One of our fans sent this in to us because he came across it on YouTube and wanted to show us. The study of UFOs are part of the paranormal field and intrigue us greatly. With such a big and ever-expanding universe, it is hard to believe we are alone.Our paranormal team believes we are definitely not alone, and we are visited almost on a daily basis by intelligence life forms from other places in the universe.
We do realize the video footage captured here is not definitive proof of anything. Even though we were not physically there to make a conclusion on the validity of this video, it is enough to make us all think and ask critical questions. We are also aware of the possibility of flying plane shows, but if you watch the video closely, two flying objects remain stationary, and two more flying objects appear out of nowhere. What do you all think of this? Share your thoughts with us!

Persephone's feelings 🖤🌟

Made this in October but never thought it should go on the account, because of the lack of effort put into it. Rate 1/10. This was my bookmark at school I made, yeah, I read. 🤓

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The tape I put on it so led and sharpie doesn't stain the book I would read messed up my phone's screen protector. 😢

I heard you die twice. Once, when they bury you in the grave and the second time, is the last time that somebody mentions your name.
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J'ai entendu qu'on meurt deux fois. La première fois quand ils t'enterrent et la seconde fois, c'est la dernière fois que quelqu'un parle de toi.- Macklemore GLORIOUS 🎵

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