This is an authentic set of three associated Ancient Egyptian ushabti! Dating back to the Late Dynastic period (712-332 BCE), these beautiful hand-crafted figurines would make a museum-quality addition to any collection.

The tallest figurine measures ~4.2" tall x 1" wide but the whole display measures 4.25" wide x 5.9" tall. Our ancient artifacts come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and can be shipped worldwide!

We are asking $1245CAD (~950USD), buy them now on www.SkullStore.ca or in-store Thursday-Sunday (12-6pm) at 1193 Weston Rd, Toronto. **SAVE 10% ON ALL WEB-ORDERS UNTIL NOVEMBER 9TH! Enter promo code "BIRTHDAYPARTY" on checkout!** When an Ancient Egyptian died, they did not casually go off to a relaxing paradise. They believed their existence of servitude simply transitioned from one set of Gods to another.

Produced in great numbers, these ushabti figurines would be called upon by the deceased in their afterlife and would ease the individual's netherworldly workload.

Large ushabti would often contain an inscription from the book of the dead: "Illuminate the Osiris [name of the deceased], whose word is truth. Hail, Shabti Figure! If the Osiris [name of the deceased] be decreed to do any of the work which is to be done in Khert-Neter, let everything which standeth in the way be removed from him - whether it be to plough the fields, or to fill the channels with water, or to carry sand from the East to the West. The Shabti Figure replieth: "I will do it, verily I am here when thou callest".

Gave this little cutie a halloween makeover 🖤😍🕷🕸🦇🎃☠️ #halloween #deadthings #creepydolls #666

Damselfly with rose petals. Not exactly sure what kind she is. Let's talk about when preservation fails! When I first did this I failed to consider the Damselfly still having some bit of moisture in her, so after about a month, came the mold. It started as little spots of yellow, on the petals, then next thing I knew the entire animal inside was black and the abdomen fell off. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to put alcohol in the tube as well, and do a much better job and preserving this beautiful specimen. Lesson learned.
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All wet specimen kittens ship Monday, I have one left! Dm to purchase. ⚰️

Creepy unicorn inspired by the stylings of Stephen Gammell (illustrator from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series). This was crazy fun to work on, thank you for the neat idea Adam!

These are a first for us to make. These are true bugs part of the order of Hemiptera.
They not only have a fantastic armour but their colours are exquisite.
This piece will be available for the Festival of Crafts held at the BMO Centre in 3 weeks and @ourbesttoyou in Red Deer in 10 days! Its a @signatures.ca show. It'll be the first Christmas market of 2018 that we are attending. See you guys there!

FYI. We will NOT be attending the Spruce Meadows Christmas market this year.
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