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This is really disappointing. [VD: A video of service dogs doing tasks, and some people talking. It has a caption that reads "Service dogs can cost up to $50,00p but not a single insurance company covers them."]
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Preparando nuestra primera formación de #Mindfulness para personas sordas. Un proyecto que se inicio hace ya dos años y que en breve se hará realidad. En breve publicaremos toda la información #bienestar #salud #personassordas #deafness

Did I ever mention that coral is my favorite color ever! Shellac manicures are $22 and nail art is always included! Call today to schedule your appointment 316-284-1555
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[ID: A drawing with a caption that reads "mental disorders are not adjectives." The drawing is of a pair of lips that are slightly parted open. They're surrounded by word bubbles that read "You almost gave me a panic attack", "You look so anorexic," "my ocd is coming out again," "I stayed up until 1am, my insomnia is so bad," "I swear I'm like retarded," "oh yeah, yesterday I was feeling really depressed," "quit being psycho!" And, "my mom yelled at me yesterday. She's so bipolar."]
#activism #feminism #adhd #disability #ableism #mentalhealth #downwithableism #deafness #humanrights #hearingloss #deafawareness #safeplace #blindisbeautiful #everyoneisbeautiful #support #dwarfism #positivity #autism #chronic #spoonie #disabledandproud #hardofhearing #disabledandcute

There's a flood of miracles in Jesus' name tonight in Melbourne! 88 year old Jonathan was healed of macular degeneration blindness, industrial deafness, poor balance and pain in his feet which limited his ability to walk any distance. His son Paul was in tears to see his father healed and he himself was healed of 8 years of back pain and pain in his knee which had been shattered and made it difficult for him to work as his job involves climbing ladders. Father and son walked out of the meeting pain free, carrying the walking stick and striding strongly. Countless others have been healed & delivered from decades of pain - many from car accident injuries, symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen & dislocated shoulders, deafness, fibromyalgia, long term migraines and so much more. 13 people came forward to receive Jesus as Lord. There'll be more miracles tomorrow at Unihill Church in Bundoora at 10am & 5pm. #deafness #maculardegeneration #blindness #imbalance #spinalpain #kneepain #healing #miracles #jesus #prayer #johnmellor #johnmellorministries #unihillchurch #melbournehealing #whatsonmelbourne

A lot of you have inboxed me & asked if I teach ASL music sessions or workshops. Yes, I do. I am now taking on bookings for private one on one SKYPE sessions for those who wants to learn or improve your musical ASL Music Translations/performances. For more info,contact: ASLSOUNDOFMUSIC@gmail.com
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A lesson about ID’s from someone who relies on them. ~Mae 🌺 {ID: 10 slides: 1. White and red text on a black background reads “Importance if Image Descriptions, or ID’s. I’m going to show you why ID’s matter, by forcing you to rely on one.” 2. Green text, black background. “Now this will only work if you’re honest and follow the post.” 3. Pink text, black background. “Look at these two pictures. This is what a Blind or VI person might see, if even that.” 4. A blurry yellow and green photo. 5. A blurry photo that appears to be black text on a white background. 6. Blue text, black background. “Now here are descriptions for the photos, followed by the in-focus photo.” 7-8. A description for and image of a bunch of gold colored flowers with semi long, skinny petals. They are surrounded by green leaves and stems. 9-10. Description and image of black text on a white background that reads “Why are Image Descriptions (ID’s) so important?
What if you couldn’t see the image?
What if you couldn’t read the text post screenshot?
How would you feel?
Confused. Left out. Unimportant.
That’s what inaccessible posts are like to the visually impaired.
That is why ID’s are so important. “}

If you didn’t know already, I am an Op Shop fanatic... I love rescuing amazing items and giving them a new lease on life rather than buying something brand new. 💓

Check out these stunning hand-made journals stocked @townandcountrygallery in Yarragon.. the covers are cleverly crafted using old neck ties found at the Op Shop! I just love all the amazing colour in this fun display with flluskë earrings in the mix too. Thank you Jo! 😃💓 x

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The sun certainly came out from behind the clouds as we unpacked our delivery of @flluske.bubble earrings and @robynnicoleporter hand-made journals today. Only a quick sample here - call in to see the gorgeous new colours Courtney has introduced to the Flluske range and our textile guru, Robyn has created a fabulous collection of journals using neck-ties she's unearthed in Op-shops. Always amazed with the ideas and designs our artists and makers keep coming up with!! Seems like we go 'wow' with each new delivery 🤩
#welovehandmade #localmakers #handmadejewellery #textileart #supportsmallbusiness #artgallery #yarragonartgallery #lookwhatweunpackedtoday

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