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When I was young me and my mama had beef
Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets
Though back at the time, I never thought I'd see her face.

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If you read this far you are one of the realest 2pac fans out there & I appreciate you so much and I bet the legend himself would aswell ❤️😍

Positions on the floor, it's like erotic Ironic, 'cause I'm somewhat psychotic I'm hittin' switches on bitches Like I been fixed with hydraulics Up and down like a roller coaster I'm up inside ya, I ain't quittin' 'til the show is over 'Cause I'm a rider, in and out just like a robbery I'll probably be a freak and let you get on top of me Get her rockin' these, nights full of Alize A livin' legend you ain't heard about
These niggas play these Cali days(Song: How do you want it)👑🥀🥀🔥
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At the #DeathRowRecords launch party, David Kenner admitted Michael “Harry O” Harris, a notorious drug trafficker in Los Angeles, helped start the label from a prison cell (1992)...
❄️💰❄️ Kenner then talks about Harry O’s company “GF Entertainment.” Death Row was legally a subsidiary of GF Ent at the time of this launch party. A few Years later, Harry O would claim Kenner forged his signature in order to transfer all assets of Death Row (GF) into a newly formed fraudulent Death Row company without his knowledge. This cut Harry O out of the deal, as Kenner & Death Row had no intention of paying back Harry O’s initial “illegal” investment ...
🐍🐍 The FBI later investigated Kenner’s claim that Death Row was funded from illegal drug money, drawing heat to the label immediately from its launch. 💵💵

David Kenner was the lead Attorney for Death Row Records and was heavily involved with all money & contract negotiation at the label. 💀💰
A high powered criminal defense attorney, Kenner famously represented SNOOP DOGG in his 1994 murder trial. When evidence mysteriously went missing from an LAPD evidence locker, Snoop was acquitted and walked free. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Kenner was fired by PAC days before the Vegas shooting. PAC had called an independent audit on the royalties he was owed, which he later learned was a total of more than $4million. 🤔🤔

A body map of 2Pac's tattoos, starting from the neck, working around and down to his back. Pac was 18 years old, he got his first tattoo, a simple “2Pac” inscription on his left chest. This chest piece, Queen Nefertiti, symbolizes black grace and excellence and represents his love for Afeni. 50 Niggaz stands for 1 black from every state of the USA, all them niggaz would be stronger than every weapon, if they would be united. Tupac got his “Thug Life” tattoo in December, 1992 at Dago’s Tattoo in Houston. ‘THUG LIFE’ – an acronym for ‘The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody’ #2pactattoo #2pactattoos #tupactattoo #tupactattoos #makavelitattoo #makavelitattoos #deathrowrecords #2pacstattoos #tupacstattoos

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