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I am finally throwing out most of my notes from uni days... I had written a paper on children who are oppositional, aggressive or conduct disordered. It is interesting to notice other facets that I didn’t focus on back then... luckily... the lack of clarity of how possible it is to heal long term & change behaviours. Lucky I tuned that out!!! ••
•• 🍟It is interesting to read some of the text now from what I know after working with trauma & abuse, & after engaging with the incredible human psyche for 23+ years. Especially after bringing up my own children after living with abuse. Seeing my children as adults now, & parents themselves, I can see the generations of violence has ended & it is possible to be free. ••
•• 🍕There was such confusion back then about the causes & what is possible. A lot of confusion about anger & aggression, & the human psyche. A bit like now... I’m glad that is not the only story about reality that is present. ••
•• 🍟See that list of behaviours? There is such confusion between aggression & trauma. We see the external & we have lost the art of seeing beyond. If we can’t see the divine in our children then we lose them. We need to see their divinity to remind them how to find themselves. ••
•• 🍕This is what I love about my Activating Self Love online membership site. The first year builds the foundation & the second year builds this so much that Self Love radiates, rising up easefully, so you are in joy & bliss. We all can feel at home, trust & know everything is working out when we can listen to our divine within. •• 🍟This is what I love about my personal & professional experience. Having lived both I know from the inside, & through my professional lens I can translate what is confusing in the lived experience into clarity & provide the practical helpful steps for mothers & children to come through. ••
•• 🍕The more we can tune into our inner being from a young age the more we can listen to our instinct. The more we can teach our children to above all listen & be quiet to be able to hear from their own inner being, everything will work out.

Day 15: Junk Drawers

{day 15: junk drawers} You may only have one drawer but I have multiple. I posted “before” and “after” photos of each.
To Do:
✅Take everything out.
✅Be realistic about the use of each item.
✅Sort, group, and arrange into piles- trash, sell, donate and storage.
✅Arrange your items back into the drawer.
✅Only keep an item if it brings you JOY or if it is functional. .
For more tips and tricks on how to declutter, visit my profile page!

Progress is progress!! ❤️✋ Spending an evening not working, but #decluttering!! Worked on my own version of a "hell room" for 45 minutes ⏳. Then pulled boxes and bins of bathroom supplies from the bedroom to sort and put away. Everything is in it's place unless it belongs to my husband. I made a pile of crap for him to sort and put it on his desk. Emptied 5 boxes. Only some plastic tubs to donate for now. More coming soon!! Only a mini panic moment in my story 🙈 This has been a 7 year process people!! 7 looong cluttered years!! The dogs are quite confused with all the moving of stuff ❤️🐕❤️
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How good does it feel when you get rid of your kids stuff? Let be honest, it feels pretty great! It’s so easy now to go into Violet’s drawers and pick out an outfit for her 🙌🏼

Check out my new YouTube video to see the process of clearing it out! She really doesn’t have a lot of clothes I realize. Links in my bio!

Melengkapi seminar, lanjut workshop yaa buibu... Masih @Jogja di akhir pekan ini... #gemarrapi

I read about the idea of once a month grocery shopping a while back and it has changed my life! 🦋I’ve put together a huge resource for you: why you might (and might not) want to do it, what to buy a month at a time plus a FREE WORKBOOK to help you get started! Click the link in my bio to check it out!

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