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"Our greatest freedom is to be our queerful selves, to be all our intersectionalities and not have to choose. Clubs were that for us, to be our full selves and just be safe. Let's remember this moment of love, right here, so we can move forward". -- powerful words by @bayarealife speaking to the San Jose crowd remembering Orlando tonight #prayfororlando #debugscience #pulseorlando

I really just made it in the Metro newspaper. Thank you for telling the story. S/o to John Flynn for writing this with care and intention. It's love. We are at De Anza tomorrow night for the show. Come celebrate ✌🏻️ #ThinkBigs #bamnsquad #DeBugScience

Had one of the most rejuvenating weekends of my life. I laughed, cried, walked, celebrated with my family, drank, sang, danced until morning. Being intentional and accountable. In moments like this, how I listen is more important than what I say. I remind myself that everything I do is guided by my love for my folks.
On my way to San Jose tonight. First show of 2017 this Saturday. Come celebrate with us. We have to dance and love so we can be reminded of what we fight for. Link in bio. DM me for tix links.

#protectyourpeople #debugscience #bamnsquad

San Jose come on down to stand in solidarity with #Blacklivesmatter on the National day of action and with families here locally who lost loved ones to police. We're waiting for you down at City Hall #freedomnow #protectyourpeoplesj #debugscience

Got to spend the day with some really awesome students at #LincolnHighSchool today and this young man shared a rap in a room full of support! #debugscience #ClaseDeEspañol #PerezSquared

Up bright and early, ready to push for #sb1052 that will protect Miranda rights for youth #debugscience #protectyourpeople #debugsanjose

Next generation DB, distributing our latest issue of SV De-Bug magazine. Stop by the Mosaic center at SJSU and other locations on campus to pick up your copy. Have a location that needs our mag. Send us a DM. #debugscience #dbmag

"We're asking for a piece of land so people can survive the winter," Robert of Housing for All. Stop the sweeps! #housingforall For the first time San Jose is considering sanctioned encampments for the homeless. There are thousands of people, families, kids on the streets of the richest city in the country. Four councilmembers are in favor, how many more can we get before the council votes? #keeppeoplealive #debugscience

The dancer of peace @thepeacedancer blessed us with her inspiring dance moves and energy. #peoples100days #debugscience #debugsanjose #peacedancer


Glenn Maxwell is currently detained in the California prison system. But he is also saving lives as a firefighter. Visit www.siliconvalleydebug.org to read this article. #debugscience

@cm_magdalena - opening today's packed forum at the @schoolatmhp focusing on Google's mega campus and the changes San José faces for better or for worse. #debugscience

Next generation DB, distributing our latest issue of SV De-Bug magazine. Stop by the Mosaic center at SJSU and other locations on campus to pick up your copy. Have a location that needs our mag. Send us a DM. #debugscience #dbmag

Taking over the capitol today with the folks CARAS, @youthjusticela @antirecidivismcoalition @ncylnews @cut50 @humanrightswatch to pass #sb394, #sb395 and #ab1308 . SB394 will allow parole hearings for youth under 18 sentenced to LWOP and SB 395 will provide attorneys to youth during interrogations to explain Miranda rights to youth. AB 1308 expands youth offender parole hearings to young people under 25 years old. #debugscience #protectyourpeople

@conmijente x @sv_debug collabs comin to take down the crimmigration machine near you. Thank you Jacinta for your brilliance and generosity. #protectyourpeople #not1more #notonemore #debugscience

When @adavilasj was 5, he crossed the border with his mom who carried her dreams to the US. Today Adrian crossed the stage, fulfilling one of those dreams. So proud of our brother who we've known since he was 16 and has helped shaped De-Bug to become the org, the family, the movement that we are now. #debugscience

Mamas strategizing how to bring babies home even with babies in lap #participatorydefense #protectyourpeople #debugscience

Folks burning the midnight oil finishing up their social bio packets for tomorrow showing context and community support to bring their loved ones back home. #participatorydefense #protectyourpeople #debugscience

Muffin from North Carolina's Spirit House #participatorydefense swagged out #protectyourpeople #debugscience

"When we dont know their families and we don't know their community we have no context of our clients. We are chipping away at the way of doing things, we are asking what can we do, where was our clients life rooted when they were innocent children to when they were deemed criminals. "- Santa Clara County Public Defender @thesajidakhan on why its important for families and communities to fight for their loved ones because they hold the context the histories of humanity that can possibly free them. #participatorydefense #protectyourpeople #debugscience

Day 2 of Participatory Defense Social Bio bootcamp, in this room are families of loved ones who are incarcerated, powerful folks who were once incarcerated from Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Gilroy, Oakland, Stockton, Philly, EPA, Baltimore, Riverside, LA, Washington and San José all learning and building to bring folks home with their families. #participatorydefense #protectyourpeople #fromthestreetstothecourt #debugscience

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