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I don't post many things about myself but this topic is something I love to talk about and discuss. I've always been quite a movie enthusiast and been following the Oscars since my early teenage years.

I'd love to hear what's your favorite movie(s) 🤗
If you'd like to share please comment below!

Some of my own favorite movies in chronological order:

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
The Deer Hunter
Indiana Jones trilogy
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Shawshank Redemption
The Lord Of The Rings trilogy
Evil (Ondskan)
No Country For Old Men
The Help
The Hunt (Jagten)
Django Unchained
The Revenant

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Post fasted cardio update, I hear this spot is just about the best lighting in Halifax so i obviously had to see for myself. Exactly 6 weeks out today and feeling rather #AlDente 🍝

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Some of you might remember my "BULLDOG GRIP" post and how it can improve rolled backed wrists during the bench press, therefore, resulting in better force transfer since your wrists will be more in a neutral position and in line with your elbow due to the bar being closer to it since it's being placed near the heel of the palm.
Well, you can use the same tactic for the strict over-head press. Having the bar too deep In your hand can lead to hyper-extended wrists taking it out of its alignment with the elbow increasing the "bar to wrist" moment arm and this can essentially make the lift less efficient for most people.
I would typically advise that your wrists remain in line with your elbow, in a more neutral position↕️ to allow greater force transfer off the clavicle and have a more efficient bar path/ smoother lock-out.
The picture above🙄 displays the more common bar STRAIGHT ACROSS palm grip vs bar across the PROXIMAL TRANSVERSE CREASE grip which is towards the heel of your palm.
So notice the bottom picture and how the bar is closer to my wrist while pressuring against the outside of my lower palm and NOT deep in my palm. You can achieve this by internally rotating your hand until the bar is placed towards the heel of your palm creating pressure in the outside portion of it.
Give it a try guys and let me know if it works out. As soon as I made that adjustments I felt immediately stronger both in the BENCH and OHP.
Make sure to tag a friend and leave a comment below! 💯❤️🙏🏽
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I AM THE RED RANGER -675lbs deadlift + moonwalk
In honor of the new Power Rangers Movie, I give you my master piece shot & directed by @omarisuf starring yours truly

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400kg deadlift from the comp a couple of weeks ago - saw that there was some question as to whether i actually finished it or not due to the lights going out. This should settle it... #squat #bench #deadlift #powerlifting #training #strength #lifting #fitness #gym #rehab #weightlifting #crossfit #penninestrength #CoachingByTomMartin

На этот раз это #lexus 😂 Не, ну а че?!)) С котиками и едой я уже отфоткалась🙈😆 Поехали дальше.... на метро😭
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Ain't it true 😅



Front squat PR ! These are really fun 😍

Dreaming of somewhere warmer ... of course in some MBStix swag! ☀️🏋🏻‍♀️
📸: @bterrigno looking fab in our neon yellow snatch crop! 💕

PH3 Week 13: Max Test Day, Pretty much got what I came for. Increased my Squat Max from 355 to 365, Bench: 225 to 235 (team no chest), and the biggest jump- Deadlift: 375 to 420 body weight at 170. Im very stoked with these numbers, and will restart the program with updated numbers this week. If something works, why would you stop doing it? That is until it gets to be monotonous, but I have found the sessions fun to do and far from tedious. I also will add that I get around 10miles in a day through activity, from my job, cardio because I enjoy it, etc. which may take away some "more progress" that can be made with the program, but I like moving around a lot haha. Great session, and thanks to @simonmassthetics @garrettmassthetics for hypeing me up for this the last couple days through some of their vids- and motivation through action. 🤙

Today marks a week since my meet in Kokomo, so I wanted to take the time to show and praise some of the incredible lifters at this meet. These posts include both my teammates and some amazing human beings I was lucky enough to befriend between lifts.
To start, second lightest member of the team (only above me haha), Jim Queen. He went 9/9, squatting an impressive 187.5kg and deadlifting 227.5kg.
Next up is my good friend @powerliftergainz who was able to pull off this badass third attempt on squat 👊🏼
Our newest member to the team, Alex Velazquez, had a ridiculously solid first meet. His third attempt on squat was a story in itself. He squatted 207.5kg before the command, then squatted it again after the command and getting the lift! He also deadlifted 227.5kg like it was nothing. (Last vid)
In the fourth video is my fellow teammate @dereklee88 who had a killer meet and slayed his third attempt on bench.
Fifth video is of Derek's twin brother, Dirk who benched over 380lbs and left more in the tank.
Sixth up was @andrewingenito and his second attempt on bench. He recently suffered a knee injury, so he was only able to bench. But at only 18 years old, he made 177.5kg look easy. 👊🏼 Happy to have met this guy. He has a story not too different from my own and he's an insanely awesome human being.
Up seventh is @voilsbuster crushing his third attempt on deads 👊🏼 It was awesome seeing him lift. A great guy to talk to too!
Eighth is the legend himself, Joe McDonald. The 60 year old man who got basically everyone on the team into powerlifting. Bench didn't quite go his way, but he certainly redeemed it with this third attempt on deadlift!
For the ninth vid, my favorite lift of the day from @grtdane04 👊🏼 A member of the team, this badass has been fighting for a 500 deadlift at meets for nearly three years and he finally got it. 227.5kg for an easy third attempt!
Sorry to make this post so long, but I'd also like to congratulate everyone on my team as well as some of the badass lifters I met throughout the day including: @ryanhamscher @alex_trejo03 and @dlk_charles Way to crush, everyone 🤘🏼
#brokenbutnotbeaten #OnceSickNowStrong

Physique update: honest photos taken this morning, morning weight at 84.5kg. Not lean anymore, but not fat either so I'm just gonna continue with the gaining phase. I understand that the majority of the progress is made from the gaining phase. Priority is just to stay healthy and get stronger. I'm not gonna transition to a cut until I hit a 200 deadlift! Just gotta work w body image issues, always feeling insecure once I gain fat/lose abs. #2k17hustle

Had a great day at the USAPL meet in Sioux Falls today. @genopowerlifting was a super entertaining MC that got the crowd amped and @leostrength put on the best meet I ever did see. Ended the day with this 606 lb deadlift. @massenomics crew was in full effect and you know it was money time!!!! #deadlift #whitelights #massenomics #singlet #slingshot #pioneerfit #supertraining06 #beefaroni

That's just science!

Shoutout to Gym Memes on Facebook for this one.

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All three attempts on deadlifts. 550 (miss/bar fell a little on lockout) 550 (good lift/weird ass lockout) 575 (miss/ lack of energy). Watching the video of 575 just sparked a fire in me for lifting that I haven't felt in over a year or so. My energy level just wasn't there. Strength wise I feel it was. Overall not a bad meet 1355 @ 181. #powerlifter #powerlifting #bodybuilder #tattoos #tatted #deadlift #deathlift #sumo #sumoboiz #181 #raw #strongsleeves #cheater #longhairdontcare #fitfam #somanyhashtags #rpspowerlifting @geek_meat_head

Deadlift 185lb ✔
I tried 190 but had a really hard time with my grasp.. I'm thinking I need to work on my strength in my hands.
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Bench bench bench. It's moving! Beyond proud of @wallypreston! Putting all of the hard work to the test and killing it. •

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Shitty day had problems setting up, and with the lockout. But still hit a pr. 605 & 615 deadlift today. Also @mathieu_gingras really knows how to get under my skin. #fuckyou #OHP #EATS #pr #powerlifting #squat #bench #deadlift #powerbelly #babyhands #teamnocalves #macewan #macewanu #yeg #yegfitness

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