October 19th, 2018

Dear Matt,

Waste so much time in anger,
Justified or not...
We waste so much time trying to be right when we could just be gracious.

The Hamster Wheel of Human Nature.
Taking more than we give and wondering whar is wrong with everyone else.

I’ve learned so much and nothing at all in 23 years.
In 4 years of marriage I feel like I’ve absorbed so much knowledge but have yet to be truly wise with it.
So much of life is that: waste.
How can we afford to be as wasteful as we are?
In the last 4 years I see:
And silly memories.
But I also see:
And Waste.
Roughly four years and ten days ago I said “I do”. We didn’t write our own vows but we did take a selfie.
I have been mentally composing a draft of vows to speak aloud in front of people *gasp* when we have our vow renewal but why wait until then?
Why waste?
I will certainly come up with more to say by then.
I vow to prioritize my relationship with Christ above all others, recognizing that it is the foundation of our marriage.
I vow to do hard things.
I vow to do what it takes.
I vow to guard my emotions.
I will strive to be the best friend you’ve ever had.
I vow to never stop learning to love you deeper and know you more as we both grow and change.
I support your hobbies and dreams and admire how driven you are.
I vow to listen when needed.
I vow to take action when needed.
I vow to make you boxed chicken soup when you’re sick.
I vow to always rearrange the house but do it less often than I would like to because #sacrificiallove.
I vow to not give up and not let go even when I’m let down.
I will strive to be a pick-me-up.
I will strive to be a positive place of refuge.
I got yer back.
I love you,
Even when we are both unlovable.

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I do not believe that there’s is this certain level of self-discovery that must be reached to be worthy of being loved.
You will evolve several times, possibly for the rest of your life. So, should you forever be alone?
I said once before that if he isn’t adding to you, he’s taking from you. That statement holds true for him adding to you mentally and emotionally as well.
You will never be perfect but you can find the perfect one for you that will understand you and most of all, nurture your vulnerability. -Kindall D. @therealkindalld .

[New Beginnings]
Open your spirit up to the new energy shift. Do you feel the spirit currently transforming into the beautiful spirit you are meant to BE? Does your spirit want to release to BREATH? If so, then the spirit already knows what it needs to release in order to start this critical transformation in your spiritual awakening. Release. WAKE up. EMBRACE new beginnings.
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