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Humbled, inspired and privileged to be able to be a part of this event. Thank you @delanelim and all of the folks at #FutuReady for allowing @bluebeanproductions and #DearJay to shine a little at your launch! #ThrowbackThursday

Every month last year, more than two youths aged 10 to 19 killed themselves in Singapore. These statistics get dragged out over and over again, but they bear the endless repetition, contagiously perpetuating the same sense of helplessness to the people left behind that which haunted its victim. Suicide is not a causal behaviour; for all it may entail impulsivity, it's is also a profound and momentous step for which many don't have the force of will. To first "tackle" it, we need to understand it in all its burgeoning seductive complexities. Discourse needs to happen and there's no safer space than art. Hence I'm very inspired of and excited for @bluebeanproductions new production #DearJay. Written by the enigmatic Eugenia Tan, Directed by badass babe #HazelHo, and produced by one of my fav people @bleongzy. Come understand and be understood at the @esplanadesingapore Theatre Studio from the 15 December - 18 December with this amazing production.

Dear Leonard,

My phone is a bitch. All my boomerangs are upside down.

I need a new phone. God Bless.


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#DearJay, an honest somber play by @BlueBeanProductions putting a spotlight on mental health and youth suicides
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Great performance Juliana! A MUST WATCH play titled Dear Jay. Congratulations to the cast and crew for an awesome show tonight. Do get your tickets at askbluebean@gmail.com
You wouldn't want to miss it! 👍
#dearjay #Esplanade

We bumping in yo!!! I give this sweet old lady a lot of crap in this production but I can't be happier to be apart of her virgin theatre show. Mad proud. And come on la, she gets to play my wife, TWICE. It doesn't get much better than that! Come see us Thursday to Sunday 8pm #dearjay #bluebeanproductions #olderisgold #isoactor

I am forever grateful that I could be a part of #dearjay. Such an amazing play, many words from it still resonant in my head and inspire me that depression is not something you suffer alone. That someone cares deeply about you even though you don't care about yourself that much. That when one door closes the other opens.
Thanks so much @bleongzy for trusting me with your set. Hope i dont disappoint you and hire me again next time lel. I'm pretty sure @bluebeanproductions will have many great years ahead when you're the head of it!

5/5 만삭촬영 #dearjay
이스라엘에서 프로필 사진 촬영 이후 오랜만에 촬영! 재밌었음🐥


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