Packing exclusive #deadbeets for @polyphonystore. Sorry, I think these are only available to those who attend the convention in Beijing next month. @taobao.official #taobao #deadbeet #sofubi #beetgarden #foodtoys #designertoys #arttoys

Taking a minute out to put in some seedlings...and what do I find in my garden, but a couple of #deadbeets.

Tea has antioxidants right? So it’s cool if I have like 10 cups ☕️😮🤷🏼‍♀️

Come be #deadbeets with us!! We are almost at 1,000 likes on Facebook like and share our page and get entered in a chance to win one of our fun shirts!! Can we do this by the end of the day?? The drawing will be tomorrow morning!!

Now i ain't saying women are helpless and can't do nothing for em but I was raised to respect a woman enough to hold that door, pay for that meal, etc. That's how my son will be raised. And his son and so on. Its morals and values. And working full time is annoying? Really? I'm convinced that if you're not a guy who has a baby and never sees it, who works 4 days or less at a job you constantly complain about, that pays barely enough for you, has no license or no vehicle or both and has no life goals other than making it to the bar in time to see your check be poured into a shot glass or buying a new vape etc you have no chance of finding anything remotely close to a healthy relationship. #countryboy #southerngentleman #morals #values #hardwork #relationshipgoals #deadbeets #whatsthepoint #thisgenerationsucks

Cleaning out the #deadbeets who've been squatting all winter.

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