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Anybody else notice this YouTube bug or is it a part of YouTube? where the video width will shrink but in other videos it expands in width? So if this is a bug it looks like it's trying to fit with the video background / video been played so when it happens the YouTube video container shrinks down depending on the video but that would be very odd if that was the case as some videos have small background image as the video is been played yet the YouTube video player container stays at 645x363 and this also happening in other browsers as well so I'm going to go on a wild guess and say it's A CSS bug in YouTube / CSS framework bug or B some type of JS bug where it's detecting the browser viewport size and shrinking or expanding the YouTube video container depending on the viewport. But I don't fancy spending my day trying to figure this bug out if it is one has I would never be able to apply fix to it but I also enjoy trying to teardown a bug and understand why it's happening or what is causing it.
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“New error, yes!” -Addison Gatch
Debugging with Addison is the best ————————————————
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E hoje finalizamos o trabalho por aqui. Foram duas semanas de muito aprendizado, tanto a nível profissional quanto a nível pessoal.
Saio daqui satisfeita com o trabalho realizado, mas com consciência da responsabilidade que o mesmo me atribuiu.
E agora é aproveitar um pouquinho dos dias livres! (:
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⚪ Undefined functions in C ⚪

Despite the passing years, programs, or some of their parts, written in C remain as large as life. The code of these programs is much more subject to 64-bit errors because of less strict rules of type checking in the C language.

In C, you can use functions without preliminary declaration. Let's look at an interesting example of a 64-bit error related to this feature. Let's first consider the correct version of the code where allocation takes place and three arrays, one Gbyte each, are used (see picture 2).This code will correctly allocate memory, write one into the first item of each array, and free the occupied memory. The code is absolutely correct on a 64-bit system.

Now let's remove or write a comment on the line "#include ". The code will still be compiled, but the program will crash right after the launch. If the header file "stdlib.h" is not included, the C compiler supposes that the malloc function will return the int type. The first two instances of memory allocation will most likely be successful. When the memory is being allocated for the third time, the malloc function will return the array address outside the first 2 Gbytes. Since the compiler supposes that the function's result has the int type, it will interpret the result incorrectly and save an incorrect value of the pointer in the Pointers array.

Let's consider the assembler code generated by the Visual C++ compiler for the 64-bit Debug version. In the beginning, there is the correct code which will be generated when the definition of the malloc function is present (i.e. the "stdlib.h" file is included in) (see picture 3).
Now let's look at the incorrect code, when the definition of the malloc function is absent (see picture 4).

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🐞 The Bug Of Today May Be The Helping Hand Of Tomorrow 🐞
As I continued #CCC today I was able to make another part of the program work by understanding that spaces and \0 are two pair of shoes.💡However, this minor success still left me with yesterday's unsolved problem.
I told you that I came up with my own formula yesterday which I celebrated very much, despite it having some deficits. I was just so happy that the formula did something overall instead of doing nothing, and it seemed that the computer was trying hard to please my requests by heading into the right direction at least.
So what I did today was illustrating the input and output on paper, whereas I included both expected and actual output. In this way I tried to figure a regularity in the bug, a systematic scheme the program was acting upon. I could indeed recognize similarities but it wasn't until another idea that it hit me.
Remember two days ago when @naazweb accidentally assisted me in fixing a bug? Well, it turned out that it was exactly this bug which was supposed to be in my favor of solving the present bug. The bug where @naazweb assisted me was that I included printf in a for-loop which resulted in the output being printed once in multiple lines instead of just once in one line. So how did this help me?
Well, I thought that this bug will show me how my formula does actually work in multiple steps - et voilà, it did exactly that! I immediately recognized what was going on: the last word was overwriting the first word which kind of lead to a 'reflection' of merely the last word. But that's not the point and I'm still about to figure out how to solve this (⚠️PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL IT TO ME!)
The point I'm trying to make is that IT WAS THE BUG that made me see what's going underneath the hood. IT WAS THE BUG that made me understand what I did wrong. IT WAS THE BUG that made me realise what I wasn't taking into consideration and should improve upon.
This experience is literally proof that bugs make us learn = failure makes us grow! In other words, or rather in Thomas Edison's words:
💫“I haven't failed .I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”💫

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