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We officially have a starting total... BS1 complete and straight on to BS2! Our income decreasing by 40% in a few months is equally motivating and terrifying 😬😳 #babystep2 #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfree #daveramsey #budget #budgetandababy #debtfreefuture

Have you ever calculated how much interest you are paying on debt per year? I could buy SIX of these fancy coffee makers PER YEAR with my interest. That is infuriating and keeps me moving ahead.
#daveramsey #debtfreecommunity #debtfree #debtfreejourney #debtfree2018 #financialpeace #budgeting #gazelleintense #babysteps

Happy Monday Everyone!! Quick Announcement: All of the remaining unpunched cash envelopes in my eBay store are 10% Off! Free shipping still applies for all orders in the US! The cash envelopes are unpunched so that you can use them in any planner system or in your wallet! Link to purchase is in my bio! 🧡🧡🧡

Today, I completed my final goal for the month of January: take the entrance exam for nursing school. Obtaining my RN license (cash flowed, of course) is a goal of mine and has been for some time. I didn’t score as high as I wanted to on the exam and was feeling bummed about it. But I just woke up from my nap with a new attitude about it. I gave it 100%. If it is meant for me to enter into school this fall, it will happen. I’m proud of myself for no longer just talking about the things I want to do, but taking action towards it. Next stop: Application February 1st. #DebtFreeJourney #DebtFreeCommunity #CareerChanger

Thank you for changing lives @changedapp and for giving away one of your cute t-shirts for my giveaway this month. ✨ Ted and I love ya. PS they’re gonna be on @sharktankabc!

Thanks to @debt_free_lilsparrow for the tag. So here go 5 random things about me:
1) My favourite food is a burger, it is a perfectly balanced meal that you can eat with your hands! 🍔
2) I love the rainforest, being amongst the trees makes my soul happy
3) I am an introvert, if I didn’t force myself to socialise I would be a recluse.
4) I am an avid reader and my favourite author is Terry Pratchett
5) I am a Christian and attend Hillsong
I tag @thenicholasfamilyorganised tell us 5 fun facts about you 😃

I’m a loving father of a 3.5 year old, a dedicated husband of 11 years, and an outstanding nurse of 4 years. And we’re in DEBT. Lots of debt. MOUNDS. More than we’d ever want to admit. We’ve always had too much month left at the end of the money. Now we’re trying to live the philosophy of cash is king, and debt is dumb. After realizing the hole we had dug, I researched money like a maniac. My wife got sick of hearing it after the second day. After discussing money with my coworkers, I realized many healthcare workers don’t know much about finances and retirement. I was educating people daily on living on less than you make, how to retire with dignity, and which routes work best for their kids college funds. That’s where the name Money for Scrubs came from. My goal is to educate people, especially those in health care, about money. Currently we are in baby step 2, with a mountain of debt to climb and that’s why I started this page. And to share our story with all of you. We look forward to becoming a part of the debt free community. #debtfreecommunity #debtfreeby2023
#babystep2 #indebtRN

Woo finally! I have to say, Bid has taken ages but at least it’s easy!
#debtfreecommunity #moneysaving #money #saving #debtfree #budgeting

O N T R A C K // This is the awkward time of the month where you’re close to the end, but still have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and debt to pay down. So, are you on track? It not, what steps need to be taken to get back on track to finish the month strong? We’ve found it’s best to write down where we’ve derailed so we can pay extra attention to those hiccups in the future. •••••••
#debt #debtfree #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity #ontrack #financialfreedom


I sort of like the little atta boy e-mails from credit karma. I'm glad someone is noticing my progress.
#creditkarma #payitoff #debtfreecommunity

About a month ago my in laws gave us $500. They’ve been helping my brother in law out a lot lately and they felt the need to give us money too even though I assured them we didn’t need it. I’ve held on to it this whole time and I am planning on giving it back to them this weekend. What do I do if they say no, keep it? And also, if we end up keeping it, what should we do with it? #debtfreeadvice #debtfreecommunity

Breakfast.....always a variation of pretty much the same thing lately, but something I’m coming to really enjoy. Worked this out to $1.17 for everything 😂 and have lost 2kg since the whole life challenge started on Saturday, yesss! #wholelifechallenge #frugalliving #debtfreecommunity #debtfreegoals #breakfast

Fellow Australians - This is one thing I seem to be struggling with! While snowballing the $18K left on my car, I’m finding the min payments on the rest hard to keep up with. What did you do with multiple debts? Did you contact the companies and explain what your doing to them? Did you change your min payments to something more affordable? 💰🙋🏽‍♀️

Time to tackle this budgeting and debt. #debtfreecommunity #budget #budgetplanning

I love hearing @daveramsey talk about tackling one baby step (or financial goal) at a time, particularly when it comes to getting out of debt. So often people call in to the show describing all of the things they’re trying to do at once. They always sound confused and overwhelmed.
There’s a reason the baby steps work (not just Dave’s!). A solid plan where financial efforts and focus are devoted to one goal at a time works!
So, one thing at a time. Follow the steps. You’ve got this. 🦌

This excites me a lot 😁🎉 I can’t remember the last time this was under £4000! My statements only go back 12 months so I can’t even check BUT one thing I know is it’s certainly not going back up #Barclaycard #debtfree2018 #debtfreecommunity #2018goals #debtfreejourney

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