So, first meal out if three, good but could be better #mexicanporkandpineappleburger still great for the cost and very easy. @goustocooking tomorrow going to cook #goanfishandspinachcurry this will be the #dealbreaker

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Foreal tho! Well can you? 🤔#dealbreaker 😂😂😂

Favorite prince and favorite Marvel villain ♥️

It’s socially acceptable to wear Birks out here 🤟🏻 #dealbreaker

Interesting strategy this is the same thing Cash Money did with Lil Wayne and Master P with No Limit, they was so confident in what they had they signed an unheard of record breaking deals. Record Labels where thinking if they are rejecting this amount of money they must have something really special. Got to know your worth but this takes balls. When your in the position of power make it count it could change your whole setup. #selfworth #selfbelief #dealbreaker #musicbusiness #securethebag 💰

😂😂😂😂😂😂 #Freaky That's Not Me BTW #period #Sex #dealbreaker #Pussy #pwussy

Autumn begins in two days, but it isn't feeling very autumn-y where I'm at. I think I'm going to move 1000 miles further away from the equator sometime in the next couple of years. #dealbreaker

Agree to take me with you, and then you can have your bag back!
#dealbreaker #workingaway #needydog #seriousface

Happy Thursday Y'all!
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Tune in to our “Deal Breakers” convo as we get into some questions such as what do you do when your significant other completely forgets your birthday? What do you do when you meet your friend’s boo and you feel they would be more compatible with you?
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Those just have to be murder on leather seats. #fancypants #bedazzled #dealbreaker #idahostuff

Not going to lie, I was actually planning to unsubscribe from @birchboxuk after I received this months box... however as @birchbox have upped their game, I think they’ve convinced me to stay! 🙈 Can’t wait to try these products 😍🤤💕 #birchbox #birchboxuk #septemberbirchbox #dealbreaker #benefit #nuxe #sandandsky #marcelle #klorane

Because nothing in this game is easy! #dealbreaker

When books are just too relatable... #dealbreaker #dogperson #crazydoglady
Reading #thewisdomofsallyredshoes by #ruthhogan

So true. And if you use wipes. And don’t even get me started on having your toilet paper roll go under and not over. #dealbreaker
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