cortisol, responsible for quite a bit of hormone imbalance, insomnia, etc.) so we have resources to repair DNA, and any other concerns we may have.

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I have never committed to such a challenge and here I am crushing it. I have stocked up on 5 and 10 day experiences. Who is ready to feel what it feels like to be on ketosis?

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Happy Monday!

Start your week off right! Have you ever just laughed for the sake of laughing? It feels weird and akward and silly...but if you can get over yourself (speaking from experience) you'll find there's some therapy intermixed in there. That’s not just word on the street either, it has been proven in studies. Your body knows no difference between real and fake laughter so laugh away and enjoy those benefits plus so many more! It’s an excellent way to sprinkle some self-care into your daily routine. #bewellwithnikki *
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Need an excuse to sleep more? Growth hormones are released while you sleep, renewing & repairing your skin cells!! Lack of sleep causes increase in stress hormones that cause inflammation & exacerbate skin conditions (& the aging process! 😕🙊). Prioritise sleep for healthy, glowing skin!

Good for this #Rainy #weekend only! Take advantage of a #Relaxing massage at a #discounted price! Hurry while space is still available!

Skincare goals starts here:
1. Get regular Facials
2. Remove Makeup Every Night
3. Use Quality Products
4. Drink More Water
5. Sleep On It
6. Decrease Stress

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The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to do just this. Get quiet to connect with yourself. Listen to what your mind-body needs right now. Check out so you can check in 💜

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